Mabon 2019!

Mabon, or the Autumnal Equinox, falls on September 23rd. Mabon is a very significant holiday for different Pagan groups, and overall it is a great way to begin the fall season.

Various groups celebrate Mabon under different names, but many of the celebrations follow the same purpose – to celebrate the current year’s harvest and to take time to plan for the upcoming winter and spring seasons.

To me, Mabon is the most powerful of holidays for manifesting, for you are bringing together all the experiences of the last 12 months and focusing that energy into energy into bring positive things into your life.

Mabon is first and foremost about Gratitude. For thousands of years (and still in many places around this world), harvest time signified whether you would have a chance to survive the upcoming winter and early spring months.

While food supply is not currently an immediate challenge for most of us, this holiday is still relevant as an opportunity to explore our experiences throughout the last 12 months, how those experiences have helped us grow, and provide an opportunity to share our growth and our accomplishments.

Basically, this is the one night of the year where bragging about how great you are is actually beneficial to you. This positive energy you bring to the table will assist with manifesting that which is in your highest and best good for the next 12 months.

On a cautionary note, this is also about transparency. You may very well have a different viewpoint or perspective about events that transpired from others, but this is not the time or place to state falsehoods or fabrications to try to impress others. The energetic difference between lies and truth is quite significant and lying will only manifest new lessons for you to learn through the next year, instead of benefits to you.

Some examples of experiences to share could include life events such as career changes, income increases, people who have entered or exited your life, home environment changes, deaths of family or friends, etc. Events that touched you emotionally, situations that caused you to contemplate who you are, what you are doing with your life, or opportunities that provided a realization that change needed to happen “now” and you were finally in a place to accept that change – all are important events that need to be celebrated.

Other examples include the completion of tasks or goals that allowed you to move forward on your goals, the checking of boxes on your list, as we say.

Once you have thought about this, write down these things. Select a few to share over the bonfire with those in your group and then set the paper aside.

Now, let’s look at planning for the next 12 months. It used to be the planning was for survival through the winter months into spring. Planning on how to take the harvest and make the most of it so that everyone in your group would survive and not starve to death.

Nowadays we can take this planning idea, and shift it to the idea of manifesting that which is in our highest and best good. This takes some self reflection if you are not doing this on a regular basis.

Take some time during the day to meditate on where you are spiritually, energetically, physically, mentally, and emotionally and see where you would LIKE to be. Maybe you are fine with where you are in each of these places, but most likely there is some aspect of your life you would like to change. Maybe an area you perceive a lack in and want to improve or maybe you just don’t know what to do, but you know that something has got to change.

Take a piece of paper and start writing. Allow your heart’s desire to flow up through you energetically and allow that energy to pass onto the paper. Don’t worry about it being “perfect” or grammatically correct. The only person seeing this is you and it is going to go into the bonfire tonight, so the only thing important is that you are allowing what is truly important to you to flow through you. This energy will imprint into the paper and when you burn it in the bonfire tonight, the energy will be released to help shape and make changes to your life. Manifestation in action!

Focus, during this time, on that of which you dream, of your true inner desires (not what others have told you that you want), and offer those desires to the Creator. By doing this, you are surrendering your personal will to the Creator and acknowledging that all things come from the Creator. Control is merely an illusion. Write these down on a piece of paper as well.

When you share your heart’s desires with the Creator, regardless of how silly and insignificant, or how impossible your desire may seem to be, this act of surrender provides your High Self, your Guides and Angels, and the Creator the opportunity to assist us with healing, with shifting, and with the changes needed to bring our heart’s true desires into our life.

This is, in my opinion, the most important energetic gift you can give to yourself. When the thoughts or ideas which is so important to yourself that you have locked them away, you repressed all in any and every way, and now you allow these things to surface to your conscious state, miracles can happen overnight or even in the blink of an eye.

Manifestation is hard for many people to understand, and harder still to enact, but true manifestation is driven by your emotions. Not wild emotions, not negative emotions, but authentic and balanced emotions based in love – not fear!

So on this night of celebration, allow the differing energetics to serve your highest and best good by releasing the illusion of control, by acknowledging your challenges and achievements, and by opening up to your heart’s desires.

Steps to follow/complete:
Once you have written these two different lists down of paper, at dusk begin to (safely) build your bonfire. Laugh and share time and stories with those in your circle as the fire develops. Use this time wisely to develop your community and good will amongst your peers.

Once the fire is developed and everyone can rest or sit down, whoever wants to go first will start the circle. Let that person stand up and share their “harvest” events. Then, when they have shared what they choose, they will then walk to the fire and give the gift of their experiences to the flames to burn.

When the paper is burnt up, the energy of gratitude will be released.

Next, the person will take their second piece of paper, with their heart’s desires written on it, and offer that to the flames as well. The energy released from the first piece of paper will blend with the energy of the heart’s desires and be used to manifest that person’s highest and best good. The individual should continue standing in front of the fire until he or she feels that they have absorbed all the positive energy returned to them.

Once that person has sat down, the next person will stand up and do their sharing and burning of their papers. Again, they will wait for the energy to be absorbed before they sit down. Repeat this until everyone has had their turn in front of the fire.

Author: Julia Alexandra

Julia is an exorcist, a metaphysical practitioner, a healing facilitator, a medium, a trans-channel, a Reiki Teacher, and a Priest of Melchizedek and she lives in Raleigh, NC.