Spells / Dark Magic / Dark Voodoo

There are many different ways that people can choose to interfere with another’s life. Life starts out with someone telling each of us what to do, where to go, how to live our lives.  But at some point, we each must start to live our life for ourselves, on our own.

Unfortunately, some people never learn to live independently and some people never respect others’ right to Free Will.  These patterns of behavior can meld into some pretty ugly stuff on the physical world and also in the energetic fabric of one’s life.

Depending upon your background and your interests, you may or may not choose to violate another person’s Free Will choices to obtain that which you feel you deserve or merely that which you desire for the moment.  You are not concerned with karmic complications or implications – you are merely self-centered and want what you want.

Good for you that there are multiple modalities out there that will accommodate your immature and selfish personality!  What you have to give up to use these modalities will not seem important to you at the moment and you will have, at the end, your “justice”.

Root women, voodoo enclaves, witches of all sorts now lumping themselves all under “Wiccan” or “True Pagan” titles – men and women each choosing to do work aligned with the Dark in the world we live in today exist.  And are quite willing to take your money to do the work or take your money to teach you how to do the work.

This page is not going to tell anyone how to do this form of work.  It is abhorrent to me and I have spent countless hours fixing the lives of the people you chose to tamper with. It is merely a warning.  If I have to deal with you, I will mess your life down to the very bottom of this lifetime’s soul.  For you see, I have ethics that guide my ability to work on anyone and I adhere to those ethics.  I won’t hunt you down, for I respect your Free Will choices.

However, if I work on someone who you attacked or if you choose to attack me, no holds are barred and all the “forces of darkness” that you think are so powerful will melt away and leave you barren and alone for they fear the Light and they fear Us.  So by all means, give it a go.  I have just enough hours in my life where a touch of boredom could set in and I would love for you to provide some amusement value.