My name is Julia and since I was 5 years old I have intuitively experienced different aspects of what some call the paranormal world, but which I call the real world.  In the early years I did not know what to do about what I was experiencing, so I would hide under my blankets and pillows.  Eventually, I blocked most of it out as I believed I needed to do that to be “normal”.  Then, in my mid 30’s, I woke up and realized all I had shut out before was what I needed to have to be “me”.

I am an intuitive energy practitioner, based in Raleigh, North Carolina, who specializes in the removal of detrimental energies to promote growth and healing.  I am a demonologist, or, in more simple terms, an exorcist.  I am a Priest of Melchizedek, and I facilitate a ministry for those who wish to learn more about the Spiritual Practices the Angelics have taught me.  All that I am, all that I have been designed to do is for one goal – to slay the Darkness wherever I find it and fill the space with Light.

I am hyper-aware of the Darkness and I am completely Aligned with the Light.  With and within this Light Alignment I use multiple modalities to help people like you heal from their emotional wounds and issues, to make changes within their life structures, and return to a state of emotional and mental wholeness they have not enjoyed in years.  The sessions I provide help you heal your wounds, help you grow, and help you become what you were designed to be all along.

So, to do my part to allow the Truth to exist for All, I created and have placed information on this website for you to find.  Welcome to my world – this is my Life and I love it.