The Passing Process (Basic Details)

To be helpful to those who come after me, I am creating this outline of the Passing Process (the human process of separation and passing (death) that humans undergo) based off 15+ years of my personal experiences.  Each individual has multiple Windows built into their Blueprints.  If the High Self decides to use a Window or if it is the last Window in the Blueprint, death will take place.

Note:  The steps a human takes do not 100% always follow the order of this list, so don’t allow the order to become absolute.  In time, these steps may be edited as well, so I can only say that as of this time (in the future I may edit this list as well) this is what I have observed happening.

Note: I have not found it to matter whether the individual is conscious or unconscious while the passing process takes place.  Once the window has been accepted, the High Self (HS) is in control and the physical form is relegated to being a piece of the process.

  • Number of visitors in the vicinity/room:
    As someone nears their passing, a number of spiritual presences will start to gather around them.  It may start out small – just a handful or two in the beginning – but the closer the individual gets to the passing, the greater the number of presences that will surround the person.  Physical size does not limit the number of spiritual presences within the room.  The observer may recognize some of the spiritual presences from their lifetime in the beginning, but there will soon be many who one will not know.
  • Visitors are focused ONLY on the individual passing:
    When someone is in the process of passing, all spiritual presences are entirely focused on the individual passing and will not acknowledge or attempt to communicate with others in the room.  They are there to lend support and encouragement to the individual and they have no time or attention to spare to those trying to figure out who they are.
  • The Passing Individual may see visitors in the room:
    Many times the individual will begin to see the visitors in the room.  They may attempt to converse with the ones they recognize or, depending upon how the relationship ended, may become abusive and demand that they leave.  Regardless of the individual’s wishes, the spiritual presences will stay as they have committed to help facilitate the process.
  • Angelics and Light Beings:
    The Angelics and Light Beings that have helped or been present with the individual during the lifetime will also be in the room at this time.  They are there to facilitate the next stage of the passing and to provide support and encouragement.
  • Separation stage – Leaving the body:
    People begin to the separation stage at various times of the passing process.  This is one of the most difficult stages to guess when it will happen because it is entirely facilitated by the High Self and the Angelics.  Clairvoyants may experience a form of “double vision” when looking at the body as the separation stage takes place.The separation will take place for death to follow; it may be that you know of someone who was in a coma for weeks or maybe even months before they were taken off life support and the body subsequently failed.  There are those of us who are able to tell if the individual has already departed the body and completed their passing process.  This may or may not be comforting to the various family members to know this information.  We highly recommend delicate tact in these situations.
  • Angelic Choir / Singing:
    Once the HS has decided it is time to separate, the Angelics will begin to sing.  It is a beautiful, soul expanding experience to hear the Angelics “sing” as words cannot describe it at all.  The singing, however, is not “singing” – the Angelics are actually energetically facilitating the separation from the body process (when the individual leaves the physical form).I wish I could state that “within so many minutes” of the Angelics singing the passing process will be complete, but I cannot.  There are no guarantees on how much time will elapse on the human plane from the time it begins to when it is complete.
  • Soul Piece Retrieval:
    If you are clairvoyant you may notice a golden haze within the room, possibly leading up to/into the body prior to or during the separation stage.  This golden haze is comprised of all the distinct soul pieces the individual has lost during his/her lifetime.
  • Important Visitors:
    You may notice a shifting of visitors within the space prior to, as, or just after the separation process begins. Those visitors who deeply loved the individual (i.e. parents who already passed, or partners, or siblings, or offspring) in this lifetime may shift near to the head of the individual and/or sides close to the hands.  If the individual was particularly religious or spiritual, those Angelics, Ascended Masters, or Light Beings will also shift to be in closer proximity to the individual as he/she begins the separation process.
  • The Akashic Record Clerks:
    Passing is imminent when the presence of the Akashic Record Clerks is noted. These are Light Beings from the Akashic Records who take the shape of tall columns of golden light and stand in the formation of a square around the individual for the duration of the passing process.  Part of the reason they are present is to record everything about the individual’s passing.Not only is everything pertinent to the individual’s passing captured, but every thought and feeling of everyone both in the vicinity and everyone affected by the passing of the individual is recorded.  Every detail is captured – no detail is too small for the Clerks to ignore. Everything is recorded and sealed into the individual’s Akashic Record (Book of Life, if you will).I cannot stress this enough – if the Akashic Record Clerks are present then the Passing Process will be completed in the near future. In my experience, it is within 12 hours of them showing up, but I would not say (at this time) that this is a 100% guaranteed timeline.  Time means nothing to Light Beings and everything to us humans.

I have never had the issue of anyone resisting the process and refusing to go.  I have spent a huge chunk of my life gathering to me those who did refuse to go and helping them shift onward, so I do know how to make that happen.

BUT, I know from experience that this experience does not always have the “happy day” scenario.  There are a vast number of cases where the individual refuses to complete the process and return to and rejoin with the OverSoul.  The purpose of this article is not to ignore those who bolt out of fear, but to merely explain the process for those willing to learn.