Curses and Curse Removals

Curses can be very complex and curses can be very simple.  I have removed a curse over a hundred years old and I have removed curses only a few years old. Once a curse is established it does not “go away” on its own.  It must be removed by someone knowledgeable and experienced with these particular types of energy constructs.

Curses can be new and they can be old, but all are detrimental and need to be removed. There are NO good curses.

Curses create negative Karma.  Always.  Curses are not used to balance out negative karma; they specifically target people to do harm.

I have removed curses on individuals who were targeted by voodoo groups.  While I am not going to negate anyone’s spiritual beliefs, please note that there is nothing created that cannot be undone.  The key point is to accept that help is needed and then reach out to get that help from the appropriate individual.

Removal of a curse created by the intention of a group is not something to take on likely and can even backfire on the individual unless they are cautious and capable.

I have removed curses from individual’s who were cursed because they were inconsiderate and rude.  I have removed curses from people who had hurt someone and the person retaliated with a curse that damaged the individual severely in a financial matter.  The curse was removed and the hope is that the person learned that being kind has more benefits than not.

I have removed a curse from an individual who was targeted in the ether by a group of teenagers in England who most likely did not understand what they were doing, but were still malignant in their wishes.

Again, curses are created for many different reasons and placed upon people to cause harm.  There is no one set of circumstances that dictates why a curse is placed on someone, so each curse must be carefully examined and understood prior to the removal process.

Some basic things to know about Curses:
1.  When the curse is removed the past stays the same.  Some people hope it will be like the movies and life becomes this wonderful place as a result, but this is not the movies – the past events and situations and relationships are still the same.  Our world is both grittier and lovelier than movies and movies don’t know squat about real energy work.
What removal means, though, is that the influences and energy driving the curse are gone and those who had been affected by it can now move forward in their lives without this hanging over them.
2.  If someone adult (18 years +) is holding onto detrimental energies I cannot force them to let go, I cannot rip them away from that person.  That would violate their Free Will. This is why before I can begin to help anyone with their personal situation they have to give me permssion directly.
3. Curses are  energy constructs.  Let me give you a very simple example to help explain it. Picture a bicycle.  A person sits on the seat and they pedal to create motion and then steer the bike where they want to go.

This is how a curse works: when a person creates the curse, they are focusing, pushing their desires and will into that curse – giving the curse the energy to exist.  The person then puts energy into the curse (pedaling) and designate the person to hurt (steering) and the body of the bike moves the person forward (curse).

4.  When the curse is removed, negative emotions and energy and bad intentions may still exist within the person who made or lived out the curse, but the vehicle for the nastiness is gone, thus problems that individual had intended don’t reach the intended victim.

Curse removal will not change a person’s behavior, thoughts, or feelings.  If they were ugly before they still be; they just won’t have the curse pushing them along, hurting others.