Back in 2003 I was still working in Corporate America.  One day a co-worker asked me if I wanted to look at a bag of clothes being shared with the other mothers on the floor.  With two children and never enough money for nice clothes for myself I said, “Of course!”  This bag was also a “give away” bag so I was encouraged to share any clothes I wanted to give away.

I took the bag home with me that day and after all the day’s duties were done, I dumped the clothing out.  There were a number of different sizes within the bag and a number of different types of clothing – work clothes, play/fun clothes, sweaters, blouses, etc.  Some were very nice and some were worn, but clean.

My attention was immediately caught by a lovely red sweater.  It was made of soft yarn but was not cashmere.  It was a bright color that would be beautiful on someone who had the appropriate hair color to go with it.  I did not, so I picked it up to fold and put back into the bag.

As I picked it up, I became aware that this sweater had a passenger.  There are a great many ghosts/discarnates that are caught in our reality.  The majority are here because fear prevented them from moving, but there is a small percentage that stay or are kept here for different reasons.

This particular sweater had a young man attached to it, so against my normal practices I sat down and had a chat with him.  Apparently, this sweater had been a gift to a young woman he had thought highly of with whom he had hoped to develop a romantic relationship.  She, however, was not in the same mindset as he was and rejected him after accepting the gift.

Our young man, after certain life circumstances occurred, killed himself as a result.  During the passing process, instead of moving on as he should have, he energetically attached himself to this sweater because the young woman was the focus of all his attention.  It is creepy, to be sure, to become the sweater you hope your desired love interest will wear, but it is not the strangest story I have heard.

After our brief chat, I told him that I could not allow him to stay attached and that I needed to shift him out.  Once he had finished the process, he would be able to come back and visit the girl as needed, but he HAD to go now.

I explained to him a bit about the way he interacted negatively with people who encountered the sweater and that he was incurring negative karma by this negative interaction.  In the end, he really did not have much choice since he had tied all his energy to the sweater and I had trapped him within a holding sphere.  He made the transition easily and effortlessly and I finished by clearing all the energy attachments to and from the sweater so it could be used safely.

I returned the sweater along with all the other clothes back to the bag and the next day returned it to my co-worker as she was its distributor.  I asked her about the red sweater – it was a beautiful sweater; did she know where it came from or why no one wanted it?

She said she did not know why it had been donated to the bag, but said she had been told it was beautiful by many who looked at it, but each time someone picked it up they were creeped out by it. I told her the end of the sweater story and she decided to test it out by taking it back to the first person she knew had admired it and asked them again if they wanted it.  This time, they were not creeped out and took it right away.

Happy endings, that’s what we like!

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