Cleansing a Voluntary Demon Binding

Recently I was asked by a peer to join him in a session with a client he had recently acquired.  This client had asked my intuitively-talented friend for assistance in whatever way he saw fit, and once he finished working on this client he called me because of what he had found.

Early in this man’s life, during his teen years, he had become involved with a girl who dabbled in the Occult.  My friend was able to see the demon that was linked to his client and while he is very capable, he thought since the Dark was my specialty that he would check with me to make sure there were no loose ends.

After verifying that yes, the work he had done was complete and well done, we discussed the greater picture of what needed to be completed.  And that was not just eliminating all energies the demon had attached to the client, but I needed to eliminate the demon presence entirely.

So we agreed to do a joint session with his client to allow both the client to remove as much as possible of the Dark but also to allow me the opportunity to do what I do best – eliminate demons.  I knew from the bat that this was not a typical demon nor a  possession scenario, but a binding situation which is handled a bit differently.  I needed to get more detail from the client on what had transpired and how the demon had been introduced to him to verify the information I was getting on the situation.

Later that night, we did a conference call for the joint session and we were able to do some Q&A before we started the work.  Turns out that when he was near 17 years old, he was going through a very rough time at home.  Very typical, really, in every way.  He had a female friend who was a bit out there who wanted him to help her perform this ritual.  According to what he says, he really had no idea what she was going to do or what it entailed, but he liked her so he said yes.  Again – very typical especially for the age and dynamics of the relationship.

We began our work that night with a Revocation to remove all connections that girl might have to his personal energy system.  Revocations can take some time because it is important for the words to be said, not read – the energy impact is quite different if read aloud – and while he repeated the words after me, I was able to disengage her energy connections to him and then trace the energy back to the demon in question.

The demon in question was actually a Dark Archangel, so I knew that Lucifer was going to have some issues with our Work.  Demons of all variations are a dime a dozen, but Dark Angelics are much rarer and have a tendency to irritate her when one is returned home.  So, I added extra protections immediately to not just our client, but to my friend and myself as well so we would fly under the radar and not attract her attention.

I isolated the dark archangel, separated him from all the individuals he had bound to and was feeding off of – 9 total – and then we cleared him and sent him home.  The Dark returns to the Creator just as humans and all other sentient beings.  The Angelics are processed differently than demons or humans, but they go back all the same.

Once we had eliminated him from the Earth Plane, we then focused on the 8 remaining individuals who had been feeding the Dark Angelic.  We cleared their connection to him and then healed that connection and then did what we could to eliminate its influence on their energy matrix and then balanced their personal energies, all the while keeping them within special shielding so they would be unaware of how this was all connected to our client.

I am more than capable of taking on any or all of them at once, but my client is not, so I always protect my client until the time of concern has passed.  Should something pop up afterwards he is always welcome to reach out to me and we will see what can be done to assist him then.

The Dark has many different types of beings lumped into it.  Many times I am internally amused when people try to give me descriptions of what type of creature has attacked them or what they think – very seriously – has been set against them by Lucifer personally.  Rarely does she get involved personally and even more rare are the descriptions anywhere near accurate as to what is actually attacking the individual.  But I don’t really need anyone to tell me what is going on – I have a massive database within me that knows all the different types of the Dark while most people only have Hollywood and their imagination.  It’s all good!

I want to end this project file with the message that while what I wrote above may seem simple to do, it is not FOR everyone to do.  Please don’t attempt to do this kind of work without expert training and Guidance or you could find yourself in the middle of a possession situation and/or constantly under attack from the Dark.


Author: Julia Alexandra

Julia is Spiritual Counselor, a trans-channel, a Reiki Teacher, and a Priest of Melchizedek who is currently living the Enlightened Path, traveling to wherever Spirit tells her to go! She frequents North Carolina, Northern California, and Illinois/Wisconsin while (currently) abiding in mid-central Florida.

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