Ghosts and Apparitions

According to the online dictionary, apparitions are defined as:

ghost, phantom, specter, spirit, wraith

But…are these all the same?  If there are differences between them, what are those differences?  Can the differences be dangerous to someone who is unknowing or are they all benign?

In general, my experience when dealing with clients where they claimed they had phantom, specters, and apparitions in their homes/business/etc., all turned out to be Emotional Tears.  See this page.

It is good to ask questions and I never take what my clients “say” as Truth.  Instead, I ask them questions and get them to provide details so I have a better understanding to the seriousness of their emotional state.

All questions can be good questions yet the answers are usually a bit more complex. Because many cultures over the millennia have lumped discarnates (ghosts) in the same category as detrimental energy beings [DEBs] (demons) because they lacked the knowledge to know the different degrees and levels of differences, many times one must take an in-depth look at what culture is being used to define the word.

There are a few subcategories to the discarnate category while there are many, many, many subcategories to the DEBs.

Yet, all but an extremely small number of people want to confuse the two.  Why?  It’s easier than facing the idea that DEBs really do exist.  They are fun to watch on tv and in movies, but no one wants to admit they are harboring any.  God forbid everyone sit down at dinner to talk about Aunt Edie’s ‘issues’ with the DEBs that have forced the family to cancel the holiday dinner they always throw.

It would be one thing to cancel it because she had cancer or some other terrible, horrible disease that people can now talk about easily in public functions.  DEBs are another matter entirely!

This may seem a bit crass or even too light hearted for some people, but please understand I know quite thoroughly exactly what I am talking about.  It is easier for people to watch some demon exorcism movie and watch a old white male priest deal with a (preferably young, attractive, white female) possession issue and voilà – IT’S ONLY ONE DEMON!  Presto, everything is back to normal.  If only.

So let’s get back on target – Ghosts.  Overall, when dealing with an actual Ghost (not other sub-categories that fall under Emotional Tears, etc.) you are dealing with an individual who – for their own personal, intimate reasons – rejected returning to the Creator.  An extremely high percentage of these individuals reject it because they are afraid they will be punitively punished for every conscious and unconscious action and choice they ever made. Not true – but hey, that’s what religion wants you to believe and that is what they have conditioned you to believe, so hurray religion!  It won at the end by creating an mental environment of fear so strong that people sentence themselves to a purgatory of hell right here on the Earth Plane!

So you have Aunt May and Uncle Rick and Grandma Jo and Grandpa George wandering around with nothing to do and no one in the family to talk to because the same religion that told them they would burn in Hell for every bad thought also denied them and their family members the opportunity to develop any Communication Gifts they had because that would be clear indicator that the Devil was around.  Ooohhh.

So now they wander around, trying to find someone to communicate with, watching their loved ones and friends and neighbors and then strangers grow up, move away, and eventually die and actually move on.  All the while, they are stuck in this isolation chamber they chose, out of fear.

For the record, ghosts do NOT hang together.  I have been dealing with ghosts, in one way or another, since I was 5 years old and only once have I ever encountered ghosts who were aware of each other.  Only once.

Do some ghosts develop into being unhappy and spiteful?  Oh yes, indeed.  Then they drop down into Problem Child status – as I said, subcategories exist.  Some even become so angry that they can and they choose to hurt humans – sometimes even causing humans to take their own lives through misadventures or suicide.

This is not good for the discarnates as now, even if the Gate opened (miraculously) in front of them like in the movie “Ghost” with Patrick Swayze, they would not be allowed in because they have sinned through their actions.  That is another story to be told.

Oh – and while The 6th Sense was a decent movie, I am here to assure you that the ONLY time a ghost appears and presents an appearance where they are ravaged by whatever killed them is because they want to SCARE YOU.  Meaning, this is a Problem Child and they are not here to ask for your help or tell you stories about what happens after death.

Oh, that’s a good side tangent too.  No – ghosts don’t want to ask you for your help.  It is not why they are lurking around you.  Ghosts travel.  They are not stuck in one location. I have driven down the road and they have jumped into my car just to get my attention. To tell me their life story?  To ask for help to resolve “something”?  No.  They want to shift, they want to move on, and they know by my energy resonance that I am the person to give them the kick in the pants to where they need to go.

So, for the average layperson who knows nothing about the categories, how could you tell what is what?  Ghosts are not human any more, yes?  I think we can all agree on that. They WERE humans, they lived a human life, but now they are incorporeal (discarnate) and so they are not bound by the physical laws that humans are.

So, if you find one that is especially “chatty” the chances are you don’t sit down and actually have a conversation.  They are most likely to “dump” the memory they want to share into your mind.

Sigh.  AGAIN – this is not the wisest course of action for those who are unaware of how to protect yourself as Problem Children can use and manipulate any sympathy you have for them into an opportunity to feed off of you by attaching to your energy layers.

For the uninitiated, whenever you see something like this that you don’t understand, say the verse below:

Archangel Michael, 100% of the Light, please open the Gate and take home all discarnates around us.  Thank you.

It’s about the best I can offer you at this time.  Anyone can say this – AND you don’t even have to believe it will work.  It will.  Michael will.  Always.  🙂