I had a referral recently, regarding some curse work for a family.  The father, who had recently died, had carried a family curse with him and now that he had passed all sorts of problems and issues were being felt by his remaining family members.

The second eldest sister reached out to me and we had a conversation about that situation and then I resolved it, yet this sister continued to experience situations that were extremely troubling.  We had another conversation about these problems and I realized we had an ugly situation on our hands.

Through the process of closing out her father’s estate, the eldest sister had decided she needed to be the executor of the estate.  Once she discovered how much the estate was actually worth, she apparently experienced some personal challenges.  After several arguments with her multiple brothers and sisters to get them to sign off on the estate for only a percentage of what they had a right to receive, she went to see a Root Woman in her area.

My experiences with Root Women fall under the category of energy workers who do negative voodoo.  Voodoo is a complex area of energy work, but overwhelmingly my experience has been that the practitioner NEVER asks the permission of the person who is to receive the energy – they just do whatever the client asks.  This violation of ethical standards alone indicates someone who does not respect others’ right to Free Will, which is then compounded by the energy that is sent is almost exclusively highly negative means that the person is not a professional with whom I could have a reasonable conversation.

The desire the elder sister paid for was for the Root Woman to create problems for the elder sisters’ siblings and their children to such a degree that they would sign off on the estate and she alone would inherit.

Seems somewhat shortsighted and petty, yes, to value things and money over one’s siblings and families, but that is the way of some people when they allow the demons of greed and avarice to overpower them.

I was contacted for over two weeks straight by my client, via email and phone message, with descriptions of the types of harassment she was enduring.  From being unable to sleep in her bed for something was repeatedly making noises at the headboard, for one adult child to lose a long held job, for another to have interviews cancelled, to another spontaneously marrying someone he had never even told the family about, as well all sorts of bizarre personality changes that no one could explain popping up. Fights would take place when family members who had always gotten along well started meeting.

Distrust, fear, and anger were rampant among the family members – all because of one person’s inability to think beyond their selfish desires.

While I was able to eliminate these issues stemmed from the Root Woman’s spells during this time, I quickly realized that I did not possess the resources to work 24/7 for this family while the estate situation was dragged out longer and longer by the elder sister

For my client and her family members, the unhappy reality was that the elder sister had a much larger retirement income and was quite willing to spend all of it on hiring the Root Woman on a weekly basis to continually harass them until they caved in to her demands.

After another lengthy conversation prefaced by a meditation on my client’s behalf, the best advice I could give my client was to think long and hard on whether her share of the estate was really worth all her children and grandchildren were enduring and what family meant to her.

I then referred her back to my shaman friend, who had referred her to me, and with my client’s permission updated the shaman on the work that had been done and the situation going on at present.

Now, for those of you who might be outraged that I did not extend myself further for this client, let me add an addition piece of information that I also shared with my Shaman friend.

I spoke with my client’s High Self during meditation about this situation between her and her sister and what I could do to assist BEFORE I advised my client and sent her back.

I was told that the sisters had an agreement for this lifetime to help each other learn about what loves means – between family members, the value of that love when presented with insecurities and fear, and the false idolatry of love of things and money.

It was quite apparent that this agreement was being acted out in every way between the two sisters – in all actions, feelings, thoughts, and words, and included all the feelings of betrayal and hurt.  Was it positive in nature?  No, but the High Self does not demand that lessons be learned through love and happiness, only that lessons are learned.

Sometimes the Work I do does not end in a happy-ever-after finish, but I always make sure that there is absolutely nothing else that I can do before I cut anyone loose.

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