It’s a scary world out there and you may struggle against events that happen to you and your body, worried about what you can do to make change happen – especially when modern medicine cannot help at all.  Your situation is only made worse when you start to ask for help and mention things that fall into the paranormal category!  Then, they just want to throw pills at you to shut you up – regardless of your age.

I am sorry for that! This happens because of fear, and unfortunately, in my experience it happens to many on a daily basis.

For me, that scariness illuminates a fascinating world I navigate to assist you by removing negative energies and entities either encased within your energy system or are existing within your physical environment.  These detrimental energies and entities will manipulate you emotionally, physically, and mentally and once we remove them from you, your current state of dis-ease, incurable by Western medicine, will improve.

My Work heals the wounds encapsulated within you that hold you back from actively living your life, from doing the things you want to do. As we progress, you will discover aspects of yourself previously repressed or denied.  Once discovered, we then reintegrate them into your current “you”.  Our end goal, the goal we work together towards, is for you to live the healthy, authentic, full life you dream about.

How does this happen?  How is this possible? I specialize in the healing of wounds that exist in an environment that others either don’t know about or which they choose to ignore.  Why?  Because of fear, of course!

My work will remove the detrimental energies and entities within you.  I will uncover and purge the wounds festering deep within you.  Together, we will heal those wounds and you will experience more energy, a more balanced emotional state, and an improved state of health. Together, we will transform your life!

* I have over 16 years experience helping people release and heal from clearing blockages, detritus, and detrimental energy beings

* I teach students and clients effective methods to protect your energy and your space

* I am committed to you reclaiming your whole self and restoring you to a place of wholeness and healthiness