Revoking An Energy Vampire’s Access to Your Energy

I recently did some work helping a client detach from an energy vampire who was attacking him at a distance and draining his energy.  One of the steps in the process was the reversal of unconscious permissions he had given to the energy vampire (his mother) to allow her access to his energy.   He did not realize he had given her permission unconsciously – she was his mother and she had not, as an adult, asked him for permission.

She is, among other things, a pernicious energy vampire, and it has only been in the last couple months that he came to understand how drained he was.  Only since he had begun to recuperate and restore his energy did he realize how she had been draining him regularly – as a vampire drains its victims of their own life source energy.

I have spoken at length about energy vampires in the past, both in writing, in classes, workshops, and in interviews.  I generally receive two kinds of responses from people in general – either disbelief or a response of “oh yes, I know one!”.

And out of the “oh yes” category, the vast majority dismiss the impact the energy vampire makes upon them because they are either a family member or a friend.  There are a very few who take this subject seriously and then they make the attempt to minimize their encounters with the energy vampire.  Most do NOT take it to the level it needs to be taken – eliminating this person from their lives after telling them why they are cutting them out of their life.

Which is pretty typical for most topics I teach – very few people want to take the necessary action when I speak about uncomfortable issues, even when they are living proof of what happens when they don’t.  I am not judging them, I am merely stating the obvious when I say they will continue to be drained until the point their survival instincts kick in. Then, once they recover enough, they will subject themselves back to the energy vampire’s touch.

Not because they are “mesmerized” by the energy vampire, but because they are too invested in what is considered “socially acceptable” behavior.  They would rather put themselves through suffering than confront someone’s antagonistic attacks.  There is another option if you feel that confronting someone is not your ‘style’.

You can revoke the permissions you have given – tacitly or clearly – to this individual to access your energy.  This means you will withdraw all permissions you have given to this person during your lifetime to suck you dry.  Maybe it is your mother, another family member, or a friend – or frenemy.  Everyone knows at least one energy vampire – the question is, are you prepared to protect yourself?

Take the time now to think about the people in your life – the people who leave you feeling drained of energy and spirit, those who you know only want to use you for something and then leave you in a sad state of being.  For each of those people, you will need to do a separate Revocation.

Revocations are rituals and rituals are the formalization of your intentions.  You don’t have to do it over a bonfire or in a room bathed in candlelight or wear certain clothing or burn specific incense.  You need to know whose privileges you want to revoke and then you need to do it.  The words need to be spoken – not read aloud. So, you may want to record yourself saying the below Revocation and then repeat the words out loud for the Highest Vibrational Effect.

Revoking Energy Vampire’s Access to Your Energy 

I hereby revoke NOW
the ability for (insert name)
and all energetic beings connected to (him/her)
to access my energy system
through any and all means
be it emotional, energetic, physical, distant, etheric, consciously, or unconsciously.

I revoke all access and permissions NOW!

I revoke all permissions given previously to this person
I cancel and burn all contracts and agreements which allow
this person any form of access to me
perission given consciously or unconsciously, knowingly or unknowingly.

I cancel and burn all agreements NOW!

I revoke any and all access given to (insert name)
via any and all roles and life lessons
I revoke all permissions given to him/her
that are or can be utilized by the Darkness attached to him/her

I revoke all access to the Darkness NOW!
I revoke all access to (insert name) NOW!
I revoke all access previously given NOW!

Author: Julia Alexandra

Julia is an exorcist, a metaphysical practitioner, a healing facilitator, a medium, a trans-channel, a Reiki Teacher, and a Priest of Melchizedek and she lives in Raleigh, NC.