Mother Earth Shifts – November 2018

I am going to repeat information mentioned in the earlier Shift Series articles so you don’t have to go re-read them. The Earth Mother is going through, has been going through, and in the next few years will continue to go through Energetic Shifts which move the Earth Mother’s energy frequency up the energetic spectrum.  It is a slow process and these Shifts happen for her energetic vibration and benefit.  For the humans residing with and on the Earth Mother, it is generally not a fun experience as we are also energetically shifted along with her and things we have repressed take this energy shifting to demand attention.  Now.

Each person holds within them many things they have repressed and which are now demanding attention.  A small list of these include outmoded and detrimental ideas, detritus and demons, wounds and issues, etc.

Why, you ask?  These situations are resting within your energy system – complacent to a degree because you have repressed them, refused to deal with them, until the point your conscious mind even forgets about them.  But that does not mean they have disappeared – not at all!  When the energy of the Shifts begin to enter your personal energy system, the energy triggers these repressed and forgotten issues and they start demanding your attention.

Sometimes your emotional state becomes chaotic; you may experience mood swings or feeling irrational and may even start to pick fights with people for unconscious reasons.  You may begin to experience physical disturbances anywhere from aches and pains to illnesses that lay you flat on your back.  Or all of the above combined.

Some people experience poor sleeping habits or even the ability to sleep for longer than an hour during this time.  Many people experience nightmares during the Earth Mother Shifts and sometimes what they experience are a replay of issues they repressed or thought they had healed in the past.

The depth of the degree to which these repressed wounds will try to attract your attention is often the result of a combination of two things – how much you are willing to listen to your body tell you something is amiss and how significant your High Self feels your “wake up call” needs to be.

Most people make runs to the doctor when they start to feel ill, or they run to their bathroom cabinet to pull out the allergy medicines or other aches and pains medicines to cover up the issues.  Please don’t.  The reason you may be feeling this way could be determined easily by a decent meditation where you communicate with your Guides, your High Self, or just your physical body.

When you determine that this experience is not just a World of Man issue, but is in fact spiritual in nature, you have many opportunities for healing and growth.  Meditation can be key to assisting you with this, but remember – if the wound is so significant and painful that you have repressed it all this time, you may resist giving it the full attention it needs or you may only partially heal it instead of fully.  This will impact your healing progress and you will need to return to it again – possibly multiple times.  And if the wound is significant enough that your High Self is trying to get you to heal it, it only follows that you honor yourself and your High Self by getting it done properly the first time.

Everything happens for a reason.  This is a Spiritual Truth.  Nothing is a coincidence because all is within the Creator’s Divine plan for you and if something happens it is because YOU need it to happen.  Yet, many of the things that happen to you from the age of a young child on up have been very unpleasant and no one wants to think they have been hurt or traumatized for a “reason” or that they ‘deserved it’ or ‘needed it’.  It takes a tremendous amount of internal courage to face this Truth and it take more courage to face your wounds and issues to release them, instead of letting them control your life, sometimes in incredibly ugly ways.

Courage does not just involve facing these situations.  Courage is needed to tap into the internal strength inside of you and is needed to release the web of lies you have told yourself and everyone else over the course of your life about these wounds.

Courage is releasing the conditioning that your family and society dumped on you and courage is stepping away from how you were “told” to act when your wound happened and courage is now needed to approach this healing more than ever.

This shift will be beneficial for you if you approach the next six or so weeks with the attitude that this experience is going to help you to release that works against your highest and best good and will help you embrace a more light-filled, happier, in- alignment-with-your-H&B-Good you.

During the next six to eight weeks, the energy and energetic pressure is going to be very intense for the Third Chakra and the Sixth Chakra Centers.  During this planetary shift, energy is going to be focused on these two chakra Centers to assist with release and growth in that area of the human energy system.

