For all services to non-local residences and businesses:
Travel fees will be assessed and added onto the general clearing fees.  All fees must be provided up front and are non-refundable – especially for out of USA travel.

I define local clients as residing within 30 miles of my residence southwest of Chicago.  If you live in one of the northern suburbs you will be charged a minimum $25 travel feel to cover the 2+ hours it will take for me to get there and back.

For those who don’t live in Chicagoland, airfare, car rental plus gas, and hotel stay are all normal fees but there may be other considerations, depending upon location.

Note:  I appreciate the offer to pick me up from the airport, but I always rent my own vehicle when I am on client visits.

Note:  I will stay on site if private sleeping arrangements are an option, but if not I will rent a space to sleep in locally.

Note:  I have food issues, so while I appreciate offers to feed me, it is in everyone’s best interest that I supply my own drink, food, and snacks.

If you have any questions, please ask!  Not asking could lead to confusion and misunderstandings and we prefer Truth and Clarity to those things.