Archangel Michael, Slayer of Demons and Collector of Souls

Archangel Michael is the first of the Archangels and his responsibilities vary, but do include collecting souls and slaying demons on the Earth plane.  One does not have to have a religious background to feel the impact of Michael in one’s life.  His energetic vibration is incredibly strong and as he was designed to eliminate all demons, they have an automatic revulsion of his vibration.  To be truly effective in this work, one must be attuned to his vibration to be able to utilize it in the removal and transmutation of demons and detritus.

Archangel Michael is responsible for the collecting of souls and the slaying of demons on the earth plane.  The Spiritual Mentor has been working with Archangel Michael since the early 2000’s, but he has been a presence in her life since before she was 5 years old.  In 2001, once she dedicated a part of her life to her spiritual path, Archangel Michael came to her and began to teach her about discarnates – humans trapped in the earth plane who did not leave when they died.  He taught her how to help those individuals who could freely return to the Creator and how to clean those who were unable to freely leave, so that they too could return to the Creator.

This process has nothing to do with one’s religious beliefs except for the fact that the majority of the discarnates she has encountered were in fear of returning for fear of punishment.  The Spiritual Mentor has thus made it a part of her practice to inform all she comes into contact with that the Creator loves all unconditionally, and that there is no punishment as religions have devised when one returns to God.  All there is is LOVE.

Archangel Michael also started teaching her in 2001 about demons and how they play a part of this earth plane reality and how to “slay” them when she encounters them.  Demons exist on a plane that intersects with the earth plane, yet they too present to the Creator for review when they are returned from the earth plane.  The Creator loves all of creation and is not a punitive or childish god as many religions portray and even demons have a role to play on the earth plane to help humans progress and grow in their life path.


I have been consciously working with Archangel Michael since 2001, but he has been a presence in my life since I was 5 years old when I first started seeing dead people in my bedroom.  In 2001, Archangel Michael came to me and began to teach me how to remove all discarnates – humans who are trapped in the earth plane after their physical death.  While many discarnates are benign, there are some who have done harmful acts to those living and must be removed in a way different from those that have not done evil.

Archangel Michael also began to teach about the various types of demons and how everyone on earth has them attached, unknowingly.  Demons and detritus attach to people and they can be extremely subtle in how they influence people to make choices and to do actions that do not benefit the host.  Many times people think they are in complete control but instead they are manipulated extensively.

Exorcism as portrayed in the media is a very poor example of what can be done by someone who can see and hear demons but whom is guided by the Light and by Archangel Michael.  Often times what is portrayed by the media is contraindicative for the work that needs to be done – thus, complicating matters significantly.  Archangel Michael can be called upon for assistance at all times and he will provide succor as he is allowed.

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