Other People Can Make It Easier For You

This life is not meant to be easy – it is extremely complicated with many different layers.  Even the people you envy are not having an easy time of it. But you don’t see that.

We are each designed with aptitudes and abilities. When you look at environments where people struggle to survive, it always seems surprising that they do.

What happens if you are living in a place without trained medical personnel? You cope and sometimes you combine your knowledge and someone comes forward who understands what needs to be done. Are they trained by teachers and doctors? Not necessarily. But they have a gift for understanding healing processes.

The same is for those who environments lacking trained engineers and scientists and even musicians. Many countries around this world have survived for thousands of years because they were open to the idea that someone would know how to do what was needed.  You didn’t need a certificate – you just needed to be competent and know what to do.

The Truth in all of this is this – even those trained or intuitively-guided people with great aptitudes (that you don’t possess) STILL have a hard time in their life.

Their gifts and abilities don’t make it easier for THEM – their gifts and abilities make it easier for the people AROUND them.

So, the next time you want to wallow in your poo poo pile because your healing process is taking “too long” or someone else is “having it easier” or you have given up completely, realize this. As long as you keep trying, someone will come along who can help you, who has an answer for you, or who can teach you.

They may be one step ahead of you, but they are there to make your life a little bit easier for you. Because life is not meant to BE easy, but if you look really hard you may find someone who can make it a bit easier, for the moment.  When you understand and accept the Truth in this, then you can be that person for someone else.

Author: Julia Alexandra

Julia is an exorcist, a metaphysical practitioner, a healing facilitator, a medium, a trans-channel, a Reiki Teacher, and a Priest of Melchizedek and she lives in Raleigh, NC.