Mother Earth Shifts – November 2018

I am going to repeat information mentioned in the earlier Shift Series articles so you don’t have to go re-read them. The Earth Mother is going through, has been going through, and in the next few years will continue to go through Energetic Shifts which move the Earth Mother’s energy frequency up the energetic spectrum.  It is a slow process and these Shifts happen for her energetic vibration and benefit.  For the humans residing with and on the Earth Mother, it is generally not a fun experience as we are also energetically shifted along with her and things we have repressed take this energy shifting to demand attention.  Now.

Each person holds within them many things they have repressed and which are now demanding attention.  A small list of these include outmoded and detrimental ideas, detritus and demons, wounds and issues, etc.

Why, you ask?  These situations are resting within your energy system – complacent to a degree because you have repressed them, refused to deal with them, until the point your conscious mind even forgets about them.  But that does not mean they have disappeared – not at all!  When the energy of the Shifts begin to enter your personal energy system, the energy triggers these repressed and forgotten issues and they start demanding your attention.

Sometimes your emotional state becomes chaotic; you may experience mood swings or feeling irrational and may even start to pick fights with people for unconscious reasons.  You may begin to experience physical disturbances anywhere from aches and pains to illnesses that lay you flat on your back.  Or all of the above combined.

Some people experience poor sleeping habits or even the ability to sleep for longer than an hour during this time.  Many people experience nightmares during the Earth Mother Shifts and sometimes what they experience are a replay of issues they repressed or thought they had healed in the past.

The depth of the degree to which these repressed wounds will try to attract your attention is often the result of a combination of two things – how much you are willing to listen to your body tell you something is amiss and how significant your High Self feels your “wake up call” needs to be.

Most people make runs to the doctor when they start to feel ill, or they run to their bathroom cabinet to pull out the allergy medicines or other aches and pains medicines to cover up the issues.  Please don’t.  The reason you may be feeling this way could be determined easily by a decent meditation where you communicate with your Guides, your High Self, or just your physical body.

When you determine that this experience is not just a World of Man issue, but is in fact spiritual in nature, you have many opportunities for healing and growth.  Meditation can be key to assisting you with this, but remember – if the wound is so significant and painful that you have repressed it all this time, you may resist giving it the full attention it needs or you may only partially heal it instead of fully.  This will impact your healing progress and you will need to return to it again – possibly multiple times.  And if the wound is significant enough that your High Self is trying to get you to heal it, it only follows that you honor yourself and your High Self by getting it done properly the first time.

Everything happens for a reason.  This is a Spiritual Truth.  Nothing is a coincidence because all is within the Creator’s Divine plan for you and if something happens it is because YOU need it to happen.  Yet, many of the things that happen to you from the age of a young child on up have been very unpleasant and no one wants to think they have been hurt or traumatized for a “reason” or that they ‘deserved it’ or ‘needed it’.  It takes a tremendous amount of internal courage to face this Truth and it take more courage to face your wounds and issues to release them, instead of letting them control your life, sometimes in incredibly ugly ways.

Courage does not just involve facing these situations.  Courage is needed to tap into the internal strength inside of you and is needed to release the web of lies you have told yourself and everyone else over the course of your life about these wounds.

Courage is releasing the conditioning that your family and society dumped on you and courage is stepping away from how you were “told” to act when your wound happened and courage is now needed to approach this healing more than ever.

This shift will be beneficial for you if you approach the next six or so weeks with the attitude that this experience is going to help you to release that works against your highest and best good and will help you embrace a more light-filled, happier, in- alignment-with-your-H&B-Good you.

During the next six to eight weeks, the energy and energetic pressure is going to be very intense for the Third Chakra and the Sixth Chakra Centers.  During this planetary shift, energy is going to be focused on these two chakra Centers to assist with release and growth in that area of the human energy system.

The Third Chakra is the center of our Personal Will, our resolve, our fortitude.  When this chakra is compromised, we are easily swayed and unable to fully live our truth.  We are able to be manipulated by others and will believe others and put faith in other’s instead of trusting ourselves or honoring our personal experiences and listening to our personal truth.

The Sixth Chakra houses our Gifts and Abilities, but it is also the place where we Recognize Truth.  This is where our inherent ability to recognize intention behind other’s thoughts and actions is housed and when the Sixth Chakra is compromised we buy into others’ lies and destructive actions and we turn away from caring for ourselves and putting our highest and best good first.

(If you want to learn more about the chakras, I am teaching a class in 2019.)

These chakras will not be developing new sub-chakras during this particular Shift, but a great deal of energy will be focused on these two Chakra Centers for the following reasons:

a) to bring forward issues preventing the proper functioning of the chakra, (detrimental blockages, detrimental energies, issues, and wounds to heal, etc.)

b) to supply energy to activate inactive sub-chakras,

c) to supply energy to open the activated sub-chakras.

This IS a lot of to take in during just six weeks, so yes, lots of things can happen to you.

A note about sub-chakras:  Those of us who have been here for many years may find that the sub-chakras are not activating easily.  This is not uncommon.  We each have many issues and wounds create blockages which prevent our sub-chakras opening.  Many times in our healing path our sub-chakras will reach the activation point only to be pushed back to non-active status.  The key with this time frame is that the energy necessary to fully open our sub-chakras is available to assist us, so getting our sub-chakras activated now is vital.

(I can help with clearing your chakras and activating your sub-chakras if you find it challenging.  More information on that service is here. )

Below is a meditative exercise to help you heal your chakras.  Be sure to turn the volume up as it is a quiet recording.)   

The Earth Mother Planetary Shifts are a complex process and these blog articles are really inadequate to explaining all the details and nuances of these Shifts and their effect upon the Human Energy System.  Please feel free to use the form below to email me with any questions you may have or schedule an Intro session with me if you feel you need assistance but you don’t know where to start.

Blessings to you!




Author: Julia Alexandra

Julia is an exorcist, a metaphysical practitioner, a healing facilitator, a medium, a trans-channel, a Reiki Teacher, and a Priest of Melchizedek and she lives in Raleigh, NC.