I have a friend who is very involved in the Boy Scouts and is fairly high up in the leadership of his local group.  One of the projects that he does several times a year is to take his troops to the local cemeteries to help trim and clean out the bushes and landscaping so it is easier for people to walk along the pathways.

During one of his trips to a particular cemetery that was located in an area that in the past was plantations, he discovered an old path that was badly grown over.  He grabbed some of his boys and they went to work clearing enough space to be able to walk.  He quickly realized that this was a part of the cemetery that had been allowed to be grown over and his curiosity was rampant.

Unfortunately, his time that day was over and the boys had to go home shortly, so he asked for volunteers to come the next weekend and help him again with the space.

That next weekend, they arrive bright and early and their only focus was on getting that pathway cleared out to see what was behind all the foliage.

What he found saddened and shocked him.  The cemetery that he bi-annually helped to keep clean was quite old, with many of the headstones going back to the 1700’s.  In looking over the headstones, it became quite apparent that those older stones were only for white people and he realized that what had been blocked off was an old slave cemetery.

There were a few headstones and multiple wooden crosses falling to pieces but whatever might have been able to be salvaged for historic purposes was beyond repair at that point.  He did notice, however, that the energy in that small cemetery was very strange and he felt more than saw that there was something watching him.

He contacted me and I distance viewed the place.  What I found was both interesting and quite sad, for what had been watching him was a young, teenage black girl who seemed to be unable to move at all.  I went into Work Mode and quickly realized that she was the victim of a curse that was quite cruel in nature.

I spoke with her at length and as I learned her story my heart went out to her even more. Her mother and father had been slaves and her mother had suddenly come down sick and died.  Her father almost immediately became involved with another woman and brought her into the young girl’s home.  The father was attached to his daughter and the new wife became very jealous of the girl, until one day while the father was gone working, she poisoned the girl and she slowly, painfully died.

Very Cinderella story-like, eh?  Well, it gets worse.

As she was dying, she watched as her step-mother cast a spell on one of her few possessions – a piece of clothing- and the step-mother made sure her body was dressed in it for her burial.  Once the father came home, she informed him of the girl’s sudden death and then put into place the immediate plan for her burial.  Grief stricken to lose in a very short time not only his wife but his only child, the father basically just agreed to whatever needed to be done.

They called on the preacher available to them and the new wife even demanded that the girl be placed in the cemetery even though the wife had not been.  What no one realized was what would happen to the young girl after she was buried, for she was still there, watching it all play out in front of her eyes.

The “spell” was actually a very spiteful curse that had tied the girl’s spirit to the piece of clothing – preventing her from leaving the earth plane and keeping her spiritual presence physically locked into place, fully aware yet not able to change her situation. Even though the clothing was over 200 years old, there were still enough pieces of it remaining in the grave to keep the girl tied there for many more years.

Even if it had disintegrated fully, she would not have spontaneously “left” the earth plane. That only happens in movies.  She might have started to wander or she might just have stayed in that location, but eventually she would just revert to a vegetative state – unless she decided to become a parasite, a Problem Child, and start to feed off humans she encountered.

What DID happen is me.  I eliminated the curse that was holding her to that physical location and released and cleansed her of all traces of it.  Then, I opened the Gate and called her father and mother to come forward and greet her, so she could finally go Home.  It was quite the beautiful reunion.

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