I am designed to remove detrimental energy blockages (Sentient Dark Beings, ghosts, hauntings, and other detrimental energies and negative constructs) from people, places and things.  I am here to help you heal.  I am here to serve humanity – I am here to help you!

You know something is not right but you don’t know where to start to make it go away and get your life back to normal.  Your body is not well, but the doctors cannot find anything wrong with you.  A pill is not going to make you better –  I am here to help you get better!

You want to change your life, you want to stop being overwhelmed by the voices yelling inside your head, you want to stop being creeped out from feeling things no one else feels or seeing things others don’t.  I am here to help you!


My goal and focus in this lifetime is to assist you on your healing path to return to a normal life, to cleanse and sanctify your home so you can live there again, and to give you tools to keep you in control and safe.

Contact me.  I want to hear from you.  I want to help you – whether it is answering your questions, providing you with a free consultation of your situation, or giving you some tools to help yourself.

Please know there are steps you can take do to help yourself immediately.  Having the ability to do it for yourself is important – and healing and growing is so very important for each of us.

Read the stories I have shared on this website to help you figure out what you may be experiencing.  Not every situation is listed, but know that I can help you identify what you are experiencing for free.  You are not alone – I am available to help you effect long-term relief in your life.  Contact me on-line or via email.

You are not alone!


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