It is more like, who are we, for I am never alone.  Working with me are always one or two of my Master Students.  Each has developed specialties over time that aligns with their Life Path and each contributes greatly to the Work.  I also have a select few beginning students who sometimes accompany me on Work Sessions who are just beginning to learn about this Work.  Everyone who accompanies me either assists me or provides a specialized service for the client.  Each client case is different and thus each cases has needs that must be taken into account to provide an accurate consultation and resolution.

So who am I?  My name is Julia and I am someone who, since the age of 5 years, has seen, felt, and known intuitively different aspects of what some call the paranormal world.  In the early years I did not know what to do about them, so as a child I would hide under my blankets and pillows and cry myself to sleep as they would surround me.  In my mid 30’s, I awakened and realized all I had shut out before while pursuing a “normal” life.

I am a demonologist, or, in more simple terms, an exorcist – which is probably why you are reading this to begin with.  All that I am, all that I have been designed to do is for one goal – to slay the Darkness wherever I find it. I cleanse the Dark from those who have been possessed and I cleanse spaces (land and buildings) of the Darkness so that humans can live there in peace.  I slay the Darkness regardless of the form it takes – that is what I do, that is what I am compelled to do, and it will never end.

Why I do what I do is because of the way I was designed.  I was designed to be:

  1. clair-cognizant – which means I receive information on an instantaneous level without thinking about it (I know things)
  2. clair-sentient – which means I am sensitive to energies that exist in environments and that which interacts with people
  3. empathic – a subclass of clair-sentient – which means I feel what others are experiencing emotionally and physically (pain, joy, and everything in between etc.)
  4. clair-audient – which means I communicate with that which is not human.  In my particular case, I hear everything and thus can communicate with whatever I need to for my Work to be completed.  I communicate with the Angelics, Light Beings, Ascended Masters and others of the Light.  I can communicate with the High Self of the individual with whom I am working.  I also can hear the Dark, though in general I choose to not engage in dialog with them.  They Lie.
  5. clair-voyant – which means I see things that are not apparent to the human eye.  My specialty with this is that I see all the energies that connect people and places and things of this world and all those things not of this world.
  6. a medium – which is a sub class of clair-audience – and this means I can communicate with those that have passed on.
  7. a trans-channel – which means that when I do my Work, there are times when I allow those who are 100% of the Light (Angelics, Light Beings, etc.)  to use my body for a particular period of time and allow them to Work through me.  Sometimes this is to relay information, sometimes this is to provide healing opportunities.  It varies upon the need of the client.

After reviewing a number of non-denominational ordination opportunities available in the US, I consciously chose to be Ordained as a Priest of Melchizedek in 2003 through the Sanctuary of the Beloved, which is located in New York State.  This ordination is legally recognized throughout the US and thus provides me with access to some physical locations where I might otherwise not be allowed.

The most important thing out of all that has been stated above is this – all of my life experiences have guided my Life Purpose, which is to work with Archangel Michael and:

  • to gather the souls stuck here on the Earth Plane
  • to slay the Darkness wherever I find it

I did not believe in Angelics when I actively started my Work in February 2001.  I was not raised within any form of organized religion, but rather with the agnostic belief that something greater was out there though it was not that concerned with human reality. By mid-2001, Michael turned my whole world upside down, changing me and it irrevocably.  I had always seen and felt and known things, but the training and experiences I had that year activated all my Gifts and brought AA Michael fully into my life.  He is with me always.  His energy is part of my energetic blueprint and it runs through me at all times.  I am never separate from Michael and with that connection came information, knowledge, and wisdom.

Many in the paranormal environment are thrilled when they get a hit on their machines, a floating orb in their pictures, or a medium confirms a small piece of history.  They don’t care why it happens, just that it does.  Those physical pings are unimportant to me, for I have had those experiences (sans machinery) all my life.  The WHY is what is important to me followed by the WHAT.    Why do these things happen?  What are the things that are interacting with people and animals and locations?  And again – WHY? How does it happen and why is it allowed and what are the different variations of all these different beings.

I have asked millions of questions over the years and every time AA Michael has provided me with answers.  He has taught me what I need to know and has provided me access to a database of information so complex and complete that I always know the answer regardless of what entity or construct of the Dark I encounter.  The information is always there and it can never be denied me, for it is a part of me.

This Work is my Vocation.  It is not a job, it is not a hobby, and I will do this Work up until the very moment I pass from this world.  VOCATION.  Thus, I take it incredibly seriously. I have no sense of humor where this is concerned and I pass my passion and the truths I have learned to those I teach.  Energetic truth is very black and white.  It is Light or it is Dark.  Those who would muddy the ‘water’ are not Light Workers in truth for there exists only Love or Fear.

So, to do my part to allow the Truth to exist for All, I created and have placed information in websites appropriate for the different aspects of my Work for people to find.  Long after I am gone, if this world has not self-destructed, someone seeking the information may find what I place into the “internet consciousness” of our society. Nothing is ever lost and nothing is ever new.  I am not the first and I will not be the last. Welcome to my world – this is my Life and I love it.