Energy Vampires

What is an Energy Vampire (EV)?

An energy vampire is an individual who consciously, or unconsciously, drains another’s personal energies.  We are talking about your actual energetic/physical energy – not just a “feeling” that someone is exhausting to be around.

There is a huge difference between dealing with someone who is difficult versus someone who is an EV.  An EV will deplete your personal energy to the point where you can be damaged – your emotional stability as well as your physical state of well being and they will not take your physical symptoms seriously.  They will put their needs ahead of yours every time.  This is SERIOUS.

NOTE – just because you don’t like someone does not mean they are an energy vampire.

What does it mean to be an Energy Vampire?

When an EV is around other people, they suck the energy away from those other people either for themselves or for something that is attached to them and the individual in question is left feeling very poorly, very puny.

Sometimes the EV is aware of their actions but ignores them.  Sometimes they realize they just don’t feel good until after they have been around other people.  Sometime they think they are just a “people person” and that they become energized when they are around others.  90% of energy vampires do not realize what they are or the consequences from draining others’ energy.

Where do you encounter Energy Vampires?

Everywhere – family, friends, co-workers, church goers – there is no restriction to where you can find these people, though there are certain personality traits that tend towards being an energy vampire.

Energy Vampire Victims can feel:

  • Physically drained – even to the point of exhaustion
  • Emotionally upset and/or emotionally unstable
  • Sick to their stomach, queasy
  • “Slimed” – as if something has covered them in “ick”
  • Headaches – caused by blockages put in place by energy vampires

Yet, the Energy Vampire leaves your get together feeling energized, happy, and raring to go.

Many people develop unhealthy patterns of behavior as coping mechanisms – especially when in the energy vampire is a family member or partner.  The ability to emotionally balance needs and implement boundaries has been worn away over time there are often other internal wounds that are stimulated by the energy attack of the energy vampire, which contribute to feeling emotionally distraught.

Typical Signs of Energy Vampires:
Please note – these personality traits occur throughout our population – it does not mean that every manipulator or narcissist is an energy vampire!  This means you must pay attention to how you feel when you are encountering these individuals, not just emotionally reacting to their personality!

Extroverted behaviors in small groups (98%) 
98% of the time, Energy Vampires exhibits extroverted behaviors in one-on-one situations and small groups.  This is not a given for all public or group situations, but especially in small groups the EV has a tendency to dominate any conversation you are having whether they are perceived as obnoxious or nice.

Drama – they always trample others’ to talk about all the “things” that are happening to them in their life.  They seem to always be put upon by others, used by others, victimized by others – there is always “something” dramatic happening around them.  The truth is they live off of drama – the more drama the happier they are.

EVs frequently cause arguments.  Arguments cause emotional hurt and harm which creates an opening for them to feed off you.  You are emotionally attached to your personal beliefs and personal issues and when you get upset you open up to your emotions and then the energy vampire, in turn, feeds off your energy.

Physical Boundary issues
The next key is that EVs have a tendency to get touchy feely, always making sure they touch the person at least once or twice during their encounter – in many cases, a lot more.  In intimate relationships, they may want you to sit by them all the time so they can reach out and touch you, thus making sure they have a constant supply to your personal energy.

Emotional Boundary Issues
EVs have MAJOR boundary issues – their life is paramount, their drama is paramount, and often they use the brunt force of their personality to get what they want.  Many are narcissistic, some are extreme manipulators, and many others are just very self-absorbed.  Regardless of what is going on in your life, the only empathy the EV will share is for themselves – never for you.

The majority of EVs have difficulty recognizing personal boundaries.  They just disregard other’s rights to emotional space or even to the right to possess their own emotional state.  If they know you have a button, they will push it; if you ask them to stop, they will pretend to go along with you, but they will return to the topic as quickly as possible so they can continue to feed at the buffet that is your emotional distress.

Hidden Agendas / Personal Motivations
Just because someone is viewed in life as a “nice person” or a “kind person” does not mean that they are not an EV.  You have to look below the surface and analyze their motivations. The goal of all energy vampires is to get what they want when they want it and what they want is your time and attention so they ultimately have access to your personal energy.

The rare individual may change their behavior after being confronted with it, but the vast majority won’t stop it even then.  They can’t.  Even if they understand what is actually happening, they won’t even consider what you are saying – instead they will fall into the “victim” role and turn the tables on you and blame you for the entire situation.  They will provoke in any way they have to, to get what they want.

Lack of Respect – don’t view others as partners/equals
In general, these individuals lack true respect for others and view them as tools, or objects in their life.

