Our knowledge of the celebration of Imbolc comes largely from stories and information passed down first through families and eventually transferred over to the Internet. The truth is, once Christianity took hold in Ireland, much of what might have been part of the rituals related to Imbolc were probably lost, because early Christians had a thirst for killing people who did not conform to their beliefs and ideas. So – just as many other forms of non-Christian beliefs were lost, much was lost for Imbolc.

According to the Oxford Dictionary, Imbolc or Candlemas is defined as “A Christian festival held on 2 February to commemorate the purification of the Virgin Mary (after childbirth, according to Jewish law) and the presentation of Christ in the Temple. Candles were traditionally blessed at this festival.”

Taken over and subverted by Catholicism and relegated to become the bland “St. Brigid’s Day”, much of what Imbolc was celebrated for was decimated. Such is the way of the conqueror. However, in today’s world, many people have returned to the idea of a celebration during the middle of winter and with the Internet’s assistance, Imbolc has become the Light within the Darkness again.

Imbolc is a celebration of the end of winter, and a celebration to the Light half of the year. The Gaels had an impressive understanding of the moon cycles and their year was divided into a time of darkness (rest and recovery) and a time of Light (breeding, growth, and a return to activity). 
Samhain at the end of October was the beginning of their new year and the start of Darkness. Imbolc is the return of Light.

While we don’t have the information lost over the last millennium regarding this holiday, we can each still celebrate the basic ideas behind this moon cycle. Winter is departing, and every day a couple more minute of sunlight benefit the Earth. You can look forward to warmer temperatures returning, animals begin their breeding cycles, and plants in your yard are starting to poke their heads out of the ground. What’s not to celebrate?

When I look at Imbolc from a spiritual perspective, I see the endless possibilities for healing and growth. We have come through the hardest part of today’s US culture – we have survived the onslaught of the winter holidays. Starting with Halloween and ending with the New Year celebration, every month brings forth opportunity to spend time with family and friends. While for many this may be cause for joyful reflection, for many more this is a time of dread, a series of events that must be gotten through, gotten over, to just make it to January when you can be assured of some quiet time to yourself as everyone drops away as there is no longer a need to pretend.

I am asked the question, “Why do I feel alone after New Year’s?”

The simple answer is that the energy of obligation or duty is no longer driving certain people in your life to include you – or to berate you, depending upon your perspective. I look at this time of the year as a blessing, for it is now time to cleanse and begin anew.

Many people being New Year’s resolutions, thinking a goal will help them make the changes that they feel they need to make during the year. Many times those resolutions are based off things they think are wrong with themselves, that they are deficient in, that they need to “fix”.

From a spiritual perspective, that kind of self-hatred is bound to fail as your High Self wants you to learn to love yourself – not fix what is “wrong” with you. I suggest that we adopt the perspective of self-love and apply it to Imbolc. Imbolc could easily adapt and be the symbolic time of healing and growth to take you on the path to become your authentic you.

By using the traditional symbols of candle and flame, you have the added bonus of include your neighboring Fire Elementals in this return to balance, a return to your essential self, and the promise of a new beginning. So, what can you do to celebrate Imbolc quietly in your own home?

Years ago, a friend of mine took me to my first Imbolc celebration. It was not what I expected and the energy was not what I thought it would be, so I never returned to that pagan enclave, however, I did adopt the candle ritual and use that as a part of my healing and growth process.

Obtain a tall 7-day glass candle. You can find them even at your local grocery store. Make sure it is one of the plain ones as you are going to decorate it yourself. If you are a Reiki practitioner, I suggest permeating the candle with Reiki to raise its vibration and cleanse it of that which is not in your highest and best good.

Then, spend a little while in reflection and rumination. What do you want to do with your life? What do you want to achieve this year? What goal’s have you put off or what challenges do you foresee for which you will need strength and purpose? There are many ways to view your potential and you need to chop that down into bite sized pieces. This is not to set yourself up for failure – this exercise is to establish and manifest the energy to reach these goals for yourself.

Last year, my goals were to return to North Carolina and be with my friends and family after being gone for almost 5 years. I needed a certain amount of money to come in, I needed a place to stay, I needed a vehicle of my own to even begin the process. Within two months, all these things were manifested with people even coming forward – unasked – to offer assistance. 

The Universe WILL provide when you not only know what you want, but know that what you want is also in your Path.

Now, once you have a few bite sized pieces to work with, it is time to get creative! Speaking as someone who has zero real world creativity, this next step is not to intimidate you at all! This is for you – your energy is going into your creativity to manifest your highest and best good – so don’t worry what it will look like to ANYONE ELSE!

Start with covering your candle with plain paper. You could use a piece of printer paper, cut to size. Or even kitchen paper if you have that on hand. Don’t put it on the candle yet! Decide how you are going to decorate your candle.

The very first candle I created years ago was covered in different colored pieces of crinkled-up wrapping tissues. Then, I took a variety of small crystals, cleansed them, and imbued them with the energy I wanted to happen during that year. I then used wire and wrapped the tissue-wrapped candle with my crystals. I was very pleased with it and with the crystals that had volunteered to do this work with me.

When we went to the ceremony, my candle stood out alone and strange from the others, but it was perfect for me and the vibration it emanated was perfect for me, so what else did I need?

Their candles were wrapped with taped pictures from magazines – like a vision board. That is what they needed and that was absolutely great for them! This is YOUR candle – you need to make it work for you!

So start your preparations now. Go purchase your candle, meditate on what you want to achieve, and then decorate the candle as you like it. Then – and this is the important step – meditate with the candle every day before Imbolc. Spend at the very least a few minutes focusing on what you want to achieve, what you want to shift, how you want to heal, and how you want to grow. Ask your High Self to join you in this project – for your High Self knows exactly what is needed for you to be living the life you were designed to live!

I want to add something I think is very important. It is vital that you are honest with yourself when you are focusing on what you want. If you are harboring self-defeating emotions, then that is what you need to focus on healing first. Do not set yourself up for disappointment by creating non-achievable scenarios – that is harmful to you. Work on doing what you need to do first and then grow from there!

Then, after sunset on Imbolc, take a few moments to get prepared. Make sure you have a safe place to light your candle and leave it alone, for it needs to burn for the entire time it has wax. Maybe you will leave it on a fire-proof counter. Maybe you will get a decorative bowl and put some sand inside to set the candle on. Regardless of your choice – have your fire-safe place set up before you begin the celebration.

Once everything is prepared, it is time to quiet and focus your thoughts, again focusing on your desire for your High Self to assist you with returning to your essential place of authenticity, a place of healing and growth, and utilize the energy of gratitude to facilitate the manifestation of these energies to help you achieve the wonderful changes you will experience. Gratitude is never a wasted emotion.