The Third Chakra is the center of our Personal Will, our resolve, our fortitude.  When this chakra is compromised, we are easily swayed and unable to fully live our truth.  We are able to be manipulated by others and will believe others and put faith in other’s instead of trusting ourselves or honoring our personal experiences and listening to our personal truth.

The Sixth Chakra houses our Gifts and Abilities, but it is also the place where we Recognize Truth.  This is where our inherent ability to recognize intention behind other’s thoughts and actions is housed and when the Sixth Chakra is compromised we buy into others’ lies and destructive actions and we turn away from caring for ourselves and putting our highest and best good first.

(If you want to learn more about the chakras, I am teaching a class in 2019.)

These chakras will not be developing new sub-chakras during this particular Shift, but a great deal of energy will be focused on these two Chakra Centers for the following reasons:

a) to bring forward issues preventing the proper functioning of the chakra, (detrimental blockages, detrimental energies, issues, and wounds to heal, etc.)

b) to supply energy to activate inactive sub-chakras,

c) to supply energy to open the activated sub-chakras.

This IS a lot of to take in during just six weeks, so yes, lots of things can happen to you.

A note about sub-chakras:  Those of us who have been here for many years may find that the sub-chakras are not activating easily.  This is not uncommon.  We each have many issues and wounds create blockages which prevent our sub-chakras opening.  Many times in our healing path our sub-chakras will reach the activation point only to be pushed back to non-active status.  The key with this time frame is that the energy necessary to fully open our sub-chakras is available to assist us, so getting our sub-chakras activated now is vital.

(I can help with clearing your chakras and activating your sub-chakras if you find it challenging.  More information on that service is here. )

Below is a meditative exercise to help you heal your chakras.  Be sure to turn the volume up as it is a quiet recording.)   

The Earth Mother Planetary Shifts are a complex process and these blog articles are really inadequate to explaining all the details and nuances of these Shifts and their effect upon the Human Energy System.  Please feel free to use the form below to email me with any questions you may have or schedule an Intro session with me if you feel you need assistance but you don’t know where to start.

Blessings to you!




Other People Can Make It Easier For You

This life is not meant to be easy – it is extremely complicated with many different layers.  Even the people you envy are not having an easy time of it. But you don’t see that.

We are each designed with aptitudes and abilities. When you look at environments where people struggle to survive, it always seems surprising that they do.

What happens if you are living in a place without trained medical personnel? You cope and sometimes you combine your knowledge and someone comes forward who understands what needs to be done. Are they trained by teachers and doctors? Not necessarily. But they have a gift for understanding healing processes.

The same is for those who environments lacking trained engineers and scientists and even musicians. Many countries around this world have survived for thousands of years because they were open to the idea that someone would know how to do what was needed.  You didn’t need a certificate – you just needed to be competent and know what to do.

The Truth in all of this is this – even those trained or intuitively-guided people with great aptitudes (that you don’t possess) STILL have a hard time in their life.

Their gifts and abilities don’t make it easier for THEM – their gifts and abilities make it easier for the people AROUND them.

So, the next time you want to wallow in your poo poo pile because your healing process is taking “too long” or someone else is “having it easier” or you have given up completely, realize this. As long as you keep trying, someone will come along who can help you, who has an answer for you, or who can teach you.

They may be one step ahead of you, but they are there to make your life a little bit easier for you. Because life is not meant to BE easy, but if you look really hard you may find someone who can make it a bit easier, for the moment.  When you understand and accept the Truth in this, then you can be that person for someone else.

Revoking An Energy Vampire’s Access to Your Energy

I recently did some work helping a client detach from an energy vampire who was attacking him at a distance and draining his energy.  One of the steps in the process was the reversal of unconscious permissions he had given to the energy vampire (his mother) to allow her access to his energy.   He did not realize he had given her permission unconsciously – she was his mother and she had not, as an adult, asked him for permission.

