Psychic Attacks

There are many different forms of psychic attacks possible on the Human Plane.  Many different ways that people, unknowing of what they do, reach out and negatively interfere with and affect others’ lives.

There are those same ways plus more that some people deliberately use to negatively interfere with and negatively affect lives – but with these deliberate intentions their desire is for negative results to hit that person’s life, health, financial welfare, and more.

While the deliberate intention obviously has much wide karmic implications, the fact is that those people who unaware of their negative effects may have karmic implications as well.

I have dealt with individuals who deliberately curse others with misfortune as well as those who hire someone to do it for them.  I have dealt with voodoo groups deliberately causing illness and financial woes to someone a group member disliked…just because they could.

I have dealt with teenagers in Europe having a “party” searching for individuals aligned with the Light to tamper with and hopefully damage, because their leader was possessed by a demon that wanted to cause harm…and they went for it, because it was all “fun”.

I have seen situations that makes my heart ache because all of the situations were unnecessary.  Yes, unnecessary.  Human life is difficult enough (and for some more than others because of their Path), yet people time and again throw their little temper tantrums and project their insecurities and out of control egos at other people – all in the name of their own selfish pursuits.

On the pages of this section I will describe some of the types of psychic attacks I have encountered so others may be able to identify situations happening to them.  Everyone has choices – regardless of whether they recognize them or not.