Soul Piece Attacks

What is a Soul Piece attack?  It is when an individual attacks another person and the result is one of three things:

a) the attacker steals some soul pieces from the other
b) the attacker implants some of his/her own soul pieces within the other
c) or, both

Soul Piece Attacks are a form of psychic attacks and they are bad.  Period.  Just as one would stop stalking or physical attacks, psychic attacks must be stopped, actively discouraged, and the perpetrator educated in a meaningful way as to why this behavior is WRONG.

There is no expression of real love here – these are definite maneuvers to force someone else to change their mind or behavior about another person and regardless of whether you are the victim or the perpetrator, it must be stated quite firmly that this form of behavior is reprehensible and needs to stop.


When someone attacks another individual and forces their own soul pieces into that individual’s energy system it is an attempt to manipulate or coerce that individual to do their bidding.  This is a form of energetic rape and all rape is bad.  Period.

When someone attacks another individual and steals the other’s soul pieces away from them, this is another form of rape with the intent of exploiting and manipulating the individual by making him or her weaker and more susceptible to the perpetrator’s desires.

These situations are typically created by someone close the individual (a parent, sibling, extended family member, spouse, rejected lover, friend, or person in authority) and can occur at any age (child, teen, adult, elder).  The intent is always a form of manipulation, regardless of whether the perpetrator says they were doing it out of love or because the other “needed help”.  Psychic attacks are inappropriate regardless of method, shape, or form!

Symptoms of either situation are common with most psychic attacks and it is the knowledgeable practitioner who is able to determine that this is a soul piece attack and to handle it responsibly.

A Few Signs that You May be Carrying Someone Else’s Soul Parts:

  • Over-reacting to the other person’s actions and/or words.
  • You think compulsively that person.
  • You daydream about having interactions with that person.
  • You start to put that person’s needs ahead of your own.
  • You change your mind about previous decisions you had about that person without understanding why.
  • Find reasons to be around that person even as your rational mind wonders why.
  • Conflict about your emotional state and thoughts about that person.
  • Feeling drained of energy or “dull” after interacting emotionally with that individual.
  • Feeling drained of energy when physically near the person.
  • Obsessing about the individual.

What Do You Do Now?

The key here is in the identification of the psychic attack.  Different psychic attacks have similar symptoms so you must be able to identify the situation properly.  As the victim of the situation, you must locate someone who specializes in resolving different forms of psychic attacks.  Chances are, this was not the first time it happened to you.  Chances are, you have a number of things going on all at the same time that need to be resolved.  BUT you are noticing this now and it gives you the ability to get HELP!