She is, among other things, a pernicious energy vampire, and it has only been in the last couple months that he came to understand how drained he was.  Only since he had begun to recuperate and restore his energy did he realize how she had been draining him regularly – as a vampire drains its victims of their own life source energy.

I have spoken at length about energy vampires in the past, both in writing, in classes, workshops, and in interviews.  I generally receive two kinds of responses from people in general – either disbelief or a response of “oh yes, I know one!”.

And out of the “oh yes” category, the vast majority dismiss the impact the energy vampire makes upon them because they are either a family member or a friend.  There are a very few who take this subject seriously and then they make the attempt to minimize their encounters with the energy vampire.  Most do NOT take it to the level it needs to be taken – eliminating this person from their lives after telling them why they are cutting them out of their life.

Which is pretty typical for most topics I teach – very few people want to take the necessary action when I speak about uncomfortable issues, even when they are living proof of what happens when they don’t.  I am not judging them, I am merely stating the obvious when I say they will continue to be drained until the point their survival instincts kick in. Then, once they recover enough, they will subject themselves back to the energy vampire’s touch.

Not because they are “mesmerized” by the energy vampire, but because they are too invested in what is considered “socially acceptable” behavior.  They would rather put themselves through suffering than confront someone’s antagonistic attacks.  There is another option if you feel that confronting someone is not your ‘style’.

You can revoke the permissions you have given – tacitly or clearly – to this individual to access your energy.  This means you will withdraw all permissions you have given to this person during your lifetime to suck you dry.  Maybe it is your mother, another family member, or a friend – or frenemy.  Everyone knows at least one energy vampire – the question is, are you prepared to protect yourself?

Take the time now to think about the people in your life – the people who leave you feeling drained of energy and spirit, those who you know only want to use you for something and then leave you in a sad state of being.  For each of those people, you will need to do a separate Revocation.

Revocations are rituals and rituals are the formalization of your intentions.  You don’t have to do it over a bonfire or in a room bathed in candlelight or wear certain clothing or burn specific incense.  You need to know whose privileges you want to revoke and then you need to do it.  The words need to be spoken – not read aloud. So, you may want to record yourself saying the below Revocation and then repeat the words out loud for the Highest Vibrational Effect.

Revoking Energy Vampire’s Access to Your Energy 

I hereby revoke NOW
the ability for (insert name)
and all energetic beings connected to (him/her)
to access my energy system
through any and all means
be it emotional, energetic, physical, distant, etheric, consciously, or unconsciously.

I revoke all access and permissions NOW!

I revoke all permissions given previously to this person
I cancel and burn all contracts and agreements which allow
this person any form of access to me
perission given consciously or unconsciously, knowingly or unknowingly.

I cancel and burn all agreements NOW!

I revoke any and all access given to (insert name)
via any and all roles and life lessons
I revoke all permissions given to him/her
that are or can be utilized by the Darkness attached to him/her

I revoke all access to the Darkness NOW!
I revoke all access to (insert name) NOW!
I revoke all access previously given NOW!

Possession by Problem Children

Problem Children is the term I gave many years ago to discarnates (ghosts) of people who had died, yet did not complete the process and thus did not return to the Creator. All too many are terrified at what they will find when they finish the process as Christianity and a variety of other religions bank on the fear that they feed both the masses and the individuals.  That fear, in turn, sadly keeps them from returning to the Creator and reuniting with the unconditional Love that exists.

So we have all these people just wandering around, right?  Some go here, some go there. So what happens to them all?  Some never hurt or harm anyone ever.  They follow their family members around until those family members die off – yet they are never reunited because this is not the movie Ghost and opportunities don’t just pop up spontaneously.

But there are those who are destructive, vengeful, angry, petty, malevolent, etc.  They realize they no longer have any energy supplied to them and so they begin to feed of other living beings.  Some will surreptitiously feed off animals, children, or adults but others will actively attach themselves to the living to feed directly off their source energy.

