Portals and Vortices

One of the constructs commonly encountered by people are Portals, also known as Vortices.  Portals and Vortices are often perceived in wildly different ways – and the perception is completely dependent upon the individual who is experiencing it.  A construct is a created issue, item, disturbance – whatever you want to call it.  It is not ‘naturally occurring’ nor are these types of phenomena to be desired.  There are multiple other avenues one can take (when educated) to access one’s Guides, Angels, Light Beings, Deceased Love Ones, etc.

Portals/Vortices for some people people create the experience/sensation of being watched, but the individual is unable to determine why.  Others will walk through the room and feel a “cold” or a “warm” spot.  Animals are often the best viewers of these type of situations, for animals often see them quite clearly and one can watch them staring intently at a location for minutes on end.  Animals are not stupid and they recognize inherently that which is inimical with its basic nature.  Humans, not so much.

Portals and Vortices are not a normally occurring item on the Earth Plane.  They do not just happen – something must create the opportunity for the Portal/Vortex to open and then, depending upon who opened it, it may be just left open to the detriment of humans.

Some people in the paranormal community refer to it as a doorway for spirits to cross into this dimension.  This is incorrect.  Discarnates are Ghosts stuck here in this dimension and thus they don’t require the use of Portals/Vortices.  Those who have completely passed on do not require them for they have the ability to speak with their loved ones whenever they choose to.  It does not mean the human will hear them – thus, those who have passed on will use Dreams to communicate with those who would not be open to them appearing while awake.

On another note, buildings/environments do NOT automatically become “haunted” if a portal is opened within its walls.  Portals/Vortices affect the spacial/energetic environment within a certain physical range and depending upon which Reality is utilizing the Portal/Vortex will result in different kinds of effects.  There will be negative ramifications, however, if a Portal/Vortex is open for a length of time – always depending upon what has opened it.

While Ghosts do not use portals, the other beings that do use them, however, are almost 100% detrimental in nature.  The vast majority of these detrimental beings fall into either the Demon Class or are Detrimental ETs.  Both are known to use portals to view and interact with the Human Plane and Demons are also known to enter the Earth Plane through portals when appropriate for them.  It is not their exclusive way to enter the Earth Plane, but it can be convenient for them, depending upon the  person.

Let’s start with detrimental ET portals.  There are multiple types of ETs that exist and view the Earth Plane and many of them interact and meddle with humanity and the Earth Plane.  One non-interactive type – the Neutrals – uses portals to spy upon the Earth Plane in general and watch particular humans specifically.  Detrimental ETs – which are the vast majority of ETs that interact with humanity – will use the portals as a way to negatively interact with humans.  Most of the negative interacting with humans takes place with mind games and emotional battery.

Sometimes people inadvertently open portals and sometimes people deliberately open portals.  Regardless of the reason, when portals are opened and not shut, detrimental things follow.  It’s not like movies where animals and furniture start to disappear, but rather the detritus that accesses the portal starts to mess around with stuff and causes hurt and possible harm to those in the vicinity of the residence.

Often times, when the unknowing (aka kids, teens, and college idiots) decide to hold a séance or use a Ouija board, they are creating the opportunity for a Portal/Vortex to open.  When they think they are speaking with the dead, those who have passed on, the reality is that they are creating an opening to the Etheric Realms – never a good thing.

The Etheric does not have automatic access to the Earth Plane, so when an opening appears in the Etheric to the Earth Plane, Detrimental Energy Beings (DEB) will be attracted to it and will use it for their own purposes.  They do not care if someone participating “does not believe” in the séance or Ouija board, they don’t care about the age, innocence, or ignorance of the individuals present.  They only care about accessing the Earth Plane and they will do whatever it takes to get here.

Thus, a fair number of potential clients I have dealt with were highly possessed because they participated in these types of events.  Once a DEB has latched onto someone – preferably someone stupid enough to volunteer to be a vessel or host (again, regardless of whether they believe in what is happening or not) and gives consent – they are rooted deeply into that individual’s energetic system.  Once so rooted, they can manipulate the individual to do what they want by causing the individual extreme pain – or pleasure – to get their objective completed.  It is mind torture accompanied with physical torture to condition the individual into releasing control over his/her own body.  But that is another topic entirely which has been discussed on this site extensively already.  Back to Portals/Vortices.

Many times all that is needed for a Portal/Vortex to be created is that unknowing, willing participant.  Sometimes the individual is a Light Worker – whose only desire is to help others heal, to grow, or just wishes for the world to be a better place and is trying their best to do so.  These individuals are usually open to their Gifts, but the knowledge that most of them possess does not include knowledge of the Dark.  The vast majority shy away from it as it scares them.  And rightly so.  However, that creates a vulnerability, a weakness in that person because they want to change or to control a situation that is not theirs to control.

