In February 2018, I had to travel out of town for the very unexpected and sudden demise of a family member.  I was not emotionally close to this family member, but its suddenness and the brutality behind it was shocking and emotionally upsetting to all of us.  I have been present when other family members and close friends have passed on and I have assisted in the passing process of clients and friends, and of family members of friends and clients.  It is always very interesting to me, for I learn more with every passing I experience (distantly or in person).  Mostly what I learn about is the vast amount of Love that is available to each person.

I get asked that a lot – what happens, what do I see or experience, when someone passes/dies/leaves.  There are different stages yet there is not a specific length of time assigned to each stage.  The passing process can be quick and short or long and drawn out.  It is really very dependent upon each person and the circumstances they have chosen.

Yes, I said that.  Everyone makes choices every day of their life.  If someone dies from alcoholism it is because they made the choice to drink.  The discussion of whether they developed the disease labeled as alcoholism as a result of drinking or if the drinking was the result of the disease called alcoholism does not interest me.

No one thinks that the choices that they make are going to lead to their death, but all do. Some choices may be more obscure to understand than others, but I guarantee you that somewhere in the living of your life the choices you made will impact the root of your passing. You just don’t know it yet.

I have outlined the basic process of separation and passing on the page The Passing Process, which you can find under the Death and What Happens After page on the front page of this site.  What follows next are my personal experiences from this passing process so others may benefit from the words.  Please note – I am NOT a part of the medical industry at all, so you won’t be receiving any medically technical information from me. 🙂

We arrived at the hospital at approximately 11pm and went up to the ICU where FP was located.  As we entered the room, the two individuals who accompanied me quickly started a medical conversation about the treatment taking place, the various machines hooked up to FP, and the drugs being pushed in.

I, on the other hand, stood at the doorway and looked into the room.  I quickly identified his parents on one side of the room plus a handful of people of whom I did not recognize, maybe 10 or 12 visitors total at this time. None of whom would speak to me at all, though I could see his parents recognized me.  All of their focus was on FP in the bed.

I turned to look at him again and it was quite obvious that he was still fully in body – he had not started the separation process at all.  There were a couple Light Beings and Angelics in the room, but the number of visitors plus Light Beings was “normal” for anyone who might be sick.

I shielded the room on multiple levels, I shielded him, and quickly opened a Gate on either side of the room so that any discarnates present within the hospital would be pulled to the Gates and be processed through.  I cleared the energy in the room and raised the vibration as high as could be tolerated easily.

Within a few moments all this work was complete and I departed with one of my companions while the second opted to stay overnight with FP.

The next morning, I could tell before I left the bedroom that there was a great many more visitors in his room – the count was up into the 30s.  We arrived there within the hour and I also noted that there were more Angelics and Light Beings present as well.  I had communicated with his HS the morning before and confirmed that this was a definite Window, so I really was not surprised at the increases in the room.

I continued to do my Work – clearing the space and cleansing him of the detritus that I had encapsulated within his energy field earlier in the week when we first heard about his condition.  I did this to be able to transmute the DEBs instead of them detaching and reattaching to someone else, either in the facility or a family member.

I noticed a little while later that his soul pieces were being retrieved and that the space was packed with individuals.  My companions were speaking at length with the day nurse and discussing long term options.  I knew that there was not going to be a need for any long-term options, but medical people need to do the medical thing – it is their safety fallback, the structure they know which provides grounding for them.

We left in the early afternoon to return to our lodgings for our companion who stayed the night to shower and for us to run to the grocery store to pick up food.  Before we left, he had still not started to leave his body, but I knew that the process could take place in seconds.

In less than two hours, we received a phone call from a family member at the hospital saying we needed to return ASAP as one of the doctors had important news to share and my companions’ expertise and knowledge were needed.

On the way to the hospital (~35-minute trip) the Angelics in the room began to sing.  It was glorious, but I knew that it meant he was going to start the separation process.  I whispered the news to one of my companions, but she ignored me.  She was too wrought up in her personal grief to understand the import of the news I was sharing.  I sat back and enjoyed the listening experience.  In less than 10 minutes they were done and I was sitting in silence, alone in my remote viewing of the room and observations of what was taking place.

As we returned to the room, I could immediately see that he indeed had started the separation process.  It was difficult to look at him as one view of him was laying down, eyes closed while the other had him floating above his body, smiling around the room.

I looked closely in the room and noticed that there were Akashic Record Clerks standing in a square formation around the bed, at the far edges of the room.  The room was packed.  There were over 65 visitors and his parents had shifted to the space directly behind the head of his bed and the Angelics were surrounding the lower section of his bed in a semi-circle.  Everyone was focused intently upon him and I silently asked for his departure to be delayed as his son was on the way and it would be an hour before he would arrive.

I opened more Gates in the parking lots of the hospital as a number of people were known to be arriving and I continued to cleanse the space and hold the energy of the room at a high vibration.  His separation continued to proceed and I would look around the room occasionally to see if I recognized anyone else who may have just shown up.

His son arrived just after 5pm and I opened a Gate directly over the mid-section of his body.  He was not showing any signs of resisting, but I wanted him to have as easy a passing as was possible.  The day nurse had made sure he had enough medicine administered to keep him comfortable and I gave him Reiki to help facilitate the separation process.

About 6.45 pm it was noted that his vitals were dropping.  He had completed the separation stage a short time earlier and was now standing between his parents, his arms around their shoulders and a big grin on his face.  We physical beings surrounded his bed, his children and wife holding his hands and touching his face while the rest of us took up positions lurking at the feet, all of us blatantly watching the machine readout of his vitals.

His vitals continued to drop as I watched him and his parents back away from his body. The wall was there, but somehow, they were backing away and creating distance from him and his body.  As they moved away, the visitors started to shift away from the body, creating a large circle around it.  I widened the Gate and sent more Reiki into the room to help those in distress while I watched the process complete.

Within a few minutes, the process was complete and all his visitors and Light Beings were gone.  Our attention had been captured by the machine and his grieving family members, so I cannot say the exact moment they left, but I received confirmation that yes, he had indeed passed easily and effortlessly through the Gate in the comfort of those who loved him.

Grief is for the living – we grieve those who pass on and leave a hole in our hearts and lives.  Even when the relationship is not “great” grief must be experienced to promote the healing experience to allow the internal shifting of “still living” humans to take place. This is a normal, human process and if we fight it then we only complicate the process and our healing progress.

Every time I experience someone passing, I grow.  I also rejoice in the Love that is present and shared with the individual who leaves.  There is no demon or devil to take those “not worthy” – only beings who exist in a state of unconditional Love and Joy.

I wish many, many times that others could see and experience what I do, for the experience would eliminate the ugly words the powerful and the manipulators use to instill fear in others.  There is only love – at the beginning and at the end – there is only love.

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