I have done a variety of work over the years for an estate sale company located in the greater Raleigh, NC area.  Being in the estate sale business seems to be quite interesting; they go on site and not only clean everything in the home and garage, but arrange it to hopefully achieve the best opportunity for it to be sold.

In some cases, not much work is needed beyond bringing out things that have been stored.  In other cases, the person who had been living there was so infirmed that a general cleaning of the place is required before anyone can enter the location.

In many situations, the house along with the possessions is being put up for sale, so an overall good appearance is quite important.

Over the years, I have cleared objects that had attachments prior to them being put up for sale.  Someone I knew quite well worked for the company, so I would be contacted when something was in question or if the house itself needed clearing.

I received a phone call late one night along with an email of photographs.  The photographs were of a series of wooden African masks hanging on the wall. Immediately it was clear that something extremely negative was attached to the masks and that they should be cleared prior to any customers entering the home.  A curse was attached to one of the masks and several of the others had detrimental attachments.  If they had been purchased on gone home with someone, something very negative was likely to have happened.  We were happy to clear these items right away and they sold within the first couple hours of the estate sale opening.

Another time I was asked by the estate sale company owner to walk through a home they had been working as several people had told them that the house was haunted.  The business owner claimed she was not sensitive and had not noticed the ghost at all, but since others were telling her about the situation she asked if I could quickly help out as the owner of the home was deceased and the heirs needed to sell the house quickly as it was a burden to them.

I walked to the top floor of the home and easily discovered the woman standing in the center of the room, at the foot of the bed.  She was quite ready to move on and so we cleared her and then processed her through the Gate.  We finished by clearing the entire house and raising the vibration so that it held a friendly, happy vibe instead of a troubled vibe.  My understanding is that the house sold quite quickly.

Another house situation took place outside the Raleigh area.  They had been hired, as normal, to put the house into order and to get everything ready to be sold.  The owner of the house had been a single male, quite old, who had been a dentist.  In the lower area of his home was a very old-fashioned dental chair and many implements of dental work. The whole scene looked as if it was from the set of a horror movie.

As before, we were contacted by the employee who, because the location was not local to Raleigh, was spending the night in the house with another of her team.  The energy in the home was horrible and she called me in the middle of the night because she could not go to sleep.  She sent me some pictures of the space where she felt it was centralized, which happened to be the same room as the dental chair.

In all honesty, this was not surprising.  Dental visits have tormented and terrified many people over the years so it was likely the chair had quite a bit of detritus attached to it. We cleared the chair, the dental implements, and the space.  Immediately the energy in the house was better and the employees were able to go to sleep.


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    1. Thanks, Kory! I am glad you liked this article! Please feel free to contribute any concerns or issues you would like to learn more about! Blessings!

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