A Few Different Types of “Ghosts”

I have been aware of “ghosts” since I was five years old when they would appear nightly in my closet and around the house.  In 2001 I began to use a process to remove these discarnated humans to return to Spirit.  The process can be simple or complicated depending upon whether the discarnate has attached itself to individuals or locations; the methods I use have resulted in a success rate of 100% in the removal of discarnates of all types.

Some individuals call discarnates “earth bounds” or “ghosts”, “poltergeists”, and even “haunts”.  Unfortunately, I know many of the qualities and behaviors attributed to ghosts/hauntings are actually indicators of demonics and detrimentals.

Our society possesses an incredible amount of misinformation developed from fairy tales, science fiction, religious mania, and Hollywood movies. The occurrence of an actual “haunting” stemming from discarnates is extremely rare – 95% of the time the “haunting” stems from some form of detritus or demon.  Discarnates are everywhere around people; they do not just linger wherever they died, but they are instead drawn to human life wherever they can find it.

Most discarnates are sympathetic creatures, having been left behind because of their fear of the unknown or their fear of punishment/persecution by their God.  The majority of discarnates have no desire to hurt anyone and are barely aware that they even exist any longer while some discarnates are more aware and actively attach themselves to living creatures – humans and animals – in an effort to leech energy from the living being. These problem children discarnates can be ugly but in the end all succumb to the Light.

By definition via Mirriam-Webster online, poltergeists are “a noisy usually mischievous ghost held to be responsible for unexplained noises (as rappings)”.  Unfortunately 95% of the time this is not accurate.  Very few ghosts actually possess the energetic ability to manipulate the energy on the human plane to create noises, slam doors, etc. There is that 5% that can do this, but in my experience the majority of issues stem from the demonics/detritus classes.

Demons and detritus enjoy and thrive off the fear created by humans who are faced with the unknown and noises and actions that are scary.  The majority of demons “haunting” a location can vary greatly; there can be factors such as pools, wells, and portals that can impact the demonics/detritus drawn to an area.  There are also one particular type of demonic that can control other demonics/detritus.  This particular kind can pull other demonics to its side and make them stay there.  This can amplify negative sensations throughout an environment.

Needless to say, this can all be pretty creepy when you wake up at 3am with something looming over your bed.  But overall, the majority of hauntings are fairly simple to handle and within a couple of days to a week normalcy can return to the location.  Obviously each case is unique and some are more complex than others, but there is no magic fairy wand to wave and make it all go away instantly.  It is encouraged to have an onsite assessment of the environment to understand and itemize fully what is needed to clear it.

Some individuals thrive off the idea that their location is haunted; some people actually try to make money off the story and promote it and use it as a marketing device.  Hotels, amusement parks, historical sites, and even towns will all promote that they have this or that building, room, or hallway where a ghost will appear and walk at a certain time and even specific dates.  Again, in my experience, the majority of these are not “ghosts”.

If the vision appears like clockwork and performs the same steps/tasks each time this is an emotional tear in the fabric of the energy surrounding the area – not a ghost.  It is actually the most common mislabeling of “hauntings” that exist.

While many ghost hunters crave hauntings for fun, when a situation is presented where there is a demon involved it can become quite tragic for the person to whom the demonic attaches itself.  Many old penitentiaries and asylums advertise overnight stays during Halloween etc., to make money.  Please keep that in mind should you be weighing the fun of such an event, the fun versus the reality of possession is not weighed evenly.  Places such as these are heavily laden with emotional tears and with demons waiting to attach to the unknowing.  It is best to be cautious when entering an unknown environment instead of traipsing in with a camera looking for a good time.