Why Seeing a Healing Practitioner May Help!

Have you ever wondered why, after learning how to use a healing modality, you never seem to get the results that other people rave about?  Do you then feel as if you failed?  That maybe you are not “good enough” to do this work?  Maybe you were so disappointed that you gave up trying to help yourself.

What if I told you that you did not fail and you were not deficient in any way?  The truth is, there are modalities that are effective but the vast majority of them are not going to do the work you want them to do because you are resisting the healing.

Did you immediately recoil from reading that last sentence?

Your wounds inside need healing.  Has your physical state reached the point where you are being told to see a doctor?  But Western Medicine has failed you so far if you continue to worsen. But that’s the point of Western Medicine, isn’t it?  It doesn’t want to heal the actual wounds inside of you – they just want to throw a pill of some kind at you and keep you coming back for more.

Or maybe you can feel things starting to happen inside of you and you know that you have to deal with this now – not in one or even two years down the road.  Now.

That is why you turned to alternative modalities like energy work.  Yet, that doesn’t seem to be working either, does it?  What is wrong with you?

Stop.  I mean it – just stop.  You are an extremely complex being and inside you are carrying within emotional wounds, psychological wounds, and energy imbalances that are all affecting your physical form.  Yes, the desire is there to get better and your lack of success does not mean you chose the incorrect modality to learn.

It means that your issues are much more complex than you want to realize and you need to get some outside help.  Perhaps temporary outside help or perhaps long-term help is needed.  Or, if you are getting that help already, maybe you need to switch healing practitioners to find one who can deal effectively with your issues.

Ah, I feel that resistance again.  Why is the resistance there?  Did you for a class which was supposed to cure and heal all ills?  Have you paid someone to help you yet the results were less than stellar?  Do you just not believe that all this woo-woo stuff is real?

Remember – the resistance inside of you is just one indicator that you are COMPLEX.  Respect your complexity.  And relax – it is quite possible to heal yourself if you dig in and learn all you need to know about your energy system, and it is quite possible to find a reputable healing modality practitioner to do the work with.

By trimming down your list of potential healing practitioners with a couple of steps, you will be able to look at your choices more clearly.  We will cover those steps further in this blog.

Let’s get back to why you might need to see a healing practitioner first.  Do any of these apply to you?

  • Have you tried different ways to help yourself, yet nothing seems to be “the one way”?
  • Did you connect beautifully with your High Self in one session and do amazing work, yet subsequent sessions were ineffective?
  • Do you feel as if you cannot connect emotionally with your inner self on a regular – DAILY – basis?
  • Do you feel as if you are spinning on a hamster wheel day after day, trying this and trying that, but feeling as if you are not getting any closer to healing yourself all the while your frustration builds?

Before you start your personal sessions, do you ask yourself any of the questions below? Or do you just dive in?

  1. Are you ready emotionally to address the wound/s inside you?
  2. Are you ready to embrace the changes that need to take place for the work to be effective on a long-term basis?
  3. Is it in your Highest and Best Good to heal this wound at this time?
  4. Are there any outside influences that are preventing your healing at this time?
  5. Is there something you need to do first before you can address the wound you believe is most important?

In my experience facilitating healing experiences, there are several factors that need to be taken into account.

  1. The wound you perceive is only the tip of the iceberg.  You may be one of the few who are truly self-aware enough to know when a particular wound was created, but for many they repress the truth, for it is uncomfortable and inconvenient.
  2. Change must take place for the healing to be effective.  If you perceive your issue to be a lack of boundaries and together we discover this was because of the way your family treated you, are you prepared to deal with that?It doesn’t mean you have to confront them during your healing process, but you will have to effect immediate changes if your healing work is to not be rejected. And they may resist this change in you.  Are you mentally prepared to move forward emotionally, mentally, and physically in a way that will protect yourself, respect yourself, and build a healthy self-esteem – even if the healing requires you to curtail contact with your family members??
  3. Your High Self loves you very much.  And if your High Self perceives that what you are trying to do is going to traumatize you in some way, it will try to protect you in ways allowed.  Sometimes that means you sit and spin – and sometimes that sitting and spinning will last a long time.  All as a means to get you to examine this situation for what is in your Highest and Best Good.
  4. Our wounds are almost always created because of something that happened to us – and many times that “something” was done by a family member or someone we trusted, someone we loved or someone we thought loved us.In many cases, that same individual placed energetic devices inside of you (unknowingly on both sides, of course) that when you attempt to heal are instead triggered and circumvent or even entirely block your attempts to heal.

