This particular client case happened a while ago, but it was a very fascinating and complicated situation that was affecting multiple people plus the animals on the estate and it was the only time I ever allowed an outside Guide to lead the Work.

I was contacted by the client who was referred to me via my shaman client.  She explained that the property was over 50 acres and that it was comprised of several homes, ranch land, meadows, and forest areas.  The main issue seemed to stem from a localized environment of one of the forest areas.

A variety of incidents had been logged with management that prompted the property manager to contact me.

  • People who slept in the house closest to the forest area had nightmares all night long, when they could get to sleep.
  • Many of the residents and visitors were experiencing irrational mood swings and anger issues.
  • When riders went down the trails near the area, the horses became skittish.
  • If a horse was forced down the trail through the area, they would balk and rear.

While these situations were uncomfortable, it was the riding incident with the foreign representative that necessitated the call.  He was not going to lodge a lawsuit against the ranch – it was not a question of that – but the property manager was very concerned for the mental and physical health of the residents, visitors, and the animals of the ranch.

She and her family lived on the property and had occupied the house closest to the forest area for a while before she was forced to move out of there.  She was able to provide me with detailed information about what she personally experienced as well as the experiences of the others.  She was a kind and caring person who not only wanted the business of the ranch to succeed, but she wanted everyone who came into contact with the ranch to love it as much as she did.

After the lengthy phone consult, I did some distance work on the property.  I told her that I could take care of so much distantly (as it was over an hour from my home it was not a quick drive), but if she noticed anything still amiss to call me back.

She called me back a few months later.  While some things had gotten better, there was still something terribly wrong and she asked me to come out to the property itself so I could assess the situation for myself.

For the uninitiated – this is not uncommon.  Many times, I will be asked to do the work distantly as it will keep the costs minimized, and in many cases that is all that is needed for the work to be complete and the area cleansed and sanitized.

But in serious situations an on-site visit truly is necessary.  And this was a very serious situation.

I am not much of a horse rider, but with the ranch the size that it was, the horse ride was the best option to get to that part of the property fairly quickly.  It truly was a beautiful piece of property and as we rode along the property manager told me about the history of the ranch.  It was located out in the country and was flanked by a number of cow farms.  She explained that the owner was a near relative who had purchased the original property approximately ten years earlier.  Several of the homes on the ranch we rode past were properties he had purchased; this expansion allowed for additional entertainment and hosting opportunities and employee housing.

As we got closer to the area in question, we got off the horses and tied them up.  It was best to keep them away from the property so they would stay calm for the ride back. This area was heavily forested and visually it felt as if one was in a nature park – quite beautiful!  It was summertime, so it was also oppressively hot and humid but the physical beauty of the location made it all worthwhile.

I could sense the energy dissonance once we had walked maybe 10 yards further into the wooded area.  The woods themselves were filled with light but I was quite glad I was not walking through there at night as apart from the riding trail there were no paths or flat areas for easy stepping.  After stepping around and over some fallen tree trunks I showed her “ground zero”.  She was sensitive as well and agreed the area was quite disturbing to her.  The interesting part is that it was not right next to the riding trail though it flowed through that part of the woods.  I did not realize how sensitive horses were to detrimental energies.

This particular situation was quite complicated and necessitated more than one visit to the property to rectify the situation completely.  The first matter was what – what was causing all these troubles?  Was it one lone cause or were there multiple factors contributing to the energy dissonance of the property?

We left that area and then, on the return to the ranch, she took me to one other part of the property that had also been known to cause incidents.  That particular location was a meadow environment with a pond and creek nearby and coyotes would roam there at night.  I was able to confirm at that point that it was not just one contributor but several to the issues taking place.

We returned to the ranch and she showed me a location where I could go into a meditative state and scan the entirety of the property.  She provided me with a map of the ranch and a notepad and pencil and left me alone.  I increased my personal levels of protection and then went into the meditative state.

Meditative states are extremely helpful when scanning large areas as I go out of body and can travel quicker and identify things much faster than when doing it physically. Within just a few minutes, I was able to identify the different areas on the property that were contributing to the one significant issue.

Please note – these contributing issues were significant in and of themselves, but overall, they were relatively easy to hand and quick to cleanse.  The one, however, was quite complex and took two sessions to clear out.  It was a relief for the property manager, however, that after the meditation was complete, I was able to clearly communicate all the work that was needed – even if she was disappointed it was not going to be able to be resolved in just one visit.

So, what needed to be done?  Well, let’s start with the simple stuff.  There is a type of naturally occurring energy construct called a Well that exist around the planet.  There are thousands and thousands of them and they exist as repositories of negative energy. When the planet had active caretakers – think druids and shamans and wise women, etc. – these Wells would be cleared regularly and not create a problem for anyone.