Say whatever words or prayer you think appropriate as you light the candle, and then spend several minutes with it, sharing the energy of gratitude and manifestation with the candle. Then, when you are done, leave the candle in its fire-proof location and return to your daily activities.

If you are doing this as a group event, think about what you want to say out loud in front of everyone. You don’t need to share your every detail of every intimate thought and desire with everyone. This is your personal manifestation moment, so you want to be comfortable with your spoken declarative statement as you light the candle.

Make sure every day you spend some time with the candle while it burns – sharing the energy of gratitude and manifestation with it. Emotion creates energy and energy creates intention and intention is the energy behind manifestation.

You may find that you need to dump a little of the wax here and there to keep the wick vital, depending upon the candle body material. Please be careful as the glass will be hot and spilled wax is messy.

Once the candle is completely burned it is time to complete the manifestation process. I always remove my crystals I have wrapped around the candle at this stage and set them aside to include in my daily meditations. If you have included something tangible you want to keep with you like crystals or a necklace, etc., remove that now.

Now wrap your candle in 2 or three paper bags, then finish with a plastic grocery or garbage bag. Get some sort of hammer, some safety goggles if you have them, and take everything outside. Look around your yard – if you have one – and ask to be shown where the perfect spot will be to bury your candle. You will need to dig a hole deep enough to cover all the candle and the paper bags.

If you are in a place where the ground is still frozen or you live in an apartment setting, skip this step.

Once outside with the wrapped candle, hammer, and safety goggles, find a solid place and get into a light meditative state. Reiterate one last time what you wish to manifest with the energy from this candle and hold that energy in your heart and mind. Now, place the wrapped candle on the solid surface and pound the candle until it is only tiny, tiny pieces.

It is very important you follow safety procedures while doing this. Having wrapped the candle in multiple layers of paper bag will assist with keeping dust and shards from flying about, but you can never be too careful with your eyes! The plastic bag should keep all the pieces in one location as the paper bags may indeed be torn by the jagged pieces of glass.

Once you have destroyed the candle and released the energy of manifestation, it is time to bury that candle in the ground. If you don’t have a place to bury it, ask for your High Self to release all the energy within the glass container and release it now to the Universe. Your High Self will make sure that it is released as appropriate for you.

Now you can safely place it inside your garbage can. For those who will plant it in your yard, it will be your choice if you wish to leave it in the ground once the year has passed or if you wish to dig it up and dispose of it in the garbage can at that point. The energy will have been released, so its purpose will be fulfilled and there will be no negative ramifications if you should.

Imbolc is a time of promise, an opportunity to return to your true state of being. I hope you find this exercise useful and I wish for you to receive your blessings throughout the year.

Why Seeing a Healing Practitioner May Help!

Have you ever wondered why, after learning how to use a healing modality, you never seem to get the results that other people rave about?  Do you then feel as if you failed?  That maybe you are not “good enough” to do this work?  Maybe you were so disappointed that you gave up trying to help yourself.

What if I told you that you did not fail and you were not deficient in any way?  The truth is, there are modalities that are effective but the vast majority of them are not going to do the work you want them to do because you are resisting the healing.

Did you immediately recoil from reading that last sentence?

Your wounds inside need healing.  Has your physical state reached the point where you are being told to see a doctor?  But Western Medicine has failed you so far if you continue to worsen. But that’s the point of Western Medicine, isn’t it?  It doesn’t want to heal the actual wounds inside of you – they just want to throw a pill of some kind at you and keep you coming back for more.

Or maybe you can feel things starting to happen inside of you and you know that you have to deal with this now – not in one or even two years down the road.  Now.

That is why you turned to alternative modalities like energy work.  Yet, that doesn’t seem to be working either, does it?  What is wrong with you?

Stop.  I mean it – just stop.  You are an extremely complex being and inside you are carrying within emotional wounds, psychological wounds, and energy imbalances that are all affecting your physical form.  Yes, the desire is there to get better and your lack of success does not mean you chose the incorrect modality to learn.

It means that your issues are much more complex than you want to realize and you need to get some outside help.  Perhaps temporary outside help or perhaps long-term help is needed.  Or, if you are getting that help already, maybe you need to switch healing practitioners to find one who can deal effectively with your issues.

Ah, I feel that resistance again.  Why is the resistance there?  Did you for a class which was supposed to cure and heal all ills?  Have you paid someone to help you yet the results were less than stellar?  Do you just not believe that all this woo-woo stuff is real?

Remember – the resistance inside of you is just one indicator that you are COMPLEX.  Respect your complexity.  And relax – it is quite possible to heal yourself if you dig in and learn all you need to know about your energy system, and it is quite possible to find a reputable healing modality practitioner to do the work with.

By trimming down your list of potential healing practitioners with a couple of steps, you will be able to look at your choices more clearly.  We will cover those steps further in this blog.

Let’s get back to why you might need to see a healing practitioner first.  Do any of these apply to you?

  • Have you tried different ways to help yourself, yet nothing seems to be “the one way”?
  • Did you connect beautifully with your High Self in one session and do amazing work, yet subsequent sessions were ineffective?
  • Do you feel as if you cannot connect emotionally with your inner self on a regular – DAILY – basis?
  • Do you feel as if you are spinning on a hamster wheel day after day, trying this and trying that, but feeling as if you are not getting any closer to healing yourself all the while your frustration builds?

Before you start your personal sessions, do you ask yourself any of the questions below? Or do you just dive in?

  1. Are you ready emotionally to address the wound/s inside you?
  2. Are you ready to embrace the changes that need to take place for the work to be effective on a long-term basis?
  3. Is it in your Highest and Best Good to heal this wound at this time?
  4. Are there any outside influences that are preventing your healing at this time?
  5. Is there something you need to do first before you can address the wound you believe is most important?

In my experience facilitating healing experiences, there are several factors that need to be taken into account.

  1. The wound you perceive is only the tip of the iceberg.  You may be one of the few who are truly self-aware enough to know when a particular wound was created, but for many they repress the truth, for it is uncomfortable and inconvenient.
  2. Change must take place for the healing to be effective.  If you perceive your issue to be a lack of boundaries and together we discover this was because of the way your family treated you, are you prepared to deal with that?It doesn’t mean you have to confront them during your healing process, but you will have to effect immediate changes if your healing work is to not be rejected. And they may resist this change in you.  Are you mentally prepared to move forward emotionally, mentally, and physically in a way that will protect yourself, respect yourself, and build a healthy self-esteem – even if the healing requires you to curtail contact with your family members??
  3. Your High Self loves you very much.  And if your High Self perceives that what you are trying to do is going to traumatize you in some way, it will try to protect you in ways allowed.  Sometimes that means you sit and spin – and sometimes that sitting and spinning will last a long time.  All as a means to get you to examine this situation for what is in your Highest and Best Good.
  4. Our wounds are almost always created because of something that happened to us – and many times that “something” was done by a family member or someone we trusted, someone we loved or someone we thought loved us.In many cases, that same individual placed energetic devices inside of you (unknowingly on both sides, of course) that when you attempt to heal are instead triggered and circumvent or even entirely block your attempts to heal.

