Hauntings and Ghosts

This section will contain some details that many people do not understand about the paranormal situation defined as “Hauntings”.  If you go online and search, dozens of paranormal shows and sites will pop up, all demanding your attention, begging for the information you can share with them, yet none of them can really explain what it is that is happening to you or why.

Sure, they will give you some explanation that sounds really technical, but is it Truth?

In my experience with paranormal groups for over 20 years no – it is what they want to believe because they don’t want to know the Truth.  They don’t want to THINK about the Truth because if they did, then they would have to realize how intrinsically wrong they are about all of it.

That said, while there are many things that paranormal groups and I will always disagree about, there are things such as “hauntings” and “ghosts” and “possession” and a few other things.  In this section I am going to explain what a few of these entities really are and why it is important to not screw around with stuff when you really don’t know what is what.