I had a client referred to me from a Shaman friend who was also my client.  She was quite capable and kind in many ways, but one of my specialties in auric cleansing is curse work – or rather, the removal of curses – and she would refer anything complicated my way.

In this particular situation, the curse started to develop back in the mid 1930’s.  A male in the family, fairly young, maybe mid 20’s, was involved with one woman, but in the end, he chose to marry someone else.

The young woman he led on was poor and underemployed and worked hard hours to make what money she did to help support her family.  He had been infatuated with her looks as she was quite beautiful, and made promises to her that were quite sincere, yet after his sexual appetite was satisfied his feelings for her dissipated and he started looking around.

He was young and while some might think it was his youth that caused him to be flighty towards others, in the end the truth was that he was just a narcissist.  He looked around the community until he found an individual to provide him with a better status and better financial status than the other girl.

Obviously, this hurt the young woman badly and deeply bitter and self-hating because she had been used and thrown away, the young woman decided to take her own life for she saw nothing but humiliation and pain ahead of her and her family for the rest of her life.

As she was dying, she cast the curse upon him by imbuing her wish of ill will with all the strength left to her.  She wished for him to never attain the financial security he craved, that he would never find any form of lasting love or happy relationship, and that until time ended, he would only know deep unhappiness and then he would bestow it upon those in his life.

This was quite the potent curse for it affected the family not just in this human reality, but also in all the parallel planes as well as any other lifetimes the two may have shared together.

It is a sad set of circumstances, for her dying wish to become nothing but the cause of pain for him and his family after he caused and would continue to cause pain to her and her family.

In regards to how this could possibly be done?  Well, a significant amount of her energy while she was dying was put into creating the curse, which was implemented energetically by a succubus (demon) attached to her.  The succubus had taken her wish and her energy, created the negative energy curse, and attached it to him energetically, so that in the end, the energy funding the curse was his, though her energy was used to create it.

This curse was attached energetically to all he ever cared for (including non-family members) and was passed within and down the family line – including those unknown to the family. You could think of it almost as a genetic trait, as no one escaped it.

Curses are like ugly, black ribbons that run through a person’s auric layers.  Sometimes they will entwine or pass through a person’s chakras, but not always and not everyone.  If your personal gift includes seeing auras you may see the dark threads or “snakes” moving and twining and twisting in and around and through the individual’s auric layers.

Curses are very rarely static – it all depends upon the details and intention when they were created, but try to remember that curses exist completely in the energetic system – they are created from energy, they attach and feed energetically, and then are passed on energetically by the afflicted.

This particular curse was not static, so movement could be seen through the auric layers as they “moved and flexed” around each person, affecting and being affected by the person’s free will choices.

During the removal process, I isolated each energetic component – the young girl who created it, the succubus attached to her, the male’s energy signatures and the curse itself as it became an entity from the moment the curse was implemented.

Then, once all were identified I removed each energy component from each affected person’s auric layers (this does include those who have passed on) – starting with her energy signature, then the succubus energy signature, and then in turn his energy.  Each was removed until the only thing remaining was the curse itself.

Once these individual pieces were removed from all individuals affected, then she and her energy were sent back to the Creator, we transmuted the succubus back to Light, and return his energy to his spiritual presence that was still present on the earth plane.

Then I focused on the curse itself.

Removal of curse energy requires healing during and afterwards – and this contributes to the amount of time spent.  It is important to always maintain control over the energy through every step and stage or it can backlash; the work is thus very detailed.

I checked and verified that there was no further karma on his part to balance regarding his actions with her from this lifetime, however he did have karma for what happened to his descendants that will need to be balanced.

Her actions created karma between him and her and so that was balanced in this lifetime and all other lifetimes where the curse has been implemented.

At the end, all karma stemming from this situation was balanced, completed, canceled, and healed throughout.

For those inquiring minds, the work detailed above took six (6) sessions to complete, which equates to about 10 hours of work.

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