    Everyone has implants or constructs that distract you from healing.  You might have Akashic Contracts in place that need to be resolved before you can move forward with healing.  You may have taken vows in this or another lifetime that are now preventing you from obtaining that state of being you wish you could live in.  You yourself may have placed energetic blockages within your energy system to prevent you from seeing the Truth, because you were hurting then.  And you are still hurting now.

    These are just a few ways things may block your healing process. If you don’t have the knowledge base to recognize and process these things, it is no wonder you feel stuck.  One class – or even 5 classes – are not necessarily going to provide you with all that you need to move forward to heal yourself.  Because you are a complex individual.

  5. It could be that there are other wounds that will need to be addressed before you get to the “big wound” you perceive.  Are you open to that or do you think you have to deal with this big wound before you can deal with anything else?In my experience, the big wounds need to be dealt with slowly and carefully.  Starting to heal your other issues will provide a stronger, healthier basis for you to grow and heal on.  Otherwise, you could easily traumatize yourself further.

    NOTE: any healing practitioner who does not take this potential trauma into account is not someone you should be seeing.

Healing may seem to be an illusive goal to you.  Seeing an effective Healing Practitioner may be what you need to do to at least gain ground and gain understanding of ways you can help yourself.

But what if you have already done that?  What if you spent a large amount of money working with someone, but have not seen any changes?  Well, it is unfortunate, but that does happen because not every practitioner is meant to work with every person needing healing work.

So this is where brutal honesty has to come into play.

  1. Did you work with someone because they were referred to you? (Referrals are great, just keep in mind everyone is different and results vary.)
  2. Did you work with a practitioner because you did not know anyone else and you did not want to do research? (This is sad because there are always tons out there.)
  3. When you met them, did you have any reaction (emotional, physical, etc.) to them?(If you had a negative reaction, why did you continue the session?) 
  4. Did you ask them any of these questions(This list covers so many different things, but don’t beat yourself up if you didn’t.  The previous two questions are the key ones.)

The truth is, very few people can facilitate their own healing on a regular basis.  This does not meant that people are incapable of healing on their own; indeed, your High Self may have gifted you with spontaneous moments of healing or of epiphanies that led to healing moments already.

Most practitioners I know work with a peer or student to facilitate their own healing work.  Why?  Healing work is just like counseling or therapy.  You need to be addressing issues on a regular basis or human nature takes over and you ignore them.  And when you are peeking or peering or diving into your wounds and issues by yourself, it is very easy to be distracted or resistant to the work.  Why?  Because it hurts!  Thus, progress is slow because you are expecting to feel pain and hurt, and thus you do.

Working with a healing practitioner who is in alignment with you, who is ethical, and who values your highest and best good is going to produce more effective healing sessions they take from you the thinking part of the process.  They are going to be listening to and working with your High Self.  No, I cannot say these sessions are going to be fun or short-term.

I can say that you will begin to experience the changes appropriate for you, as long as you work with transparency and honesty with your Healing Practitioner. And long-term, that is all any of us really desires.

Working with someone allows you to relax deeply on the table or in the chair.  You can “let them drive” and know that this conscientious person cares about you and that your discomfort will be minimal and the healing benefits will be there.  The appropriate person will know how to help you release internal blocks of resistance and will work to make sure your needs are addressed.

The vast majority of people who land in the healing practitioner world are people who were hurt and sought out help to heal themselves.  Now they want to help others.  This is a very positive indicator.

And you have the right to choose someone who is in alignment with your Highest and Best Good.  Respect your intuition and you will be guided to working with the correct individual and then the healing will progress!


A Warning…

I am seeing an uptick in cases regarding a particular topic and I feel now might be a good time to write about it.  There are lots of movies out there, as well as tons of books, comics, and other forms of media that are strictly fictionalized stories about demons, possession, witchcraft, etc.  These forms of entertainment have captured a particular aspect of the populations attention – mainly that of the younger people who are drawn to the exotic and unknown and even the idea of danger.  Unfortunately, this segment of humans has not yet learned how to discriminate between entertainment and accurate information.

The sad thing is, many of the writers of these stories do half-ass research on the internet to prepare their material and thus that really does compound the problem, because young people don’t understand that Trust must be EARNED – not just given.  This is because of the way they are raised, for the most part, that anyone in authority MUST know what they are doing.  Even the cynical children who think they know it all are still unconsciously following their programming, and are just absorbing whatever is projected into their minds.

The more obsessed ones will even go so far as to research information without realizing that 20 years ago the internet did not exist.  The information so easily obtained on the internet is not coming from instruction manuals that have been locked up within sacred institutions NOR are they coming from experienced individuals.  Simply because this information is sacred to whichever side of the equation and it is not likely to be published to the public because of that sacredness.  You had to earn your place to learn anything and so the information on the internet is 99.9% made up stuff that people felt “guided” to share with others.

So this gullible segment of the population are swallowing the information left and right without realizing that what they read on the internet or a book published in the last 20 years was most likely created for amusement or to make money.  NOT to pass along sacred rituals because there is danger inherent within all forms and sides of the paranormal and the occult.

So, for those who have made it this far into my rant, LOL, here is the warning.  Teach your children – regardless of age – to NOT DO the following, regardless of whether they believe whatever is happening is real or not.

  1.  Do NOT ever agree to be a channel for someone.  If that person wants someone to channel for them, they are not intending anything good for that person.  Otherwise they would channel the energy, being, etc. by their self!!!  Why would anyone share an honor, privilege, gift etc. with anyone else when they could get all the glory for themselves?
  2. Do NOT ever agree to any form of binding.  The Angelics and Light beings do not require bindings to work with individuals and if someone wants you to bind your energy to a demon, higher power, master, etc. then realize that if this being was so almighty powerful they would not need to have anyone (or anything else’s) energy.
  3. Do NOT take vows that have you agree to allow or assist any higher power etc. to use your body, your mind, or your energy in any way now or in the future.  Again – beating the dead horse – if this higher power was so powerful they would not need human beings.  Plus, you are a single individual and these vows can affect other lifetimes you are living in a disastrous way.
  4. Do NOT refute your personal guides, guardians, angelics, or High Self.  Some rituals demand that you turn away from all other guidance to listen only to this “higher power” for directions and you might as well shoot yourself in your ass if you do that.  These beings are here for your highest and best good – which means they are going to try to direct you from doing something stupid or detrimental to you.  Think you want to try what this is like first?  Go turn on your kitchen range, get the burner nice and hot, and put your hand on it.  That same instinct that prevents you from doing this stupid act is the same one you are telling you don’t want in your life.  If this is truly what you want to do, then please don’t breed before you die.  Yes, that IS harsh, but come on.  Let’s not be overly stupid here.