    Everyone has implants or constructs that distract you from healing.  You might have Akashic Contracts in place that need to be resolved before you can move forward with healing.  You may have taken vows in this or another lifetime that are now preventing you from obtaining that state of being you wish you could live in.  You yourself may have placed energetic blockages within your energy system to prevent you from seeing the Truth, because you were hurting then.  And you are still hurting now.

    These are just a few ways things may block your healing process. If you don’t have the knowledge base to recognize and process these things, it is no wonder you feel stuck.  One class – or even 5 classes – are not necessarily going to provide you with all that you need to move forward to heal yourself.  Because you are a complex individual.

  5. It could be that there are other wounds that will need to be addressed before you get to the “big wound” you perceive.  Are you open to that or do you think you have to deal with this big wound before you can deal with anything else?In my experience, the big wounds need to be dealt with slowly and carefully.  Starting to heal your other issues will provide a stronger, healthier basis for you to grow and heal on.  Otherwise, you could easily traumatize yourself further.

    NOTE: any healing practitioner who does not take this potential trauma into account is not someone you should be seeing.

Healing may seem to be an illusive goal to you.  Seeing an effective Healing Practitioner may be what you need to do to at least gain ground and gain understanding of ways you can help yourself.

But what if you have already done that?  What if you spent a large amount of money working with someone, but have not seen any changes?  Well, it is unfortunate, but that does happen because not every practitioner is meant to work with every person needing healing work.

So this is where brutal honesty has to come into play.

  1. Did you work with someone because they were referred to you? (Referrals are great, just keep in mind everyone is different and results vary.)
  2. Did you work with a practitioner because you did not know anyone else and you did not want to do research? (This is sad because there are always tons out there.)
  3. When you met them, did you have any reaction (emotional, physical, etc.) to them?(If you had a negative reaction, why did you continue the session?) 
  4. Did you ask them any of these questions(This list covers so many different things, but don’t beat yourself up if you didn’t.  The previous two questions are the key ones.)

The truth is, very few people can facilitate their own healing on a regular basis.  This does not meant that people are incapable of healing on their own; indeed, your High Self may have gifted you with spontaneous moments of healing or of epiphanies that led to healing moments already.

Most practitioners I know work with a peer or student to facilitate their own healing work.  Why?  Healing work is just like counseling or therapy.  You need to be addressing issues on a regular basis or human nature takes over and you ignore them.  And when you are peeking or peering or diving into your wounds and issues by yourself, it is very easy to be distracted or resistant to the work.  Why?  Because it hurts!  Thus, progress is slow because you are expecting to feel pain and hurt, and thus you do.

Working with a healing practitioner who is in alignment with you, who is ethical, and who values your highest and best good is going to produce more effective healing sessions they take from you the thinking part of the process.  They are going to be listening to and working with your High Self.  No, I cannot say these sessions are going to be fun or short-term.

I can say that you will begin to experience the changes appropriate for you, as long as you work with transparency and honesty with your Healing Practitioner. And long-term, that is all any of us really desires.

Working with someone allows you to relax deeply on the table or in the chair.  You can “let them drive” and know that this conscientious person cares about you and that your discomfort will be minimal and the healing benefits will be there.  The appropriate person will know how to help you release internal blocks of resistance and will work to make sure your needs are addressed.

The vast majority of people who land in the healing practitioner world are people who were hurt and sought out help to heal themselves.  Now they want to help others.  This is a very positive indicator.

And you have the right to choose someone who is in alignment with your Highest and Best Good.  Respect your intuition and you will be guided to working with the correct individual and then the healing will progress!


Author: Julia Alexandra

Julia is an exorcist, a metaphysical practitioner, a healing facilitator, a medium, a trans-channel, a Reiki Teacher, and a Priest of Melchizedek and she lives in Raleigh, NC.