#1 ~ I used to have someone in my life who was caring and compassionate.  She is an older woman who I respected greatly, I placed great confidence in her and her thoughts and opinions during an extremely stressful and trying time during my life and she was very supportive to me.  But over the period of a couple of years I realized our meetings had devolved into the “me, me, me, me, me – oh and I have to leave in five minutes.  But, how are you doing?” pattern.

She always acted as if she cared about me, but 90% of the conversation was about her and all the drama going on with her kids, ex, jobs, boyfriends, etc. Every part of the conversation was geared towards eliciting empathy from me which she would try to feed off of.  Once she realized I was not feeding her, our ability to get together often was sharply decreased.

#2 ~ I knew a woman who was slightly older than myself.  She was independent, mid level manager in the corporate world.  She had never married, but was close to her family that lived in a different state.  We worked together and then she bought a home in my neighborhood, so we would walk at night.  We became good friends.  During our visits, I would often note that she was drained of energy and almost listless.  She was suffering from depression and had great apathy although she had just built her dream home in a safe neighborhood.

We would talk most every day and eventually she confided in me talked daily to her mother and her mother was pressuring her to return to her home state and live with her.  There was no need – her siblings all lived nearby and one even lived in the house with her mother still.  My friend was very conflicted and felt very guilty all the time that she was enjoying her life away from her family.

Energetically, she looked like a pin cushion and as she was open to my Work, I pointed out her appearance to her.  She asked and we agreed to do some work together. After a long afternoon where I removed all the ‘pins’ that were stuck in her, her energy started coming back and she felt really good.

The next night we met for our walk and all the pins were back.  She had caved in to guilt and spoken that day to her mother – even though she had said she would avoid her mother until the weekend just to see how she felt.

Instead, she spent much time on the phone with her mother who continued to plague her about returning to home – to giving up her good job, to move away from the home she owned and the life she had built.  Eventually, my friend was so worn from the constant energy abuse that she caved in and put her home up for sale.

During this time we had many conversations about her mother being an energy vampire.  At first she denied it – her mother was kind and wanted to help others.  When I pointed out the various traits her mother exhibited PLUS all that I was clairvoyantly seeing, she acknowledged the truth of the situation.  However, the damage was done.  My friend relocated and I helped her move.  Partially for personal motivation as I wanted to meet this woman who was so energetically abusive.  I was not disappointed for she was everything I had “Seen” that she was.

How does this happen?

Excellent question! In energetic terms, for individuals to pull energy from others the gift of receptive empathy is required.  The person does not need to be aware that they have this gift!

There are two types of empathy gifts – and people can have both!  Receptive empaths receive the emotions and energies of others where projective empaths project their emotions out to others.  It is possible to be both receptive and projective.

In general, being a receptive empath does NOT mean you are automatically an energy vampire, but it does mean the capacity is there to be one with the correct incentive.  When someone does not value the consequences of their actions that leaves them open to stealing others energy.

The second consideration depends entirely on the detritus and demons attached to the individual.  Every human has detritus and demons attached to them.  These negative vibration beings influence the individuals they are attached to through their emotional states and they are very competent at getting what they want.

Think of it as an addiction – it is a subtle part of the person and they will do what they need to do to ‘feel better’ whether it is cigarettes, alcohol, or any form of drugs.  This time, though, the urge is not caused by a physical addiction but an energetic addiction caused by a negative energetic attachment.

So – the big question – how can I protect myself?

Yes – protect yourself.  Again and Again I will say it – you are responsible for protecting yourself and no one else can or will do it for you.

#1 Shield Daily!  Whether at work or at home – you have to protect yourself – and if you have children you have to protect them too.  The link below is to the basic exercise that should be in everyone’s daily routine – Shielding with Archangel Michael.

You don’t have to believe in Angelics for this to work, but PLEASE stipulate prior to do this exercise – or any type of energy work – that you want to work only with beings 100% of the Light.  Otherwise, you may well end up working with the Dark instead.

I strongly suggest that you do it daily upon waking and then as often as you can remember to do it and then end your day with doing it again.  This has been my practice for over 15 years and I have to say I have very rarely had any problems – and none with Energy Vampires!

#2 Establish your boundaries!  Learn to say “no” in as many ways as you possibly can!  No one can really force you to do anything and when you cave in to others that is truly your own personal choice.

#3 Learn to recognize those EVs around you and avoid them!  I don’t care if it is your mother or your boss – put into place ways to avoid physical contact with them and definitely shield yourself heavily before going around them.  Put 2,000 shielding layers around yourself!  My elder daughter would put 2,000 shields around her every morning on the drive to school.  At lunch time she would put the shields back up, because they would be worn down by everyone around her.  It was the only way she, as a Sensitive, could survive.

Only you can protect yourself.  DO IT!