So, in short, put yourself first and think a bit before you do anything that you don’t have a super clear idea of how it is going to impact this or another lifetime.

I have dealt with multiple cases recently that all involved a teenage male and a female who liked to dabble, who thought she knew what she was doing and who is, unfortunately and ultimately, being lied to by her own personal demons feeding off her own personal wounds and insecurities.

Each of the girls carry their own issues and pain, yet each lacked the compassion for others that she wished was given to herself.  Each seeks to obtain “something” from others and does not really care about the ramifications – short or long term.  Each is willful and ignorant.  These are sad situations yet each has been easily rectified with a little education and redirection of attention.

The work is not yet completed – each of the males will have a few more roads to travel until they return to their “normal” state of being, but the illusion has hopefully been eliminated and maybe a little wisdom imparted to learn to think for themselves.

And, by the way, I have seen cases like this with both sexes being the predator.  It is not just young girls who do the manipulating – there are males as well.  So it is appropriate to teach this to both males and females of all ages, because it is never too late to learn to protect yourself and to put yourself first ahead of another’s desires.

Mother Earth Shifts – November 2018

I am going to repeat information mentioned in the earlier Shift Series articles so you don’t have to go re-read them. The Earth Mother is going through, has been going through, and in the next few years will continue to go through Energetic Shifts which move the Earth Mother’s energy frequency up the energetic spectrum.  It is a slow process and these Shifts happen for her energetic vibration and benefit.  For the humans residing with and on the Earth Mother, it is generally not a fun experience as we are also energetically shifted along with her and things we have repressed take this energy shifting to demand attention.  Now.

Each person holds within them many things they have repressed and which are now demanding attention.  A small list of these include outmoded and detrimental ideas, detritus and demons, wounds and issues, etc.

Why, you ask?  These situations are resting within your energy system – complacent to a degree because you have repressed them, refused to deal with them, until the point your conscious mind even forgets about them.  But that does not mean they have disappeared – not at all!  When the energy of the Shifts begin to enter your personal energy system, the energy triggers these repressed and forgotten issues and they start demanding your attention.

Sometimes your emotional state becomes chaotic; you may experience mood swings or feeling irrational and may even start to pick fights with people for unconscious reasons.  You may begin to experience physical disturbances anywhere from aches and pains to illnesses that lay you flat on your back.  Or all of the above combined.

Some people experience poor sleeping habits or even the ability to sleep for longer than an hour during this time.  Many people experience nightmares during the Earth Mother Shifts and sometimes what they experience are a replay of issues they repressed or thought they had healed in the past.

The depth of the degree to which these repressed wounds will try to attract your attention is often the result of a combination of two things – how much you are willing to listen to your body tell you something is amiss and how significant your High Self feels your “wake up call” needs to be.

Most people make runs to the doctor when they start to feel ill, or they run to their bathroom cabinet to pull out the allergy medicines or other aches and pains medicines to cover up the issues.  Please don’t.  The reason you may be feeling this way could be determined easily by a decent meditation where you communicate with your Guides, your High Self, or just your physical body.

When you determine that this experience is not just a World of Man issue, but is in fact spiritual in nature, you have many opportunities for healing and growth.  Meditation can be key to assisting you with this, but remember – if the wound is so significant and painful that you have repressed it all this time, you may resist giving it the full attention it needs or you may only partially heal it instead of fully.  This will impact your healing progress and you will need to return to it again – possibly multiple times.  And if the wound is significant enough that your High Self is trying to get you to heal it, it only follows that you honor yourself and your High Self by getting it done properly the first time.

Everything happens for a reason.  This is a Spiritual Truth.  Nothing is a coincidence because all is within the Creator’s Divine plan for you and if something happens it is because YOU need it to happen.  Yet, many of the things that happen to you from the age of a young child on up have been very unpleasant and no one wants to think they have been hurt or traumatized for a “reason” or that they ‘deserved it’ or ‘needed it’.  It takes a tremendous amount of internal courage to face this Truth and it take more courage to face your wounds and issues to release them, instead of letting them control your life, sometimes in incredibly ugly ways.

Courage does not just involve facing these situations.  Courage is needed to tap into the internal strength inside of you and is needed to release the web of lies you have told yourself and everyone else over the course of your life about these wounds.

Courage is releasing the conditioning that your family and society dumped on you and courage is stepping away from how you were “told” to act when your wound happened and courage is now needed to approach this healing more than ever.

This shift will be beneficial for you if you approach the next six or so weeks with the attitude that this experience is going to help you to release that works against your highest and best good and will help you embrace a more light-filled, happier, in- alignment-with-your-H&B-Good you.

During the next six to eight weeks, the energy and energetic pressure is going to be very intense for the Third Chakra and the Sixth Chakra Centers.  During this planetary shift, energy is going to be focused on these two chakra Centers to assist with release and growth in that area of the human energy system.

The Third Chakra is the center of our Personal Will, our resolve, our fortitude.  When this chakra is compromised, we are easily swayed and unable to fully live our truth.  We are able to be manipulated by others and will believe others and put faith in other’s instead of trusting ourselves or honoring our personal experiences and listening to our personal truth.

The Sixth Chakra houses our Gifts and Abilities, but it is also the place where we Recognize Truth.  This is where our inherent ability to recognize intention behind other’s thoughts and actions is housed and when the Sixth Chakra is compromised we buy into others’ lies and destructive actions and we turn away from caring for ourselves and putting our highest and best good first.

(If you want to learn more about the chakras, I am teaching a class in 2019.)

These chakras will not be developing new sub-chakras during this particular Shift, but a great deal of energy will be focused on these two Chakra Centers for the following reasons:

a) to bring forward issues preventing the proper functioning of the chakra, (detrimental blockages, detrimental energies, issues, and wounds to heal, etc.)

b) to supply energy to activate inactive sub-chakras,

c) to supply energy to open the activated sub-chakras.

This IS a lot of to take in during just six weeks, so yes, lots of things can happen to you.

