Full Body Possession – When an Exorcism is Needed STAT

Full Body Possession is not an every day occurrence.  Most people are not even aware when their loved one has been full body possessed.  All they notices is that he or she has started acting differently.  Some even believe recreational/illicit drugs are at the root of the problem.  Our society has turned a blind eye to the mystical realities of angels and demons and so it is only natural for people to go to the doctor or the police first. Unfortunately, neither of these resources are going to help your loved one become free of of the influence of the sentient dark beings behind the change in behavior.

Many of the calls I receive for assistance are from individuals whose family member or friend have such an extreme level of possession that living with them is impossible and they are often afraid for their self as the person can become quite violent.  Exorcism work is not as it is portrayed in the movies.  One does not shower a person with holy water and recite words out of the Bible and wham, the demons disappear.  If it were that simple the world would be a hugely different place than it is.

When someone is physically possessed by a demon/s, his or her thought processes have been changed and, in many cases, the person exhibits drastic personality changes that are not explainable by other life circumstances – including ilicit drug use.  Often they may complain of physical pains that have no medical reason or solution.

I could write pages and pages of examples of individuals I worked with over the years, but I want to provide an example of a situation where my services were needed but the individual in question refused help.  This situation occurred a number of years ago and the details were relayed to me by the wife who had contacted me.

A young man, in his early 30s with a wife and small children, went to the hospital to see his younger brother as he lay dying.  The brothers had not been on good terms as the younger, dying brother had been a selfish and sometimes cruel wastrel who had stolen large amounts of money from various family members and used the money on drugs and alcohol and other momentary pleasures.

This younger brother was in a coma because he had abused his body extensively and since the doctors stated he would never regain consciousness the elder brother felt he needed to say goodbye.  He sat for a number of hours watching his younger brother’s body being kept alive by machines when eventually he got up, touched his hand and said goodbye, and left the hospital.

At first things were normal, the wife told me.  Her husband experienced some of the normal stages of grief over his brother’s passing, but within several weeks the behavior changed.  Her husband began to exhibit small behavioral changes, and she noticed he started to say things in ways his brother had.  For a while she ignored it, believing that maybe he was just working through some of his grief, but then he started to use the exact same derogatory and inflammatory phrases he had abhored his brother using.  He had never in the 15 years they had been together spoken like that to her.  She was very concerned at that point but did not have anyone to speak with about it as they lived far from her family.

Within just a few short months, stronger personality changes occurred within her husband and his wife became very concerned as he was behaving in ways that were very damaging to their marriage and family yet he denied the behaviors.

This was a classic case of the early stage of full body possession; the husband did not understand why people were criticizing his behavior or even comparing his behavior to that of his dead brother.  The more he denied, the more power he gave to the demons that had attached to him.  When presented with the possibility that he had acquired demons from his brother he denied it stoutly – it was all nonsense.  He refused point blank our help in returning him to himself, but he said there was nothing wrong with him.

The wife tried to stay in the marriage as long as she could because of the children, but unfortunately his behavior continued downhill at a rapid pace.  The marriage itself was over in less than a year though the divorce process itself took much longer.  The wife refused split custody as his erratic behavior scared the children and after a while he did not even pick them up for the times he was supposed to have them.  He lost his job and then he lost another because his behavior became intolerable by those around him.  He would start a new job and everything would be fine for a few weeks and then he would say objectionable things to those around him and was even written up several times for sexual harrassment.

Because of the possession, he refused our assistance, ruined his marriage, his career, and his relationships with his children, who remain to this day estranged from him.  He still does not believe in demons, and blames his wife for their marriage ending.  His wife and children understand that the man he used to be is gone, because his mental and physical selves were taken over by the demon.

This was just one example – just one – of many situations we have seen over the years!  For those whose lives has been ruined by sentient detrimental beings, know that there is assistance available to you.  In many cases immediate relief can be had, but the path back to being whole is not a short one and will take a lot of work for both the practitioner and the client.

Healing of the mind, emotions, and spirit is necessary for the individual to release and refute the demons that have taken over but most importantly they MUST agree to the work.  This work can be complicated process and it requires each individual to be involved in their personal healing.  Many times guilt and remorse complicates matters, but if the individual is sincere and does not fall back into negative behavioral patterns success will be achieved.

Let us know if we can assist you or your loved ones today.  The first call is the hardest.

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