Between colonization and religious persecution, the individuals whose duty was to care for the energetic/physical state of the planet were annihilated and their numbers decimated to the point that the knowledge needed to teach others was lost.  Thus, constructs such as Wells now exist as extremely negative cesspools instead of just repositories waiting to be cleansed.  When I locate a Well, I make it a point to clear the Well as it provides a benefit to the entirety of the human plane, not just someone living there.

And before you ask it – yes, they exist everywhere.  In cities, in the ocean, Wells are not dependent upon the physical state of the location and they are not living, thinking creatures that might care about the harm they cause.  They are strictly a construct, made to facilitate energetic functions on the earth plane.  If you have ever walked through neighborhoods or gone into buildings where the energy was particularly devastating, chances are that there is at least one Well in the area that is not functioning as it was designed.  Thus, the Wells are infecting those who live around them with negativity instead of pulling the negativity away from them.  Best to cleanse them right away.

The meadow area that the coyotes frequented had a very ugly Well situation that needed resolution plus a few other minor areas around the property that needed some work, but the main issue…well, that was quite situation.  There was also an area where the ghost of a young woman had been seen by multiple people.  Some thought she looked Native American while others could not specify.

North Carolina used to be populated by numerous indigenous tribes, now sequestered onto reservations and called, when being nice, “Native Americans” and when not being nice, “Indians” or “Injuns”.  Each tribe had its own identity for the tribes were not all one nation. North Carolina was (and still is) particularly vicious to the Native Americans and the only thing kept after exterminating as many tribes as only the White Man could be the regional/location names, names derived from the lands they had lived on for thousands of years.

So, this particular incident is quite old, quite, quite old and for the energies to have lingered and still be as strong is a testament to how pernicious certain types of energy work can be.  And this is its story.

There once was a tribe who lived in peace and harmony with the land and the tribes around them.  They were not warlike so they did not travel outside their land unless they were visiting friends and family.  This tribe had a shaman who had produced a son who he had trained to be Shaman, but that son was unable to produce an heir.  After much conversation, it was decided that the younger Shaman would adopt a child and raise that boy to follow in their footsteps and to guide the people and to counsel the tribal leaders as necessary.

And so, they looked amongst the tribe for someone teachable and discovered a young boy who had been orphaned over a year earlier. He was approximately seven years old, so he was not an infant who would require 24/7 care, but instead was one who could begin to learn how to care for his tribe, elders, and himself with time and attention.

Sadly, his parents had been of the warrior class and thus he was the only perspective he had of the Shamans was one of awe and fear and he felt out of place.  After his parents died, he had been emotionally neglected and the elder Shamans did not realize the extent of the emotional neglect because physically he behaved as he should for his age. They did not realize that behind his frequent silence was a mind that was churning from pain and anger at his loss and loneliness.

The Shamans loved the child as best as they could and provided him with all that was available to them. They patiently taught him how to be a shaman and tried to help him succeed in all that they assigned him, but they did not realize that by completely removing him from the warrior class duties he had known all his life that now he had nothing to relate to and felt quite isolated.  From the outside perspective, this raising of status was viewed as a blessing, but the young boy’s pain twisted the change into a detrimental viewpoint, where he decided he must have been too stupid to learn how to fight, to protect the tribe as his parents had, so the warriors abandoned him to these remote strangers.

Even at his young age he was charismatic and quite genial, well-liked by the tribe members who were acquainted with him, but this change in status caused the warrior boys who he used to learn and play with to tease him, as they felt he was no longer one of them.  A quiet child, he did not know how to bring up these challenges and issues to his family members, and instead he internalized the pain and emotional issues.  The Shamans thought he was content, for he did succeed in his lessons and assignments, and so they looked no further into the situation.

Over time, they noticed that the boy did not have the exact same viewpoint as they did regarding things, but as he did his duty to the tribe as well as they could hope, eventually he was raised up to the status of Shaman.  The grandfather was still alive and the father was still alive, and they thought that he would eventually embrace the joy that the position gave when he realized that they saw him as their equal, even if inexperienced. Experience could be gained, experience will provide wisdom, and they knew he would become a great shaman in his time – this they shared with him.  In their pride, they did not realize how twisted the boy had become and that in his mind, their idea of experience was something he would reject.

Instead, in secret, he began to experiment on how to become the best Shaman ever, better than grandfather and better than father.  He would gain power and wisdom and show them all how much better he was as a Shaman than they ever had been.

He could feel the energy of the land around him.  He could also feel the energy of the people in his tribe.  He could also feel the yearning for power that raged through his own mind and one day, realized how he might combine all three things.  He knew he was and had been deeply unhappy since his parents died and the internal churning never stopped.  He thought long and hard on how he could be happy, what it would take for him to be happy.

It began slowly and took many years.  He found an area outside of where the tribe lived and began to make it “his”.  He took small animals to that location and he would slowly kill them, taking their life source energy from them and storing it in the land he had chosen.