A note about sub-chakras:  Those of us who have been here for many years may find that the sub-chakras are not activating easily.  This is not uncommon.  We each have many issues and wounds create blockages which prevent our sub-chakras opening.  Many times in our healing path our sub-chakras will reach the activation point only to be pushed back to non-active status.  The key with this time frame is that the energy necessary to fully open our sub-chakras is available to assist us, so getting our sub-chakras activated now is vital.

(I can help with clearing your chakras and activating your sub-chakras if you find it challenging.  More information on that service is here. )

Below is a meditative exercise to help you heal your chakras.  Be sure to turn the volume up as it is a quiet recording.)   

The Earth Mother Planetary Shifts are a complex process and these blog articles are really inadequate to explaining all the details and nuances of these Shifts and their effect upon the Human Energy System.  Please feel free to use the form below to email me with any questions you may have or schedule an Intro session with me if you feel you need assistance but you don’t know where to start.

Blessings to you!




Other People Can Make It Easier For You

This life is not meant to be easy – it is extremely complicated with many different layers.  Even the people you envy are not having an easy time of it. But you don’t see that.

We are each designed with aptitudes and abilities. When you look at environments where people struggle to survive, it always seems surprising that they do.

What happens if you are living in a place without trained medical personnel? You cope and sometimes you combine your knowledge and someone comes forward who understands what needs to be done. Are they trained by teachers and doctors? Not necessarily. But they have a gift for understanding healing processes.

The same is for those who environments lacking trained engineers and scientists and even musicians. Many countries around this world have survived for thousands of years because they were open to the idea that someone would know how to do what was needed.  You didn’t need a certificate – you just needed to be competent and know what to do.

The Truth in all of this is this – even those trained or intuitively-guided people with great aptitudes (that you don’t possess) STILL have a hard time in their life.

Their gifts and abilities don’t make it easier for THEM – their gifts and abilities make it easier for the people AROUND them.

So, the next time you want to wallow in your poo poo pile because your healing process is taking “too long” or someone else is “having it easier” or you have given up completely, realize this. As long as you keep trying, someone will come along who can help you, who has an answer for you, or who can teach you.

They may be one step ahead of you, but they are there to make your life a little bit easier for you. Because life is not meant to BE easy, but if you look really hard you may find someone who can make it a bit easier, for the moment.  When you understand and accept the Truth in this, then you can be that person for someone else.

Revoking An Energy Vampire’s Access to Your Energy

I recently did some work helping a client detach from an energy vampire who was attacking him at a distance and draining his energy.  One of the steps in the process was the reversal of unconscious permissions he had given to the energy vampire (his mother) to allow her access to his energy.   He did not realize he had given her permission unconsciously – she was his mother and she had not, as an adult, asked him for permission.

She is, among other things, a pernicious energy vampire, and it has only been in the last couple months that he came to understand how drained he was.  Only since he had begun to recuperate and restore his energy did he realize how she had been draining him regularly – as a vampire drains its victims of their own life source energy.

I have spoken at length about energy vampires in the past, both in writing, in classes, workshops, and in interviews.  I generally receive two kinds of responses from people in general – either disbelief or a response of “oh yes, I know one!”.

And out of the “oh yes” category, the vast majority dismiss the impact the energy vampire makes upon them because they are either a family member or a friend.  There are a very few who take this subject seriously and then they make the attempt to minimize their encounters with the energy vampire.  Most do NOT take it to the level it needs to be taken – eliminating this person from their lives after telling them why they are cutting them out of their life.

Which is pretty typical for most topics I teach – very few people want to take the necessary action when I speak about uncomfortable issues, even when they are living proof of what happens when they don’t.  I am not judging them, I am merely stating the obvious when I say they will continue to be drained until the point their survival instincts kick in. Then, once they recover enough, they will subject themselves back to the energy vampire’s touch.

Not because they are “mesmerized” by the energy vampire, but because they are too invested in what is considered “socially acceptable” behavior.  They would rather put themselves through suffering than confront someone’s antagonistic attacks.  There is another option if you feel that confronting someone is not your ‘style’.

You can revoke the permissions you have given – tacitly or clearly – to this individual to access your energy.  This means you will withdraw all permissions you have given to this person during your lifetime to suck you dry.  Maybe it is your mother, another family member, or a friend – or frenemy.  Everyone knows at least one energy vampire – the question is, are you prepared to protect yourself?

Take the time now to think about the people in your life – the people who leave you feeling drained of energy and spirit, those who you know only want to use you for something and then leave you in a sad state of being.  For each of those people, you will need to do a separate Revocation.

Revocations are rituals and rituals are the formalization of your intentions.  You don’t have to do it over a bonfire or in a room bathed in candlelight or wear certain clothing or burn specific incense.  You need to know whose privileges you want to revoke and then you need to do it.  The words need to be spoken – not read aloud. So, you may want to record yourself saying the below Revocation and then repeat the words out loud for the Highest Vibrational Effect.

Revoking Energy Vampire’s Access to Your Energy 

I hereby revoke NOW
the ability for (insert name)
and all energetic beings connected to (him/her)
to access my energy system
through any and all means
be it emotional, energetic, physical, distant, etheric, consciously, or unconsciously.

I revoke all access and permissions NOW!

I revoke all permissions given previously to this person
I cancel and burn all contracts and agreements which allow
this person any form of access to me
perission given consciously or unconsciously, knowingly or unknowingly.

I cancel and burn all agreements NOW!

I revoke any and all access given to (insert name)
via any and all roles and life lessons
I revoke all permissions given to him/her
that are or can be utilized by the Darkness attached to him/her

I revoke all access to the Darkness NOW!
I revoke all access to (insert name) NOW!
I revoke all access previously given NOW!

What is Hope?

Hope is the expression of Faith through Possibility.

