Meditation is an exercise that requires practice on a consistent basis – preferably every day at the same time to assist with the body accustomizing itself to the pattern.  We encourage everyone to meditate regularly, and to that end have posted channeled guided meditations online through different sites to reach those who need assistance.

You can locate The Spiritual Mentor on Soundcloud, iTunes, TalkShoe, and Youtube and peruse the different meditations available.  Different meditations offer different goals and none are the the same length of time so you will want to be aware, before you begin the meditation, of the length of time needed to complete the session. Some meditations are meant to assist you to reach deeper levels of peace while others are meant to encourage and facilitate deeper levels of healing.

Each time you listen to the meditations you will receive energies from the Guides, Ascended Masters, Angelics, and your High Self appropriate for you.  You are never the same person twice and your energetic needs are never the same twice so each time you listen you will have a different experience.

All experiences lead towards growth and shifts in vibration, so help yourself by giving to yourself what you need physically, emotionally, mentally, and energetically – Meditation!

And remember – when you subscribe to my channels you will receive an email update notifying you when I post a new meditation!  A great reminder to meditate!