This site is for the people who need help against Sentient Dark Beings, ghosts, hauntings, and other detrimental energies and negative constructs, regardless of what it is called.

You know something is not right but you don’t know where to start to make it go away and your life return to normal.  We are here to help.

You want to change your life, to stop being overwhelmed by the voices yelling inside your head, to stop being creeped out because you feel things that no one else feels or you see things that others don’t.  We are here to help – regardless.

There are many reasons behind what you are experiencing – including all sorts of variations of Sentient Dark Beings, discarnates (ghosts), negative energy structures, constructs, spells, and curses. Curses alone could be responsible for up a good 20% of what is going on in your life and you don’t even know about one of them.

While Hollywood has made tons of money from creating TV shows and movies about hauntings and possessions, the truth is those movies are far from the reality of what is experienced.  The situations presented in movies, when experienced in real life, are not fun! They are scary and painful, and those of the Dark are quite destructive, and life can be horribly difficult to survive.  To make it more complicated, all the things you are experienced may be going on in your head and when no one else is experiencing anything it makes you doubt yourself, doubt your sanity…or others’ belief in your sanity.

I know how easy it is to think you are going crazy when hearing and seeing things that others don’t.  I have had others tell me I was making things up as they could not see or hear or feel what I did.  I am here to tell you that yes – the Dark exists, yes – detrimental energies, dark ETs, and dark beings exist, and yes – “ghosts” exist, so don’t think it is just YOU!

Negative Beings – that will try to influence you and convince you to do things that would turn you against your best interest, your own thoughts, your friends, and your family members – exist.  It is not your imagination and it is not “all in your mind”. What you are experiencing is REAL and you have a right to be concerned.  Some people hear things, others feel things in their bodies or in their environments.  Some people see things.  The Darkness will take whatever form it needs to get you to obey it.

Our focus in life is to help people return to a normal life, to help people living in scary places to NOT be scared any more because we cleanse and sanctify those spaces, and then we give you tools to keep your life in your hands and out of the Dark’s.

Contact us.  We will answer what questions you have and if you have a Situation we will provide a free consultation.  Some things we may be able to help for low cost or even free.  And know – there are things you can do for yourself before ever calling in a professional exorcist.  Having the ability to do it for yourself is important – especially moving forward with your life.  I am always willing to meet with local clients and if not local we can always have a conversation over the phone or Skype.  I don’t want anyone to feel that distance is an issue, for I don’t view distance as a deterrent.

I am always asked who I am and wow, is my life not exciting, and I can only laugh and say, it is my life.  I know no other way to live and it seems quite dull at times to me, but that never satisfies those who ask.  I am clair-cognizant, clair-sentient, clair-voyant, and clair-audient.  I am a medium, I am a trans-channel, I am a sensitive, I am a Priest of Melchizedek, a Light Worker, an exorcist, and the list goes on.  The most important thing to know is that all of my experiences have developed my Gifts which have guided my Life Purpose – which is to gather those who stuck on the Earth Plane and to slay the Darkness wherever I find it.

Working with me are a number of my Master Students.  Most have specialties that developed with their experiences and all contribute greatly to the Work.  Some of these students may accompany me on Work Sessions to assist me or to provide a specialized service for you.  Each client case is different and each cases’ needs will be taken into account when the consultation takes place.

Read through the information shared on this website to help you figure out what you may be experiencing.  Not every situation or potentiality is listed on the website, but we can help you identify what you are experiencing for free.  You are not alone – we are available to help you with personal assistance to effect long term relief in your life – so contact us on-line or via email.  You are not alone!


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