Sounds complicated or nonsensical even, but Faith is the quality that guides Hope.  If you have no Faith, then you are not open to Spirit moving through your life.  You are not open to Spirit creating opportunities and shifts and incredible moments of change.  All of these are things that your High Self (Soul) will use to give you a kick in the ass to get to where you need to be.  Sometimes they are synchronicity in action, sometimes they are painful to go through.  But regardless of painful or blissful, they are what brings change to you.
Hope, the purest sense of Hope, is the belief that all things will work out “all right”.  Many times, people use their sense of Hope to project THEIR idea of what is “right” onto a situation and many times what they want to have happen does not.  But what they need to have happen does.
Hope allows us the opportunity to allow Faith to come into our darkness to bring moments of Shift to us.  And Shift is oh so important in our lives.  We NEED Shift.
Moments of synchronicity are one of the most common exclamations of Hope in our world.  Things just line up and go bing, bing, bang.  What we thought would be arduous is easy and what we thought would take months takes days.  Sometimes that synchronicity is to validate we are doing the correct thing.  Sometimes it is to help us understand that we are not alone.  Sometimes it is just a knock on the head to say “hey there”.
But as we know there is no such thing as coincidence and we know that synchronicity does not just “happen” – not with all the things we have attached to us and everyone around us.  It is more likely that Murphey’s Law will kick in and something will explode dramatically than synchronicity will take place.
It is each of ours responsibility to feel hope within ourselves, for no one can do it for us.  Sometimes, such as in my case, we are not raised with any idea of hope – the word means zero.  Sometimes hope is linked to prayers where you ask for fairy tales and miracles to come true and thus you are continually disappointed and your faith diminishes.
You are taught in religion that God Works In Mysterious Ways.  Usually when something terrible has happened to someone.  And they don’t have an answer for it…they don’t know how to answer the question to the paper thin idea of God they teach people and why that God would allow “bad things” to happen to “good people”.
Bad things happen because humans respond to negative things and pain.  They feel those things and they have an internal response and change happens.  Positive things don’t cause change.  Positive things reinforce where one is and that everything is great – people don’t want to change because they think they will lose the happy thing they have.  Thus, terrible things will happen.
A child’s death can be the most negative thing that can happen to a parent – regardless of whether the child is 3 or 30.  However, a death before the age of 5 seems to strike the average person more deeply than when someone dies at 30.  “They never got to live” – that is what they tell themselves.
BUT there is a reason for the death – death is the most significant change creator to humans that exists.  So once you pull back from complete grief, the action is to see how the death has affected you.  Instead of nullifying the pain, examine it.  Use the pain to create change in your life and move from there – hope in action.
That does seem an incredibly dramatic way to take something and view it positively – Hope.  But we are each the master of our destiny – and in truth that means we are each responsible for how we view things and thus how we then live our life as a result.
Some people never break the mold of their family’s influence, even though they are deeply unhappy.  Regardless of what their High Self throws at them – and in today’s environment, it is oh so easy to degenerate into drinking or drugs to numb away your pain and stop actively living.  Many different things exist today as a form of addiction that take people away from actively living, that allow them to hide away.
And the High Self will throw thing after thing at you – to get you to wake up, to get you to change who you are – until the day you pass on.  The High Self never gives up.
And Hope exists to help you identify that which can be changed.  It assist you with allowing change to take place in your life…even when the change that happens is not what you wanted it to be.
So when the minister or priest gets asked “why”, the correct answer (harsh answer) is because they need to learn something, they need to grow in some way and they left Spirit with no other way to act than something dramatic and painful.  Yes, this is so, so harsh, but sometimes people need the stick at the back of the head instead of the pat on the head.  So that is what they get.
Blessings in disguise, when a door closes a window opens, look for the rainbow after the storm…these are all expressions of Hope in the true form, yet people don’t get it.

Writing for My Students…

I was recently asked to write down some particulars regarding Demons.  There are a few tenets that exist within the entire Demon Class, but many demons have individual traits not shared by others and until one encounters each demon there are things that just cannot be shared.  There are millions of different classifications of the Dark and to limit one’s understanding to just a few seems negligent to me, as a teacher.

So, the task I was asked to complete was an unpleasant one for me, as often the teaching of this vocation is done in personal and is driven by the student’s gifts and abilities.  If I write things down, they are often then viewed as “sacred” or “sacrosanct” – which is often a huge inhibitor to the student’s learning process.  Each student must eventually switch to learning from me to my teacher to continue to learn and to be successful at this Work – and trust in oneself is incredibly important for this to be done successfully, not relying upon what someone wrote down.

I have little good opinion for those teachers who demand that students return to them instead of following their personal Guidance and Spirit Teachers.  It is the job of the teacher to set the student on the path – NOT to dictate the path for the student to take.  Lord knows my teachers don’t do that for me and they are always here for me, even when I plateau out.

So, every now and again on this site I will post some tidbits, shall we say, about demons here for my students and those in the future to review.  Not the encyclopedic version they would like, but some general information about specific demon classes that will be helpful to those in need.



Possession by Problem Children

Problem Children is the term I gave many years ago to discarnates (ghosts) of people who had died, yet did not complete the process and thus did not return to the Creator. All too many are terrified at what they will find when they finish the process as Christianity and a variety of other religions bank on the fear that they feed both the masses and the individuals.  That fear, in turn, sadly keeps them from returning to the Creator and reuniting with the unconditional Love that exists.

So we have all these people just wandering around, right?  Some go here, some go there. So what happens to them all?  Some never hurt or harm anyone ever.  They follow their family members around until those family members die off – yet they are never reunited because this is not the movie Ghost and opportunities don’t just pop up spontaneously.

But there are those who are destructive, vengeful, angry, petty, malevolent, etc.  They realize they no longer have any energy supplied to them and so they begin to feed of other living beings.  Some will surreptitiously feed off animals, children, or adults but others will actively attach themselves to the living to feed directly off their source energy.

We have talked about this before, in other articles.  But I am writing this one to stress an aspect of this that I did not articulate much about previously.  The effects of a problem child attaching to someone “permanently” can vary, but are usually somewhat consistent.

  1. Feeling drained of energy
  2. Experiencing uncertain emotions and/or unreasonable emotional imbalances
  3. Hearing thoughts inside your head that are not your thoughts
  4. Experiencing memories that are not your ownand ultimately:
  5. Being pushed into the back of your mind as another personality takes over your form.

#5 is not common.  Most of the time the problem child has drained the person for so long that they are sickly and weak – not a good buffet at all any more! – so the problem child willingly detaches and looks for another source of energy.

I have encountered the opposite as well – discarnates that attached but were overwhelmed by the personality they attached to that they lose themselves and who they were and begin to think that they are the person they were attached to.  When that happens, and the person eventually dies, there can be tons of chaos and confusion experienced by the discarnate as he/she has now “died” twice.

It is rare for possession through problem child to take place, but it can.  Shielding is the number one protection against this happening for the problem child is ultimately opportunistic and looks for those who are easy prey for they have little energy themselves to spare fighting to get through anyone’s protection.

They don’t fall exactly into the Detrimental Energy Beings classification, but in this particular context they are definitely detrimental.

Clearing with Joy

I was recently asked what I like to do for fun.  As do most people, there are multiple things I like to do for fun and just as with others, not everyone would find what I like to do “fun”.  We are each individuals who enjoy different things.