We have talked about this before, in other articles.  But I am writing this one to stress an aspect of this that I did not articulate much about previously.  The effects of a problem child attaching to someone “permanently” can vary, but are usually somewhat consistent.

  1. Feeling drained of energy
  2. Experiencing uncertain emotions and/or unreasonable emotional imbalances
  3. Hearing thoughts inside your head that are not your thoughts
  4. Experiencing memories that are not your ownand ultimately:
  5. Being pushed into the back of your mind as another personality takes over your form.

#5 is not common.  Most of the time the problem child has drained the person for so long that they are sickly and weak – not a good buffet at all any more! – so the problem child willingly detaches and looks for another source of energy.

I have encountered the opposite as well – discarnates that attached but were overwhelmed by the personality they attached to that they lose themselves and who they were and begin to think that they are the person they were attached to.  When that happens, and the person eventually dies, there can be tons of chaos and confusion experienced by the discarnate as he/she has now “died” twice.

It is rare for possession through problem child to take place, but it can.  Shielding is the number one protection against this happening for the problem child is ultimately opportunistic and looks for those who are easy prey for they have little energy themselves to spare fighting to get through anyone’s protection.

They don’t fall exactly into the Detrimental Energy Beings classification, but in this particular context they are definitely detrimental.

Exorcism Needed, but Fear Remains

I am not sure what it is that scares people more – knowing that something wrong is going on in their life or reaching out to ask for help with it.  Recently I have encountered two different individuals who, upon discussion, really needed my help.  I was available for a discussion, but after they broached the subject quickly backed out – it was fine, everything was fine, they changed their mind, it’s all good.

In cases like this, I don’t press people.  You truly have to be ready to give your permission for this work to take place.  You can say ‘yes’ but think ‘no’ and then my hands are tied.  When the situation involves an outside location that is not owned by anyone in particular, that’s easy.  I can do what I need to do without repercussions.

At the beginning of summer, my younger child noticed an ad for a house for sale that was heavily promoted as haunted.  This is unusual as that usually dampens the ardor for old houses.  We went over and viewed the house from the street and knew right away that it was not haunted.  The house had a number of things going on, from a tainted energy well to several mid to high level demons feeding off the well, to just a number of random low level detritus lurking, but there were no discarnates – no ghosts – around.

This place was, in a word, a mess.  These kinds of situations are easy peasy for me to fix, but the true concern was that the realtor had already posted an update that some people who were “amateur ghost busters” were already in the process of purchasing the house without having seen it.

I have met many “amateur” and many “professional” ghost busters and mediums who think they know how to do what I do.  And they don’t.  I am not bragging when I say I was born to do this – for I was designed for this work very specifically.  I don’t have many talents in this world, but I have never met anyone who can do what I do.  And I have a number of shamans who refer out to me, so path of spirituality does not mean anything.

So what to do?  The house looked as if it had been foreclosed upon, the realtor obviously just wanted to dump it as fast as possible, and anyone who actually walked onto the property were going to be munched up faster than an unsupervised child eating chocolate.

My ethical process is usually very black and white, and this time it did not fail.  I pulled up to the curb, parked my vehicle, and cleared the space as thoroughly as I could.  I cleared the tainted well, transmuted out the demons and rounded up the detritus and raised the vibration of the space so that anyone who goes onto the property won’t end up possessed immediately.

More than that, I could not do without proper authorization from the realtor.  I can go into environments and clear situations to save people from that which they don’t understand, but I cannot save them from themselves and their own choices made in fear or ignorance.

Which leads me back to the day’s sadness.  I would have liked to talk with Nikki more, to find out about her grandfather and his situation and see if I could help bring him peace. I enjoy helping people whenever I can and usually will do all I can for whatever price is fair.  It is not about money to me, nor is it about fame for I am incredibly discreet.  For me, this is my path, this is my life of Service, and I do what I can, when I can, wherever I can, for whomever I can.

