What is Hope?

Hope is the expression of Faith through Possibility.

Sounds complicated or nonsensical even, but Faith is the quality that guides Hope.  If you have no Faith, then you are not open to Spirit moving through your life.  You are not open to Spirit creating opportunities and shifts and incredible moments of change.  All of these are things that your High Self (Soul) will use to give you a kick in the ass to get to where you need to be.  Sometimes they are synchronicity in action, sometimes they are painful to go through.  But regardless of painful or blissful, they are what brings change to you.
Hope, the purest sense of Hope, is the belief that all things will work out “all right”.  Many times, people use their sense of Hope to project THEIR idea of what is “right” onto a situation and many times what they want to have happen does not.  But what they need to have happen does.
Hope allows us the opportunity to allow Faith to come into our darkness to bring moments of Shift to us.  And Shift is oh so important in our lives.  We NEED Shift.
Moments of synchronicity are one of the most common exclamations of Hope in our world.  Things just line up and go bing, bing, bang.  What we thought would be arduous is easy and what we thought would take months takes days.  Sometimes that synchronicity is to validate we are doing the correct thing.  Sometimes it is to help us understand that we are not alone.  Sometimes it is just a knock on the head to say “hey there”.
But as we know there is no such thing as coincidence and we know that synchronicity does not just “happen” – not with all the things we have attached to us and everyone around us.  It is more likely that Murphey’s Law will kick in and something will explode dramatically than synchronicity will take place.
It is each of ours responsibility to feel hope within ourselves, for no one can do it for us.  Sometimes, such as in my case, we are not raised with any idea of hope – the word means zero.  Sometimes hope is linked to prayers where you ask for fairy tales and miracles to come true and thus you are continually disappointed and your faith diminishes.
You are taught in religion that God Works In Mysterious Ways.  Usually when something terrible has happened to someone.  And they don’t have an answer for it…they don’t know how to answer the question to the paper thin idea of God they teach people and why that God would allow “bad things” to happen to “good people”.
Bad things happen because humans respond to negative things and pain.  They feel those things and they have an internal response and change happens.  Positive things don’t cause change.  Positive things reinforce where one is and that everything is great – people don’t want to change because they think they will lose the happy thing they have.  Thus, terrible things will happen.
A child’s death can be the most negative thing that can happen to a parent – regardless of whether the child is 3 or 30.  However, a death before the age of 5 seems to strike the average person more deeply than when someone dies at 30.  “They never got to live” – that is what they tell themselves.
BUT there is a reason for the death – death is the most significant change creator to humans that exists.  So once you pull back from complete grief, the action is to see how the death has affected you.  Instead of nullifying the pain, examine it.  Use the pain to create change in your life and move from there – hope in action.
That does seem an incredibly dramatic way to take something and view it positively – Hope.  But we are each the master of our destiny – and in truth that means we are each responsible for how we view things and thus how we then live our life as a result.
Some people never break the mold of their family’s influence, even though they are deeply unhappy.  Regardless of what their High Self throws at them – and in today’s environment, it is oh so easy to degenerate into drinking or drugs to numb away your pain and stop actively living.  Many different things exist today as a form of addiction that take people away from actively living, that allow them to hide away.
And the High Self will throw thing after thing at you – to get you to wake up, to get you to change who you are – until the day you pass on.  The High Self never gives up.
And Hope exists to help you identify that which can be changed.  It assist you with allowing change to take place in your life…even when the change that happens is not what you wanted it to be.
So when the minister or priest gets asked “why”, the correct answer (harsh answer) is because they need to learn something, they need to grow in some way and they left Spirit with no other way to act than something dramatic and painful.  Yes, this is so, so harsh, but sometimes people need the stick at the back of the head instead of the pat on the head.  So that is what they get.
Blessings in disguise, when a door closes a window opens, look for the rainbow after the storm…these are all expressions of Hope in the true form, yet people don’t get it.

Author: Julia Alexandra

Julia is an exorcist, a metaphysical practitioner, a healing facilitator, a medium, a trans-channel, a Reiki Teacher, and a Priest of Melchizedek and she lives in Raleigh, NC.