Discarnates, Detritus, and Demons – Part 1

Some individuals call discarnates “earth bounds” or “ghosts”, “poltergeists”, and even “haunts”.  Unfortunately, I have learned through experience that many of the qualities and behaviors attributed to ghosts or hauntings are actually indicators of demons, dark ETs, and detrimental energy beings.

Our society possesses an incredible amount of misinformation developed from fairy tales, science fiction, religious mania, and Hollywood movies. The occurrence of an actual “haunting” stemming from discarnates is extremely rare – 95% of the time the “haunting” stems from some form of detritus or demon.  Discarnates are everywhere around people; they do not just linger wherever they died, but they are instead drawn to human life wherever they can find it.  Chances are that when you hear a noise upstairs and attribute it to Aunt Maude because she died in the house it is not really Aunt Maude.

Most discarnates are sympathetic, harmless beings who made the fear-based choice to stay behind because of their fear of punishment/persecution by their God.  The majority of discarnates have no desire to hurt or scare anyone.  There is, however a small percentage of them that are still extremely aware and who choose to actively attach themselves to living creatures – humans and animals.  Why?  Sometimes it is simply to scare, and other time it is in an effort to leech energy from the living being. These problem children discarnates can be ugly problems, but once identified they are easily removed.

By definition via Mirriam-Webster online, poltergeists are “a noisy usually mischievous ghost held to be responsible for unexplained noises (as rappings)”.  Unfortunately, in my experience, 95% of the time this is not accurate.  Very few ghosts actually possess the energetic ability to manipulate the energy on the human plane to create noises, slam doors, etc. There is that 5% that can do this, but in my experience the majority of issues stem from the demons or detrimental energy beings.

Another situation that people think are caused by ghosts are random noises that ping around a room or house.  While demons  and a small percentage of discarnates both cause noises, when the noise pings around a room or house like a bouncy ball on speed that is caused by dark ETs.  Dark ETs operate within a different realm, or frequency, than demons do so many times even a strong clairaudient won’t necessarily hear them.

Demons and detritus enjoy and thrive off the fear created by humans who are faced with the unknown and noises and actions that are scary.  Some will push or shove you, some can knock objects out of your hands, some will hide things so you cannot find them.  Most people just think they are clumsy or have just misplaced something only to “find” it much later.  That may be – but the emotional response you have when looking for something or when you have broken an item that is not yours or broken something you valued is what the demons are looking for so they can attach to you.

Humans are blessed with an extremely large emotional range and when the emotion drops down into irritation, distress, sadness, anger, and the myriad of other negative emotions that creates an opening of which the demons will take advantage.

The number and type of demons “haunting” a location can vary greatly; there can be factors such as pools, wells, and portals that can impact the demon or detrimental energy beings drawn to an area.  There are also one particular type of demon creates its own entourage. This particular kind can pull other demons to its side and make them stay there for as long as it likes.  This can obviously have a negative effect on an area and a person, and it will amplify negative sensations and vibrations throughout any environment it is in.

Needless to say, this can all be pretty creepy when you wake up at 3am with something looming over your bed.  But overall, the majority of hauntings are fairly simple to handle and within a couple of days to a week normalcy can return to the location.  Obviously each case is unique and some are more complex than others, but there is no magic fairy wand to wave and make it all go away in an instant.  When the issue is regarding a location or a house, we encourage you to have an onsite assessment of the environment to understand and itemize fully what is present and needing to be cleared.

When it is a person who is dealing with a high level possession – that is where they have turned over enough of their personal power to the demons that the person’s personality and actions have changed dramatically – then we encourage you to schedule a session immediately. While there is always a chance to redeem oneself at any time in life, getting the person who is in way over their head as much help as possible as quickly as possible is very important.

I have noticed a long string of articles in the news over the last few years of individuals who have no recollection of hurting or killing anyone, but where eye witnesses testify to the persons actions.  In some cases, there are even videos of the person performing the acts of violence.  Yet to them they have not done these acts.  In my opinion, no they have not done them – they did not use their intent to do them.  However, they have a very high degree of possession and the demon simply took over control of the body to do what it wished to do.  It is very simple; in many cases you can simply look into the eyes of the person and there is always a very distinct different between when a human is present versus when a demon has taken full possession.

Possession is not like the movies.  You don’t just wave around some incense, splatter holy water all over the place, say the Lord’s Prayer and voila – demon is gone.  While one can definitely help in the short run, there is a reason the person is vulnerable to the demons and that has to be rectified or the person will just acquire new demons within a short period of time.

Some individuals thrive off the idea that their location is haunted; some people actually try to make money off the story and promote it and use it as a marketing device.  Hotels, amusement parks, historical sites, and even towns will all promote that they have this or that building, room, or hallway where a ghost will appear and walk at a certain time and even specific dates.  Again, in my experience, the majority of these are not real hauntings. But for those where there are actually discarnates present, why in the world would you prevent them from being shifted on?

I have encountered a situation like this before, where the man in charge of the situation refused outright my help to clear the place simply because he wanted to make money off of the ghosts.  Just because they don’t have bodies any longer does not mean that you have the right to prevent anyone from shifting to the next phase.  How would you like to know that your grandfather was waiting for help but that some douche was trying to prevent him from going because he wanted to make money off him? Well, needless to say, I was not bound to follow his desire because he did not own the ghosts – no one does! – so I made sure the place was cleared of all discarnates.  The demons behind could have fun with the guy for all I cared at that point.

If you are in a place where the vision appears like clockwork and performs the same steps/tasks each time this is an emotional tear in the fabric of the energy surrounding the area.  An emotional tear takes place when something traumatizing on the emotional level takes place and the person being traumatized creates an energetic imprint on the physical location.

An excellent visual example of an emotional tear was actually in a movie I watched with Daniel Radcliff called The Woman in Black.  Take into account that this is just Hollywood, the scene when the small child is drowned when his carriage sinks into the moor is a great example of how an energetic tear might appear to someone.  It is actually the most common mislabeling of “hauntings” that exist.

Tears do not actively harm anyone, but they can overwhelm sensitive with emotional surges that do not belong to them.  I have personally cleared emotional tears that were influencing people negatively, but once the tear was healed they realized that they were merely reacting to the emotions locked into the location.  It helped them to realize that they were acting against their best interests.

While many ghost hunters crave hauntings for fun, when a situation is presented where there is a demon involved it can become quite tragic for the person to whom the demon attaches itself.  Many old penitentiaries and asylums advertise overnight stays during Halloween etc., to make money.  Please keep that in mind should you be weighing the fun of such an event versus the reality of possession – in general it is not weighed evenly.

Places such as these are heavily laden with emotional tears and with demons waiting to attach to the unknowing.  It is best to be cautious when entering an unknown environment instead of traipsing in with a camera looking for a good time.  If you are driven to go, then please refer to the shielding exercise we have posted on this site and USE IT to protect yourself wherever you go.  Believe me, if the place is truly haunted the shielding will not stop you from experiencing all the creepy sensations, but it will help protect you and your loved ones from bringing the creepy home with you.

There is a lot more we could write about regarding this, but we will save that for another blog.

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Author: Julia Alexandra

Julia is an exorcist, a metaphysical practitioner, a healing facilitator, a medium, a trans-channel, a Reiki Teacher, and a Priest of Melchizedek and she lives in Raleigh, NC.