That creates the opportunity for many Dark ETs.  They pretend to be “good” ETs sent to help Humanity rise above its problems, but in reality those are Detrimental ETs who are just mind-f*cking over nice people whose only fault in this situation is that they desperately wish that the Earth Plane was vastly different than it currently is.  But, Detrimental Beings do not care care about how humans might view their motives or actions as messed up – they are only trying to achieve their own agenda.

This may start to sound a bit paranoid.  I have no fear of these beings for I have had to deal with them multiple times.  I DO have quite a bit of respect for them and I do not underestimate them, for I know what I have had to do to win back my client’s lives.

So what can you do if you think there is a Portal/Vortex in your space?  If you know how to Dowse, you can narrow down where you think the Portal/Vortex may be.  My next suggestion when you know better where it is, Sage.  First sage the directly affected environment and then Sage the entire building or space it is in.  Oh – they appear everywhere, BTW.  They can be in ceilings, floors, in the middle of the room, a doorway, or even in someone’s energy fields.  Don’t think one cannot be located in a particular space because they do NOT follow the laws of Earth Plane physics.

Saging is the first, best response to anything “paranormal”.  It clears the space of unattached DEBs for 24 hours.  Enough time to give you breathing room if something has already came through the Portal/Vortex.

Sometimes if the Portal/Vortex is ET related they may close it (probably temporarily) but then again, they may not.  They are observing, after all, and even the Neutral ETs are watching everything you do, so there you go.

That takes us to the next step.  The sage is just setting the stage, setting the intention for what you want done.  This is also important, for if you don’t want the Portal/Vortex really closed then if you are trying to do this on your own you are not likely to succeed. Curiosity is a great thing at times for humanity, but in this case no, not so much.

If you don’t feel comfortable doing the work, hiring a contractor may be the next step for you.  Look for someone who resolves the issue – this is KEY.  When you contact them, let them know you don’t need confirmation – you need RESOLUTION.  Make this clear in a follow-up email to confirm the appointment.  This will help to weed out the people who will be more than happy to charge you to confirm what you are experiencing. Otherwise, you could spend a LOT of money not resolving the issue instead of actually spending the money TO resolve the issue.

What is resolution?  Two things – the Portal/Vortex being cleared and then the energy of your environment (home/building/etc.) being cleared and raised.  If they cannot do this then the stuff that came through the Portal/Vortex may come back to harass you.

The key to remember is that whoever is doing the work – you or someone you know or a contractor you hire – is going to do the work in alignment with what they feel comfortable.  If you have someone religious – as in Catholic Priest or a Baptist/Non-denominational minister – they will most likely take the steps of spraying holy water on it and/or say prayers to close the Portal/Vortex.

The truth is – these steps are not important.  What is important is what THEY believe. Action follows energy which follows intention, so if they do things they don’t believe in or they don’t believe will work, then the desired action is not going to take place.  They may think it has, but what you are dealing with behind the Portal/Vortex is not stupid or mindless.  Sometimes they are brutally clever and may close the Portal/Vortex to fool the person into thinking things have changed and then they just wait a little while and voilà – once they are ready they open it back up again.

To truly eradicate a Portal/Vortex one must close the Portal/Vortex where it opens on their side.  Some Portals/Vortices can take a while to close as there are often multiple steps involved.  But when done property, it will NOT open again.  The vast majority of Portals/Vortices are fixed – they stay in one spot.  So when the proper steps are taken to close on their side they won’t be able to just open again.  It is no longer a “window” – it has become a flat wall.  For them to recreate the Portal/Vortex in the same environment they will need either another volunteer (if applicable) or they will have to painstakingly track you down energetically.  Even then, the Portal/Vortex will not appear in the same exact place.

If you find that you are having multiple Portal/Vortex issues, it may be that you need to clear the energies of both the environment AND the individuals within that environment.

Some people are natural draws for the Dark ETs.  They have gifts, abilities, or paths in their Lifetime that if fulfilled would cause problems for the Dark ETs.  So, they will watch them closely and carefully and do whatever is needed to cause problems for that person.

It is key to remember that Detrimental Energy Beings are NOT human – at all.  They have access to information and energies that humans do not.  This access provides them with the ability to mess with humans on a deep level and they have no repercussions to prevent them from doing so.

Always – protect yourself.  Protect your environment.  Help those you love to protect themselves.  Self-Care is the first, vital step towards living a life directed by YOU and not affected by that which is outside of you.