Paranormal Phenomena – Real World

Many times you will hear someone talk about when they walked through a “cold spot” or a “hot spot”.

Or, they might tell you about walking into something that felt like a wall of energy, or through a space that made them feel creeped out.

The Human Plane is the location for a variety of energetic constructs and energetic situations that are sometimes logged as “paranormal phenomena”.  The truth is that these ‘phenomena’ are not linked to what American culture defines as paranormal and they are not associated with ghosts at all.

Sometimes they really are just an energetic construct and sometimes they are more than “just” that.  Some relate to ETs and some relate to another of the energetic realms that intersect with the Human Plane – such as Faeries or Elementals.

The pages under this section will help the average person identify what the actual situation is that they are experiencing so they can better able themselves with both information and, sometimes, solutions.

Self-care is always the wisest maneuver…and the cheapest!