Regardless of what Hollywood likes to promote, this line of Work is not financially prosperous.  Many people who are drawn to it are drawn to the Hollywood version of ghosts, such as The Sixth Sense, where they will help someone save the day, rectify the wrong, and then will be able to sell the story and make lots of money because they were in the right place at the right time.

I have dozens and dozens of stories.  I don’t sell them, I share them briefly as needed with the individuals who hired me, and when I am done I am not just sending “something” off to the Light.  It’s gone.  It won’t come back and whatever drew it to you or your place is going to be fixed to not have that happen again.

So Nikki, email me.  Let me help your grandfather so the end of his time here is peaceful and not beleaguered.   Let’s make your last memories of him happy and leave you at peace as well.

©2017 Julia Knickerbocker ALL RIGHTS RESERVED

The Joy of Being an Exorcist

I just completed teaching a Reiki 1 course this last weekend and it is one of the joy’s I get to experience in my life path.  I am fortunate that I have multiple ways to help individuals release, heal, and grow during their lifetime and while it is hard for others to see, my gifts and my paths are intertwined with doing that while developing along my own spiritual path.

The work I do with Michael, whether you want to label me an exorcist or any other word, is exciting and fulfilling for me.  When I encounter those who do not have any experience with this line of reality they always follow the same process towards acceptance of this aspect of my life.  Or, there is that percentage of people who do not accept it and then they fall within one of two camps.

I do not hide what I do within the circles I frequent – it is a part of me and I cannot deny it any more than the average person can deny the color of their eyes.  I don’t flaunt it because I am sensitive to others’ discomfort, and when people do reach a point of rationalizing it in their minds they usually ask questions, ranging from intriguing to outright ridiculous.

My greatest enmity has and continues to be “reality” shows and Hollywood that purport to put out valid and credible information regarding ghosts, hauntings, demons, and possessions.  The second is people who have no hesitation to use their children and/or loved ones in dangerous situations so they can attempt to garner their 15 minutes of fame because they are either too stupid or too selfish to understand the true danger these individuals could experience if there are demons or discarnates present.

The third are religions that have no knowledge based upon reality yet seem to think they are the authorities of the matter because over the centuries the valid ones who did were eliminated by said religious organizations.

I am the type of teacher who loves to have interactions with my students during the class period.  PLEASE ask your questions when you have them, I tell every class, because then not only do I know you are listening but you are also then relating the information I am sharing with you to your own life.

I was designed a particular way, with particular spiritual/psychic gifts, and with a particular personality.  I am not scared when someone is experiencing a full body possession; I am not scared by creepy noises or lights going on and off by themselves.  I live for those moments because they are fun to me; in the beginning they would challenge my abilities and I would grow.  Now, while they don’t challenge me as they did, they are still fulfilling because that is my path in life.

So – for the questioners out there, email me.  I don’t shame anyone for their questions and for those out there who are afraid, email me.  I will help everyone and anyone as best able.  I would rather people contact me directly instead of reaching out to the local paranormal pretender so that I can give valid advice on steps to take instead of you getting hurt by someone stupid telling you to do something stupid.

Stupid, yes.  Not ignorant but stupid – someone who displays a great lack of intelligence or common sense, and in this case that lack is regarding demons and discarnates and their abilities.  The reality I live in is not Hollywood, it is not a place where you can yell “cut” and someone can rush in and make a change or shift their body and then you continue to play act.  I deal with real lives and I help real people get through traumatic experiences in their lives.

But if you set up a situation because you wanted attention and now your child is paying the price for it, I will bitch slap you upside the back of your head.  Just saying…

©2017 Julia Knickerbocker ALL RIGHTS RESERVED

The People in the Closet

When I reached the age of 5, my mother would pull my curtains closed, make sure all the lights were off, and as soon as I had settled into bed with whatever snack she deemed appropriate (carrots, celery, etc.) designed to keep me quiet for a little while, she would shut the door to, leaving a tiny crack where I could hear their voices chatting and laughing or the sound of the TV playing in the background.  Little light filtered its way through the turn of the hallway into the bedroom I shared with my older sisters and I remember often feeling sad and hurt, from being disposed of in such a manner.

