A Few Hotel Stories…

There are three incredibly infested environments in the US (and probably other countries, I just have not been to others).  There are other types of locations, but in my experience these three really create problems for the most people – sports and concert arenas, government buildings (including court houses, police stations, Secretary of State/DMVs, State Buildings), and hotels/motels.

In each of these locations it is very easy to find out any number of demons, DEBs, and problem children searching for their next host.  Why?  Because each of these locations are accessed by individuals who are emotionally unbalanced and many times, totally invested in that emotional imbalance.

Americans have a tendency to become emotionally triggered over a wide variety of things.  Here in America, sporting events are a huge emotional trigger. People arrive early to experience “whatever” before the event, drink heavily, and then enter the environment already triggered and riled up.  Seriously – it is amazing to me that so few shootings take place at these events considering the amount of alcohol drank before hand and during.

Government buildings have purposes that often times are at odds with what citizens consider their Rights and so many people project their emotions that you could be knocked down by all the anger and even outright hatred. Police stations, court houses, and even state government buildings are the home of protests, riots, and who all knows what else – manifesting all kinds of entities that feed off a variety of negative emotions.

Hotels and motels, the last category we will touch on, are sometimes the worst of the lot, simply because the majority of them are home to individuals around the clock, seven days a week, and 52 weeks a year.  Sometimes filled to capacity by conventions or large corporate events and sometimes just filled with random strangers staying temporarily as they pass through, there are many memorable “ghost stories” that are shared online as well as stories told via movies and books.

While I look at most of those stories (even those with “photographic proof” as wishful thinking, I have experienced multiple situations where I have been contacted by clients in the middle of the night because they woke up to something in the room, something waking them up, or them not being able to go to sleep at all.

Decor notwithstanding, many individuals do find it difficult to sleep away from their own home environment.  The brief synopses of events listed below are only a smattering of events I have been second-hand witness to.  Why only second-hand?  Because when I travel, I clear the environment before I ever get there and then once onsite I clear it again!  I like to get my full night’s sleep – if I don’t, I am a grumpy person!  LOL

Hotel in Virginia:
I received a text from a long-term client who was traveling for a family event to Virginia and would staying at a hotel there.  It was a group booking, meaning that the family had found a hotel and reserved a number of rooms in that location.  It sometimes means better costs but it also means you are the victim of whomever chooses the hotel.

Apparently, the room he had been assigned in this fancy, older hotel had strange designs on the ceiling (no flat ceilings here!) and he had the strangest feeling of being stared at. Well, he was correct, for as soon as I accessed the room distantly I could tell there was a portal in the ceiling exactly from where he felt the weird feelings.

There are two types of portals I look for – neutral and negative.  This one was definitely negative in nature.  As I checked it out, I could see that there was some ET spyware in place and some other detrimental beings accessing the portal.  I closed it out, cleared the space of some DEBs that were lurking in the room, and then raised the vibration so anything below a certain vibration would leave the environment.  He stayed for three days there and I had to clear the space each day because the environment was so infested.  He said he slept ok, though.

Resort in Arizona:
I had an in-person client visit with a client that he had treated himself, his wife, their infant child, and his mother-in-law to a retreat in Arizona.  So many think that Arizona is a high vibrational environment where everything is wonderful and magical.  I am not saying that is not true.  But what is also true is that people bring all their baggage with them wherever they go and that provides opportunities for DEBs to travel easily as well.

In this particular case, he, his wife, and their child shared one room and his MIL another. The child had issues falling asleep that night – would start to doze off and then wake with a start, crying, until finally exhaustion claimed the little one.  He was a touch concerned, but mostly had worried that maybe they should have postponed the trip until the baby was a bit older.

During the middle of the night, he was violently awakened, as if someone had just smacked him across the face.  He started awake, even waking his wife by accident with his thrashing reaction.  He figured it was just the strange space and the strange bed, so he started to try to go to sleep again, when it felt as if something physically swooped in and pressed its face close to his.  He started back again and then told his wife to pack up. He went down to the front desk and demanded another room, that he was not going to be tormented all night.

Apparently, according to the clerk, everyone who slept in the room had the same experience.  When asked why they did not just get the room cleansed by a professional, the clerk reportedly stated that management did not believe there was anything wrong with the room and that people only imagined the issues.

Hotel at Cedar Pointe, OH:
My daughter had a close college friend who worked at a hotel at Cedar Pointe in Ohio a few summers ago.  Cedar Point is a very large amusement park that goes way back!  I remember going there when I was in junior high school!  Talk about dinasaur ages! Always super busy in the summer time and tons of tourists come into town.  One would think every hotel would be bursting at the seams to make money during this short season to carry them through the year.

I got a phone call about how her friend was really scared because she had begun to notice that every time she walked down a certain service hallway it felt as if something was following her. The lights would dim and sometimes weird noises without explanation would be heard.

As I questioned her further, apparently that service hallway connected to a group of rooms in the hotel that were always vacant.  Management did not rent out those rooms because every time they were rented out, incidents would happen and management would have to find the individuals new rooms and/or refund their fees or more – to keep the customers happy.

When I checked the hotel out, it was a mess.  There were vortices present, a Well, a ton of discarnates, plus portals and demons all over the place.  I asked her where she had to go in the hotel and if she was responsible for taking care of anything in that area.  She replied no, she just had to use the service hallway every now and then because it connected to a different part of the hotel.

I told her to contact management and give them my information.  I would be happy to clear the rooms (easily 15+ rooms standing empty and not generating any income) but otherwise I would just clear the service hallway and make sure it was safe for her and her coworkers.

In the end, we removed several portals that were being used to spy on personnel, a dozen mid-level demons and multiple discarnates plus multiple problem children! One group alone was enough to cause shivers up your spine, but the grouping of them was just trouble with a capital T.

Later, I heard back from her that she was doing fine, but that management was not interested in the services of an exorcist, regardless of how discrete I was.  That is a shame, because during the peak time of summer they were losing a TON of money DAILY with those rooms being held unavailable.  And my fees are actually very reasonable.   🙂

Do you have a creepy hotel story to share?  Let us know!  I love to hear from our site visitors!  And if you need help, let us know!  Oh – and if you are in hotel management, I really do have reasonable rates for cleansing!  LOL


Author: Julia Alexandra

Julia is Spiritual Counselor, a trans-channel, a Reiki Teacher, and a Priest of Melchizedek who is currently living the Enlightened Path, traveling to wherever Spirit tells her to go! She frequents North Carolina, Northern California, and Illinois/Wisconsin while (currently) abiding in mid-central Florida.

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