Then, when he realized that the animals could not provide the life source energy he desired, he began to use people.  Sometimes it was people from visiting tribes, stragglers who did not keep up with the main tribe and could be easily isolated and kidnapped. Sometimes it was wounded tribe members he had been entrusted with caring for and healing.  He would take them to his secret site and use their wounds to bleed them dry and steal their life source energy, then he would return them to their families with the explanation that it had been too late to save them.

Again, the elder Shamans noticed something was wrong – but just like any family they did not want to see what was going on under their eyes.  The elder Shaman was indeed elderly and knew he would soon pass, and that knowledge occupied a lot of his and his son’s attention.  Indeed, it was this lack of attention that further emboldened the youngest Shaman’s actions.  Sadly, when his grandfather passed his behavior did not change and he celebrated the event by killing a young woman from the village who had rejected his advances.

This time, he did not just steal her life source energy, he cursed her and bound her to the earth of his site, and kept her from returning to the spiritual plane.  He told himself it was because he loved her and wanted her with him always, but it was never about love – it was about power.  He did it because he could do it, simple.

The next few years passed fairly quickly.  His father was still alive, so he had to be cautious about his killings.  A few people every few years would not raise too many eyebrows, but more than that would throw attention where he did not want it.  He was not stupid, even if he was cold, uncaring, heartless, and evil.

One night, he asked his father if he would like to see a project he had been working on. His father agreed and in a short time they walked to the woods the younger shaman had chosen as his.  His father noticed the change in the energy very quickly and when he challenged his son on what had been happening, the boy killed him and tried to tie his spirit to the land, but the father was too wily and educated for him to do so.  But now, the young man was the only Shaman of the tribe and HE would be able to lead and counsel as HE saw fit.

To say the fate of the tribe was screwed would be an understatement.  He soon convinced the leaders that the solution to people dying and the other tribes avoiding them (because of his kidnaps) was sacrifice.  Sacrifice of tribal members who were not “producing” enough.  Their laziness must be rectified by sacrifice.  And so on and so on.

The elders of the tribe were not idiots, though they were slow.  They realized that the Shaman was not helping the people or the tribe the way the elder Shamans had and the results he insisted he would produce through sacrifice were not taking place.  In the end, they killed him and then they left the area.  Their numbers had been heavily impacted by his actions and there were not enough of them left to easily survive on their own, so they joined another tribe located nearby with whom they shared many family members.

The young Shaman had been unaware that he was going to be killed – he had been very focused on his work and his opinion of the others was very low – so the warriors surrounding him and killing him was quite the surprise.  He had, however, tied so much of his own personal energy to the land of his site that he too was imprisoned in the location and unable to free himself after death.

All of this information was provided to me in a few few, short minutes as the Guide who came to help with this work was none other than the Eldest Shaman.  He came to me because he felt it was important to fix the error of his and his son’s raising of this young boy who showed so much promise, but became twisted because they made the mistake of complacency and neglect.

I am not shaman trained – it is not where my gifts lie – so we completed all the work we could in the one session, but would need to come back for the second session as the Shaman Guide outlined what we would need to do to rectify the situation.

The second session required some unusual preparations.  Unusual for me, that is.  I had to gather some items including a blanket, some feathers, shells, and a red ribbon in addition to sage, a candle, and a rattle.  I truthfully really have no idea what we did with those things, for I allowed the Shaman Guide to use my body to perform the work needed, and once it was over and done, I cleansed and sanctified the property in “my way”.

As the work was being performed, I watched as the Shaman Guide released all the bound souls – human and animal – and gathered his grandson’s energy where it had spread and poisoned the land and foliage.  He pulled all these energies to him and then carried them to a Gateway where he handed each one through, facilitating their return to the Creator.

His grandson, however, was different, for he had truly done work that had harmed others.  He, the Shaman Guide hugged for a very long time – sharing the love he felt for his grandson that his grandson had rejected time and again.  After a short struggle, he finally accepted the gift of his grandfather’s unconditional love and he walked through the Gate on his own.

With his work done, the Shaman simply watched me finish the cleansing and sanctifying process, raising the vibration of the land and installing Guardians to watch over and protect this place while it completed its healing process.

All in all, I was told that this second session lasted just about 1.5 hours.  One of my master students had watched over me while I was out of body and once I returned he was able to share with me some of what he observed of the Work.

The client was extremely happy and kept in frequent contact with me to keep me updated on the energy situation of the place.  That first night was the first she had not had disturbing dreams since moving onto the property and also, she and her family members were able to sleep through the night again.  The horses were happy to ride the trails around the ranch without any incident, and all of their visitors had a great time.

So, overall, while this particular situation took quite a bit of time to complete, all shared an extremely positive outcome when it was complete.

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