A while back, someone contacted me about an item for sale they found on a website.  It was an old box and she could tell it had a “lot of stuff” attached to it.  She wanted to purchase it for me as she felt it to be quite dangerous to someone unknowing who might buy it.

Before and since that point in time, A dybbuk, as defined by Merriam Webster is:

“a wandering soul believed in Jewish folklore to enter and control a living body until exorcised by a religious rite”

The word dybbuk is Yiddish, so for the purpose of this writing I looked up the definition as it was bound to include a better descriptive, which it did as supplied by the Jewish Virtual Library:

In Jewish folklore and popular belief an evil spirit which enters into a living person, cleaves to his soul, causes mental illness, talks through his mouth, and represents a separate and alien personality is called a dybbuk. The term appears neither in Talmudic literature nor in the Kabbalah, where this phenomenon is always called “evil spirit.”

In my world, there is a massive difference between a wandering soul and an evil spirit. I call all “wandering souls” discarnates.  Most label them “ghosts”, but that term is not as exact as people might think it is and for my degree of Work, I require more exacting language.

Within the category of discarnates exists a sub-category I call Problem Children.  These are discarnates/ghosts who have discovered how to attach to a human and suck their energy from them, until they either detach voluntarily or until they are exorcised.

I have encountered so many Problem Children that I have lost count.  It is very common to encounter them within the paranormal environment, yet very few people seem to identify, much less rectify, the problem they are.

Do Problem Children generally attach to items?  No.  In my experience, apart from less than a handful of instances I have encountered over the years, it is strictly the demonic class that attaches to items and there are very specific reasons why this does or does not occur.

First, let’s talk about why Problem Children DON’T attach to items.

Problem Children are those individuals who were human and passed on, but refused for whatever reason to not leave the Human Plane.  While alive and human their source of energy was abundant and helped sustain their physical form.  Now deceased and without a physical form, that external source of energy is now cut off to them.  They have no energy coming in – unless they find one.

That is what Problem Children do.  They look for people – or animals – to attach themselves to and then they suck the energy out of them for the purpose of sustaining their awareness.  If they do not do this, if they don’t attach to someone or an animal, they will fairly quickly fall into a vegetative state until something provides enough energy for them to gain awareness again.

Thus, for a ghost, wandering soul, or whatever you want to call it to attach to an object is extremely unlikely as objects do not supply them with the energy they need.  Again, I have encountered only a couple of instances where it did happen, but there were specific reasons the discarnate/ghost attached to what it did and I was able to fix the problem within a very short time.

So, let’s talk about evil spirits.  What is your definition of an evil spirit?  Do you call them demons?  Do you call them dark entities or detrimental energy beings?  I have a myriad of classes and subclasses for detrimental energy beings (DEBs), so for the purpose of this writing we are going to make this as simple as possible.

Do DEBs attach to objects?  There is a specific class of DEBs that WILL attach to objects, yes.  This particular class of DEBs is what we consider quite high level. Why are they high level?  Because of their intelligence and ability to analyze situations and manipulate circumstances to their own advantage.  The vast majority of DEBs do not possess these qualities much less use them as a very pointed skill set.

It may or may not thus be comforting to know that DEBs would rather attach to you, the reader, than the doll or statue or stuffed animal or box in your house.

When I was contacted, she sent a link to the item in question.  Once I opened the link, I was able to connect with the object and confirm that indeed it was quite the nasty piece of work and that it should not be moved on in the same condition.

So why do demons attach to objects? As we stated above there is a certain sub class of DEB that is intelligent and has the ability to analyze a situation and manipulate circumstances to its’ advantage.  Some people energetically shield without every knowing that they are doing it.  Some are just extremely well protected.  In cases like this, this particular demonic is not going to be able to work its’ way in as deeply as it would like to, so it scopes the situation and finds something that particular person values, something that is likely to be in that person’s presence very regularly – preferable daily and hourly, even – so that it can gradually influence the individual’s energy so that it can then affect the individual as it means to.

Are dolls inherently evil?  Do we even need to ask that question?  According to Hollywood one would think there are massive numbers of objects that exist within the human plane that are evil or have evil things attached to them.  In my experience, this is also a rare occurrence.  Does it happen?  Oh yes, but when you realize that if you KNOW of even 10 items that are possess versus the millions of demons that are attached to people, it really is quite the small number.

The individual’s personality and psychic makeup contribute to how that person is likely to be vulnerable to DEBs.  The average voodoo doll, for instance, does not possess an evil entity – it is used as a conduit for negative and detrimental energy so it will likely feel very ugly, but its very purpose means that it is unlikely to have any DEB attached.

So, what did I do about the dybbuk box?  I cleared it and no, I did not bid on it.  I don’t feel a need to buy objects that don’t interest me, but morally and ethically I cannot allow someone to be hurt by that which they don’t understand if I can prevent it.  People will make things out to be whatever they want them to be, but for someone ignorant to purchase that because it was “cool” and then to become possessed or someone close to them to become possessed is unconscionable.


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