I don’t remember the exact date when I started knowing they were there, but I know I was between 5 and 6 years old.  I remember the bedrooms so clearly; my father custom built our home over the years and the bedrooms were large with large, double deep closets.  One night it started; my closets filled up with people who were all staring at me.  I would feel them and see them in my mind when I closed my eyes.  I knew they were longing for something, but I was unaware of what they were wanting. They were not disfigured or horrifically wounded, rather they were just perfectly normal – except they were all staring at me, crammed into the closets.  Some nights there would only be about 20 but other nights it seemed as if there were a great many more.  Some nights they would just stand in the closet, but on other nights one or two would creep around to kneel at my bedside with their head level to mine and just stare at me.  I was always careful to be fully covered by the blankets for I was afraid of what would happen if I they reached out to touch me.

Eventually, I would yell for my mother to come into the room.  I would babble that the people in the closet were staring at me and would not stop and she would just stare at me. Most nights she would check the curtains were pulled tight (they always were) and say that I was silly and that it was just the light from the kitchen causing the handles on the closets to twinkle, so she would then shut the door completely so I was surrounded by darkness.

This routine continued until I was around 7 years old – I stopped noticing them at that point, but now I know I blocked them out of my vision.Archangel Michael explained to me during one conversation that even as a small child my connection to him vibrated strongly into the ether, so discarnates (dead people) would flock to me hoping that I would be able to help them leave this plane of existence.  As an adult that provided some small amount of comfort that they were not just trying to tortured me by standing and staring at me all night.

In 2001, I discovered my elder daughter at 9 years of age tying things around her closet door knobs to keep them shut, and realized that like me they also could see dead people. At that point I began to teach my children to protect themselves, but that soon grew to teaching others who also could see and feel them.

2003 Julia Knickerbocker (Hanline) ALL RIGHTS RESERVED

The Paranormal, Hauntings, Possessions, and Other Things

It is inevitable that either my students or clients ask me about various hauntings I have dealt with over the years.  I have had some amazing adventures throughout my life and I do hate to think that I have not yet written about some of them.  Some of them were excellent learning opportunities and some of them were merely annoyances, but overall I think dealing with “haunted” environments is my favorite thing to do, with the exception of full body possessions – those are my absolute favorite thing.

For many years I have joked (well, not joked really) that if I ever won a ridiculous amount of money in a lottery or some such game that I would find an old asylum somewhere to document, clear, and then fix up – maybe as a retreat or a hotel or something…which I would then hire someone to run for me while I went off to find the next fun place to clear.  I have received pretty much the same statement from my children and several students, “What?  Are you crazy?” and the answer is simply that I love a valid haunted house/environment.  Too many times over the years I have been disappointed many times when a place purported to be haunted really was not.  C’est la vie!

The pages attached to this page are going to be information along with stories of my adventures dealing with hauntings and possessions and other things that go bump in the night.  I would like to caution you though – this is not Hollywood, so some people might find the stories a bit boring and definitely with a LOT less blood shed!  Such is real life. Now and then I read some of my peers’ notes and stories and I have to laugh at the drama presented.  Some of their stories sound as if they are trying to pitch their story to Hollywood instead of trying to do the Work.

And for those reading this, I am always looking for the next haunted house to fill me with joy and hopefully provide a challenge!  So if you have a place needing clearing in the US mid-West, particularly the Illinois, Wisconsin, and Indiana areas, send me an email!  I am always up for a road trip, I do so love the work, and my fees are pretty reasonable when food and lodging are supplied!  🙂  If your place falls outside of the mid-West, contact me and we will see what financial arrangements we can work out.

2013 Julia Knickerbocker ALL RIGHTS RESERVED