When I was growing up, back in the dinausaur ages of television, I had maybe 5 channels from which to choose programs to watch.  It was indeed a simpler time.  Growing up in the northern part of the US with, on average, snow and cold from November through April made television an important impact on a young child’s life.

When I was about 7 years old, my mother heard me laughing in the living room.  She came in to see what I was carrying on about and saw that I was watching the Night of The Living Dead – the 1968 Romero masterpiece.  She was quite concerned I would have nightmares yet I laughed at her.  Zombies were not real, I told her, besides she didn’t even believe me about the people who would stand in my closet at night and stare at me. Zombies are no where near as scary as that.

She did not understand me then, and I don’t think she really ever did up until she passed. It’s ok – it took me a long time to understand her conditional love and longer yet to understand how her psyche worked. Now, it just is.

But it gives me pause when I speak to others in casual public environments about what I find fun.  To my students and clients I have no reservations – they understand who I am when they come to me.  But to outsiders there is always the chance that they will not have been trained on how to respond to others appropriately in public environments as I was.  LOL  And when people make scenes it is really just unnecessary drama, so I have to be circumspect in deciding with whom I share personal details.

When your work is fun, that is always a bonus.  And as I share with my students, if you are having fun, if you are filled with joy, then you know you are on the correct Path for you.  For me, my greatest fun comes from working on possession cases and on heavily “polluted” environments.

Possession is a challenge, but it fills me with Joy and Light.  I was made to overcome that which is evil by nature and I make no apology for it.  I am just circumspect.  And when I get the opportunity to clear places of DEBs, that too is fun for me.  I would rather clear space any day than sit in front of a movie that is trying to manipulate the way I think and feel.

Do I do “normal” things for fun?  Sure.  But when I rate what I do for fun, I would rate going to a cemetery and clearing out those hanging around highly, whereas going to a party with strangers lowly.  When I do have to attend those events I choose to clear the space and then examine those around me for what is attached to them.  I make my fun wherever I go, to be honest.

This is how I recognize those who are living their Path.  They LIVE it – it is not just a mantle they throw on for a few hours daily or weekly.  They live it and it shows.

Ghosts – an all to common companion

I recently did a clearing on the home of a Reiki student of mine.  She lives in the Chicago area in an older home that she has remodeled beautifully.  Before she met me, she had brought in several mediums who had confirmed that there was something in the basement.  One had apparently even refused to go into the basement.  LOL Apparently while she could sense something was down there, it freaked her out and so she left.  She obviously lacked the skills/tools to do any form of clearing work.

This is a typical scenario for me.  I hear from one person or another that they know someone “gifted” who confirms they are not crazy (yeah!) but ultimately NOTHING is done to clear the environment.  Let me share a secret.  There are TONS of people who are authentically sensitive, whether they call themselves a Medium or a Sensitive an Intuitive or whatever.  Just because someone is capable of receiving an energetic impression does NOT mean they have the skills to do exorcist work and the vast, vast majority of people do not have the wherewithal to do it and should stay far, far away from that which they don’t understand.

I may have to write an article one day on the number of mediums who have come to me to be cleared/released of ‘stuff’ they picked up because their ego’s told them they could do the work I do.  sniff

Some people think it is cool to have a ghost in the house.  Some people refuse to believe that any exist at all and there is just a scientific/real world explanation behind it all. That’s all great – whatever floats your boat to keep you sane.  That said, I would like to put out there a different perspective for you to consider.

Discarnates – or ghosts, if you will – were once people.  These now-energetic presences were once living humans who were born and who died, who had families and friends and possibly even pets.  They cared for at least one person in their lifetime and some even cared so deeply that they mistakenly refused to shift when they themselves died because they were so fearful to not be with that person. Others still present were just afraid to go on because they had only been taught punishment was waiting for them.

For whatever reason, and believe me I have been told MANY, the individual passing refuses to return to whence they came and then what happens?  There are very, very few who are actually tied to a location.  Some choose to stay with their loved ones, but they don’t get to depart with them why those individuals pass on.  And then what?

The sad truth is, there are few options available to discarnates.  Most just start to fall into a state of somnolence and just exist.  One of my favorite things to do is to go to cemeteries and wake them up and then open the Gate and let them return to where they belong.  Sometimes, I ask for their loved ones to come to the opening so they can see it is ok for them to move on.  Many times I have sat with tears on my face watching them cross over, experiencing their happiness at their steps to return to completeness.

This, unfortunately, is the happy day scenario.  They come to me, I get them processed, and they move on.  I am only one person and can only cover so much of the world map at one time.  Even so, while I have processed hundreds of thousands of individuals around the planet, our plane of existence has many more than that still trapped here by their own decision.

So what does that have to do with the average person?  More people than will acknowledge have had some form of contact with a discarnate.  Sometimes they know someone who had some experience they cannot explain.  Sometimes they ‘think’ they know what the situation is (grandma is in the rocking chair, so no one uses it) when really, they don’t know who is using the rocking chair.

For the purpose of this blog, I am talking strictly of discarnates and not detrimental energy beings (who can also make things rock).

Discarnates are not tied to where they died, though some may linger in the location for a while.  If this were the cases, no one would walk through a hospital or a war zone without feeling incredibly creeped out.  The energy would be so thick with these spiritual presences that it would be like moving through jello.

There is a second type of discarnate I will talk about more, which people encounter more than they realize.  This discarnate is what I call the problem child.  Remember I said that most discarnates eventually fall into a state of somnolence?  There are 15-20% of discarnates that do not fall into this state of being.  They stay aware of who they were for at least a while, but that eventually disintegrates because of their actions.

This percentage of discarnates stays aware because of one reason alone – they feed off living humans.  They do this through 2 methods:

  1. They locate someone “attractive” energetically to them and attack them regularly. When they attack, the human has an energetic reaction and they then feed off that energy.
  2. Method too is a bit more insidious.  Again, they locate someone “attractive” energetically but instead of scaring them to feed they attach themselves to the individual and draw their energy directly from the person.

Both of these methods are harmful to the human.  When I encounter these situations, I have to clear the discarnate before I can process them through.  A slightly time-consuming process, but they will not be allowed to move onward tainted by their actions as they are.  Once cleansed, then they are easily shifted.

But what about the human?  What kinds of things does the human experience through this “feeding”?  Even when the human is unaware of these attacks, whether you want to classify them as psychic or spiritual or energetic, they still have a real-world, physical reaction.

Sometimes that reaction is constant exhaustion.  It’s no fun to have your energy drained and thus when it is, you have no energy for yourself – so yes, you will be tired, sometimes extraordinarily so.  From this state, many fall into ill-health and depending upon their actions can pass onwards themselves.

