I do quite a bit of curse evaluation and removal work. It’s actually one of my favorite things to do as it utilizes most of my abilities. I also love to receive feedback from my clients on how the work has positively affected their lives.

Early in 2019, I was contacted by a woman who had been dealing with negative incidents and challenges all her life. She had been told by a psychic located near her that she had a curse, but the woman was not able to help her. My client searched online and found me, and I was pleased to be of service to her.

Her particular curse was quite interesting as it was complex. The complexity was caused, in part, from it being a generational curse. This means that whoever designed and cast the curse wanted to affect not only the individual in question, but their children, grandchildren, and so on down the line.

Another interesting point was that the curse was designated for females. Thus, any male offspring would not be affected by the curse, though any female grandchildren from the son would be affected.

There were a few other aspects that made it quite fun for me, but very unpleasant for the people who had been living under its effects.

The woman had been cursed was my client’s mother and she had taken a short vacation in Haiti in the 1940s. She had been a successful student and was embarking on what promised to be a successful career and taking a vacation after all her hard work was a blessing to which she had looked forward for a while, I am sure.

She traveled to Haiti and within a short time of arriving there she managed to offend three people she encountered. This does not mean that she was offensive or behaved offensively to others, but that they took offense to her. One was a woman and the other two were adult males.

The reasons for the offensive? In order, the woman was jealous of my client’s mother’s beauty. She was quite attractive and received a lot of attention – some of which was very unwanted.

Which led to the first of the two males. He wanted to bed her and made his desires and intentions quite clear and she refused him.

The second male was offended because she had affluence and kindness and he felt shamed in front of her because he had none of either.

Human emotions are what they are – each person experiences their life circumstances and as a result their insecurities, fears, and wounds drive their emotions. Thus, even though the woman herself may have been as gentle and kind as Mother Theresa her very existence was enough to offend these people.

To someone who has neither means nor money, feeling trapped within an environment can be excruciating. To see a woman be able to afford a vacation in Haiti, who is wearing nice clothing and jewelry, and be able to take care of herself can send someone over into a pit of ugly emotions that can be difficult to explain.

While these reasons may seem a bit absurd to us for a curse, for many it is quite matter of fact. I was raised by a mother who was bitter and angry at anyone who had affluence as her life had been very difficult and had lived on a budget for years. She would deride anyone she believed was financially better off than her and I heard her many times wish them bad things. I hate to think of how many curses she had sent out into the world before I learned how to do this work.

Regarding the woman who was offended, when a woman feels she is not attractive and possibly very insecure of herself, it is easy to dive into jealousy. To have someone “flaunt” her beauty on the wrong day can send her over the end. Jealousy is not a pretty emotion and emotions are what drive curses.

Testosterone and sexual drives create deep emotional reactions for some men. For a man who believes his self-worth is based in his attractiveness to the opposite sex, a refusal is hugely insulting, especially if someone else overheard or saw the interaction. His reputation could be irrevocably damaged.

While I cannot know the exact path of events, I know these three people all went to the same Voudon group and requested a curse be placed upon my client’s mother. Voudon groups are led by a priest (Houngan) or priestess (Mambo).

I know from the times I have removed curses placed via Voudon that the priest or priestess’ energy is intimately involved in the curse. I do not, however, have any knowledge of rules or regulations the priests or priestesses have for when and why a curse is placed. I am just intimately aware of the energy of these curses and I know how to remove them safely.

In curse removal work, it is beyond important to track all the energies involved in the curse creation back to the origins. ALL must be addressed properly or detrimental effects can be incurred.

When I followed the energy back to each of the four curse creators, I was able to determine that the three instigators had passed from the Earth Plane already. The woman died in the mid to late 80s, one gentleman died in the 1990s, and the last man passed in the early 2000s. Thus, these individual’s energy was no longer feeding the curse.

I was then able to determine that the Priest who had led the Voudon group has also passed.  With all of them dead, the good news was that energy of the curse itself had shifted into a state of inactivity and it would be a relatively smooth process to release this curse. I would only have the demons tied to the curse with which to deal.

It is important to understand that when a curse is cast, your personal energy is tied into the curse until the curse is revoked or until you die. (Negative karma is also created, but these individuals were not worried about karma.) Once your energy is tied up in a curse, that means there is less energy for your energetic system to maintain your physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual states of being.

Inactive does not mean gone – it just means that there was no negative energy still being infused into the curse to keep it going. Demons do not have the ability to send energy into curses – that must be done by the Priest or Priestess, who uses the instigator’s energy to keep it all going.

The effects of this curse had been felt over decades as the detrimental energies had been imprinted on not just my client’s mother but each of her daughters and granddaughters. As bad as the effects had been, it was encouraging that the Priest was not feeding new energy into the curse.

With the demon implanted within the curse energy transmuted, it now came down to cleanup work. Curse removal work is extremely detailed and time consuming – that is why it is expensive. Once the main factors are removed from the equation it then falls to extricating all the beginnings and remains of the curse energy within the individuals affected in all their energy systems as well as within the Web structure.

Once all the detail work was completed, the healing section of the work was needed, for there was much that had been warped and damaged out of alignment with each person’s Highest and Best Good. I always call upon Archangel Raphael to assist with the healing as it is vital that the work be completed on every dimension the individual exists within and I don’t want to miss anything – thus Raphael.

Then, I work with each person’s High Self in conjunction with Archangel Gabriel to restore their energy system to a state of alignment with their Life Path.

I will end this with a strong word of caution for those out there who think they can do this type of work. Much of what I did was left out of this story, for this is not notes on how to do this work. Curse work is extremely dangerous to the individual who is removing them – more so if the individual does not realize all the different pitfalls that can occur along the way.

Please do not attempt to remove what you think may be a curse – use a professional. You really don’t want a curse to reflect back at you and you don’t want to attract the attention of professional groups like Voudon. The work they do with demons demands respect and unless you are a demonologist you are setting yourself up for a world of hurt.

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