A short while back, I received a phone call from a client who was very concerned.  She had been hearing some weird, random noises the last few days but had not been too concerned about it, when suddenly the normally placid, older family cat screeched at the patio door to be let outside.  Once she opened the door, he took off as if he were on fire or being chased by a pack of animals.

He tore around the yard, zig zagging all over the place and kept looking behind him.  As she watched him in the doorway, he ran back up to the door then rushed in to hide under the couch.

She called me at that point and asked if I there was anything I could do?  Was he just suffering from kitty dementia or was there something more sinister afoot?

Unfortunately for the kitty and fortunately for her, yes, something was attacking her and yes, I was able to handle the situation right away.  Unfortunately, the poor cat was never likely to be quite as complacent as he had been while sleeping, but that too might pass.

So, what happened to him?

Well, unfortunately for him, a Problem Child had showed up and was trying to feed off his energy.  Problem Children, for the uninitiated, are ghosts (discarnates) that feed off the living to sustain their consciousness.  Problem Children will feed off both humans and animals and so I keep all my animals protected at all times, even though my property is very well protected.  One can never be too careful for those one loves.

This particular Problem Child was a very ugly natured female who was quite irritated at my spoiling her opportunity for a meal and put up quite the fight against being processed back to the energetic environment where she belonged.

Time wise it was only a few minutes but she irritated me to know end before our battle was completed.  Not a challenge for they never are, but definitely an irritant.

Animals are quite sensitive to both energetic beings and energetic constructs.  Many times, you will see animals of all kinds just staring at “nothing” when often they are staring at a portal or some form of energetic visitor.  They see the Angelic and Light Realm beings as well as those of the Dark and often are mistrustful regardless of orientation.  LOL

I highly recommend the regular (daily) saging of physical environments to help create a 24-hour layer of protection against that which is detrimental.  I prefer white leaf sage but there are a couple types you can buy.  This is not cooking sage – please don’t use that.

Animals will, often times, NOT like you saging their particular physical/auric beings.  You may want to get everything ready, place the animal in your arms, and then begin the saging if you feel they need personal saging assistance.  Be prepared for a conflict situation with them – they can get quite freaked out over the energy sensations that result.

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