A number of years ago, I went to visit a relative who lived outside a major US city on a property that had become suburbia via the selling of a farm.  The original farm house was still visible from her back yard as the remains of the property was intact at that time.

I had been to visit a number of times, but this time she began to talk to me of the house being haunted – that she had heard from someone else who had visited the owner of the house and discovered unsettling things.  It was typical – moving things, lights flashing, noises, etc. – but the overwhelming fear inducer was this feeling of anger.  It was as if a cloud of anger would move around the property and the house and my relative was concerned.

It was simple enough to draw the discarnate (ghost) across the property to me and once I had him, I held him in stasis so I could establish communication.

He had owned the property over 100 years before and when he had passed had refused to shift onward, instead he wanted to wait for his spouse so they could go together.  Well, that does not and obviously DID not happen, and so he lingered around the property because that had been his entire life.

(Note – he was not tied or bound to the property – he chose to stay there because it was familiar and the area around was developed and unknown to him.)

He was like a steaming pot in the corner of the room.  He was so angry at everything but I chose to hold him there for a while to give my relative and her teenage child an opportunity to sense him.  Gifts are accepted in our family and I wanted to give them opportunity to determine what they could before I explained his situation.

Once we had discussed his situation, I opened the Gate and called for assistance.  I wanted to bring his wife to the opening of the Gate as well as any other beings who he had loved during his lifetime.

Before my request was even finished, she appeared.  Now he got angry that I was keeping him isolated.  Before he was yelling insults at me for trapping him in place, now he was yelling at me for keeping him from going to her.  I had a short talk with him about respect and peace and what he had done over time and why I could not just let him go. Once he calmed down, I cleansed him of all traces of negative energy and released him from his stasis and he flew across the room to her.

I was filled with joy to watch this, but it was amazing for my two relatives to experience this as well.  They understood much better after this experience why I love my work.

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