The Paranormal, Hauntings, Possessions, and Other Things

It is inevitable that either my students or clients ask me about various hauntings I have dealt with over the years.  I have had some amazing adventures throughout my life and I do hate to think that I have not yet written about some of them.  Some of them were excellent learning opportunities and some of them were merely annoyances, but overall I think dealing with “haunted” environments is my favorite thing to do, with the exception of full body possessions – those are my absolute favorite thing.

For many years I have joked (well, not joked really) that if I ever won a ridiculous amount of money in a lottery or some such game that I would find an old asylum somewhere to document, clear, and then fix up – maybe as a retreat or a hotel or something…which I would then hire someone to run for me while I went off to find the next fun place to clear.  I have received pretty much the same statement from my children and several students, “What?  Are you crazy?” and the answer is simply that I love a valid haunted house/environment.  Too many times over the years I have been disappointed many times when a place purported to be haunted really was not.  C’est la vie!

The pages attached to this page are going to be information along with stories of my adventures dealing with hauntings and possessions and other things that go bump in the night.  I would like to caution you though – this is not Hollywood, so some people might find the stories a bit boring and definitely with a LOT less blood shed!  Such is real life. Now and then I read some of my peers’ notes and stories and I have to laugh at the drama presented.  Some of their stories sound as if they are trying to pitch their story to Hollywood instead of trying to do the Work.

And for those reading this, I am always looking for the next haunted house to fill me with joy and hopefully provide a challenge!  So if you have a place needing clearing in the US mid-West, particularly the Illinois, Wisconsin, and Indiana areas, send me an email!  I am always up for a road trip, I do so love the work, and my fees are pretty reasonable when food and lodging are supplied!  🙂  If your place falls outside of the mid-West, contact me and we will see what financial arrangements we can work out.

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Author: Julia Alexandra

Julia is an exorcist, a metaphysical practitioner, a healing facilitator, a medium, a trans-channel, a Reiki Teacher, and a Priest of Melchizedek and she lives in Raleigh, NC.