Sometimes the effects are more subtle on the person but are noticed by those in their life. They may start to experience personality changes, behavioral pattern changes, or even emotional stability changes.  They may experience rage and anger, depression or overwhelming sadness, and even start to contemplate suicide.  For the vast majority, their upbringing will allow the only recourse of running to the doctor for a prescription for a pill that will fix the situation.  In my experience, the pill is ineffective and indeed, will not stop the voices they hear nor will it stop the urges they feel to kill themselves.

I apologize if this seems a harsh thing to say, and I certainly have no intention of saying that every suicide was preventable “if only” someone had contacted an exorcist.  What I am saying is that by considering a different viewpoint, a different reality other than one’s “normal”, you may be able to allow a change to take place for the better, instead of for the worse.

Discarnates do not feel remorse for their actions – these are actions they are deliberately taking because they see it as a way of survival for themselves.  If the human falls ill (old or young, male or female) they will continue their actions until the point they find someone new to feed off.  Then, there they go and the cycle repeats ad infinitum until I, or someone like me, is brought in to send them on their way.

Our reality is not like Hollywood.  These spiritual presences are not going to have a second salvation as in “Ghost” or “The 6th Sense” where a light appears spontaneously or they mysteriously fade away once their problem is solved.  Because there is no problem to be solved for them to move on.  They just need to be helped in a tangible way for their state of being.

Now, I know this is going to make MANY wanna be ghost watchers and book writers gnash their teeth at me, but I have been dealing with discarnates since I was five years old.  They may tell you bits and pieces of their life, but they don’t hang on looking for that ‘special person’ to come along and finish their quest or bring their murderer to justice. Most are just confused and don’t even remember who they were and are just thankful to find me.

And quite frankly, I have dealt with a large number of ghost ‘busters’ over the years who become quite irate with me over the fact that I cleanse spaces of detrimental beings – including ghosts – because they feel I am stealing their opportunity for 15 minutes of fame away from them.

Well, grow TFU buttercup.  This ghost was a person – as I said above a living, loving human being and not just an ‘opportunity’ for you.  I respect all living beings rights – physical or energetic – and just because you don’t really believe they were human or believe that they have any rights does not mean your actions are right or proper.

I take some small delight in the fact that I have cleared locations and spaces of discarnates when I have had encounters with ugly people who feel it is their right to merchandise said energetic presence/s.

Just to beat it to a fine point, think of someone you love who has passed on.  Maybe it is a grandparent or a friend who died in a tragic accident or someone who developed cancer or another disease and fought a losing battle.  Think of this person and ask yourself – if they were standing in front of you right now and you had to justify making money off of their dead body and/or presence what would you say?

Yes – what would you say to them?  How would you justify the self-serving actions of prostituting them out to others for money?  Could you?

Well, I cannot and so I take the side of what I see as ethically and morally correct and I protect them and serve their Highest and Best Good by clearing them and shifting them onwards so they return to where they came.  There is a specific process, it works 100% of the time, and no, it is not just telling them to ‘go into the Light’ because that is not going to happen on its own, thank you very much.

I was designed to do this Spiritual Work and when I do this Work I am filled with Joy and so I continue to do this Work every day.  Sometimes it is for clients, sometimes for friends or family, and sometimes it is for the Planet because every time discarnates are shifted onwards or detrimental energy beings are cleansed the vibration of the planet is raised by a teensy tiny amount.  And lord knows, living here is hard enough that we can use all those teensy tiny amounts to make this plane a better place to live.

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Basics Everyone Should Know About “Hauntings” – #1

I am known by my students, clients, friends, and family to be a blunt speaking individual. While I make every attempt to be kind in my personal life, in my professional life kindness is not appropriate.  Please do not misunderstand me – I want to hear your story and I want to understand why you have come to me, but I do not have time for you to tell me my business and/or correct me when I am trying to explain something to you. Time is always of the essence in this line of work.

It always amazes me the number of individuals who come to me for assistance who then turn around and try to tell me my business.  They have no valid information whatsoever other than what they have seen in a movie or heard from a friend who saw it in a movie or read it online or some other most likely nonsensical place.  The internet is a source of both information and ignorance and it really is important to understand the difference if you want to make it through life relatively unscathed.

So, just as a head’s up for some people who keep telling me what’s what, here are some basics everyone should know.  I will elaborate further in the future.

  1. Just because you think you are haunted does not mean you actually have ghosts within your environment.
  2. Detrimental Energy Beings (DEBs) come in many shapes, forms, and sizes.
  3. DEBS do not need your permission to attach to you.
  4. DEBs do not need your permission to enter your house.  Vampires are a made up story and if they existed probably would not care about your permission either.
  5. DEBs do not need your permission to attack you or your children or your pets.
  6. DEBs will not leave just because you spray holy water around a room.  That will only make your things wet.
  7. Waving a cross will not make DEBs or ghosts go away.  It is an object and objects have no inherent power over anything energetic.
  8. DEBs will not leave because you read something you found on the internet at them three times.  That is nonsense and only makes you look silly when you shriek that out.
  9. 99.999% of ghosts are not trapped where they died.
  10. Ghosts will not “go into the light” just because you tell them to.  That’s just silly.
  11. Mediums are conduits for communication – the vast majority of them do not know how to make an environment safe for people.
  12. Not everyone who says they are an exorcist or a shaman on the internet really knows what they are doing.  Do your research – buyer beware!
  13. Just because someone’s grandma could see the dead or hear the dead does not mean that they themselves have the needed knowledge base comparable to tending a true haunting or a possession situation.  Please stick with the valid experts so no one really gets hurt.
  14. Just because someone has a tv show does not mean they are compentent, knowledgeable, or effective – or even knows how to tell the truth.  Please brush up your skills of observation to understand the difference between entertainment and professional skills.
  15. The professional exorcist does not dress like a dragged out gypsy.  We are professionals and professionalsim requires us to be discrete in all ways as our clients don’t exactly what a billboard advertisement regarding who visits them.

Yes, I know you had an experience and for many, the experience is actually many incidents over a period of time which have scared you.  I am not here to scare you.  This is why I am not going to give you a master’s thesis on what is going on in your situation nor am I going to teach you about how to take care of it.  When I take on a client, I eliminate what is bothering the client and make their space habitable again.  I will give you some after-care instructions for you to continue to keep your space positive but it is not the end-all of solutions.

I was born to do this work.  Many people like to say that, or they say they were drawn to the work, but the truth is there are very few of us who are born to this work much less effective at this work and many, many more wanna be’s who actually make the situation worse.

Please be careful in making your choices.  Everything you do is an opportunity for both the Light and the Darkness and you are entirely responsible for every choice you make in your life.

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