I recently performed a cleansing and sanctifying on a house in a west Chicago suburb. The house was a beautifully renovated Georgian, three floors, plus outside patio and two-story garage.  I was referred to this client via someone I had done work with previously and we finally were able to get on the same page schedule-wise.

The current owner owned the house less than 20 years, but had done major work on the house including renovating the older section and adding on new sections to each floor of the house. There was a basement, main floor, and then a second story and it was a very inviting, gracious house and I was sure the owner loved to entertain.

In speaking with the owner, she was not sure what was going on with the house, just that things were not feeling ‘right’ and she and her pre-teen child had been quarreling a lot lately.  She was not sure if the two were connected but she was hoping we could raise the vibration in the house and make things ‘lighter’ for all concerned.

I had already shielded the house several days prior in preparation for the work.  This way, nothing can escape and take cover in a neighboring environment only to return and cause problems once I was out-of-the-way.  I also opened Michael’s Gate to remove any discarnates that might be lurking about in the neighborhood.

I had my student JS with me and this was a great learning opportunity for her – and she did great!  We started working in the basement (always the best place to start) at the far end and analyzed each room on a floor by floor basis.  The basement had a family room, full bath, small laundry room, office, and exercise room plus the hallway that ran the length of the basement plus multiple closets for storage.

This house truly is a dream for people who like ample place to store things!  In my opinion, it was well designed out to allow multiple purposes to share common spaces easily, yet giving enough space and privacy to all.

However, from the perspective for house cleansing, there were tons of places that needed to be opened up and examined to make sure everything was accounted for.  I had so much fun!  And, I believe, so did JS as we went from room to room.  At one point I wished we had a camera as it would have been quite interesting to film, for future educational purposes.

One interesting aspect though – almost zero lights would turn on as we were in the basement!  The family room and the office lights switched on, but the staircase, hallway, bathroom, and exercise room lights would not!  VERY INTERESTING!

I like to section my work environments off into “small bites” as I find that easier for my students (and myself!) to detect and process DEBs out.  They usually don’t share spaces with others, so I can pretty much guarantee that there will be one significant “something” to clear in major rooms will there will be lots of “miscellaneous” stuff to process throughout the house.

Very few home environments have more than 10 significant items, yet will definitely have tons of miscellaneous things to clear out.  Even one thing of either type left behind can quickly create an opening for other detrimental things to access the environment again.

The family room downstairs had some detrimental energy forms, but no minor or major demon present.  Once cleared, we then sectioned part of the hallway and cleared it and the office and downstairs bathroom fairly quickly.  In the hallway was a closet under the stairs that was definitely going to take a bit of extra work so we circled around that and went through the other spaces, finishing with the exercise room.

In the exercise room was a minor demon hiding in the utility closet.  It was fairly minor; however, it had attached itself to her child in multiple places.  To remove it from the house, first we would have to clear it from the child.  We followed its energy channels to the child, removed the attachments, brought in Raphael to heal the attachment places, and then Miriam stated she would be staying with him for a couple of days to help him continue to heal.

Later, as we discussed things with the owner, she answered my question as to whether the child was a sensitive, or clairvoyant or clairaudient and she replied that yes, he was. That was one of the reasons this particular demon had attached to him, because the boy would provide a better “buffet” to eat at than other children who were not as open with their Gifts.

Once the rest of the basement was cleared, we shifted back to the under-staircase closet and contemplated what was there.

What was here, was called a Demetre by Michael.  It was a stumpy looking thing, with long tentacles like roots.  These tentacles had been stretched out into the neighborhood and reached far down the block on all sides.  Just as a tree stretches its roots to absorb nutrients, this DEB had stretched its tentacles to absorb energy from many different sources.

A question asked to me by the owner later was what effect would something like this have on the house or household residents?

These particular types of DEBs thrive on chaos and unhappiness.  They would not only feed best off strong, negative emotions but they would push into their environment those energies that would cause people to be unhappy, to have fights, to be discontented.

The really cool part was – this Demetre had been in that exact location for over 50 years. It was quite old, quite satisfied with where it was, and quite unhappy that we had come to ruin its day!  It took a little bit of work, but it is no shock that we cleared it away with little fuss.

We then finished clearing the rest of the hallway and stairway up to the main floor and then made our way to the second floor.

I was quite pleased with JS at this point – she had not only identified where she could feel the DEBs but she was clearly identifying and was able to articulate the sensations they caused/stimulated within her energetic system.

Different DEBs cause different sensations as they attack and individual’s energy system. Sometimes they attack the 6th chakra and cause headaches.  Sometimes they go for the 3rd chakra and overwhelm the individual with nausea.  Sometimes they reach right for the 4th chakra and try to close the heart chakra center down – causing heart palpitations, panic attacks, and other uncomfortable sensations.

For many students this is the breaking point.  It is one thing to learn about demons and ugly icky things in a controlled environment, but once they are faced with real life situations and have to respond in a timely manner to the stimuli, they often times react out of fear.  Fear is the last thing anyone doing clearing work needs to respond with. There is no room for fear – absolutely none.  Fear creates an opening for the DEBs to attach and when they do that, they are now attached to you and removing them will be even harder because you have to deal with your fear first.  Fear which they are now feeding and will continue to pump through you just so they don’t have to be eliminated.

Survival of the fittest does not fall just within the animal kingdom!!  If you are not smarter and stronger that the most significant demon or DEB or Dark Angelic you will fail and become possessed yourself!

But she did Great!  I love it when my students exceed my expectations!  She was able to identify every item we found and was also able to perceive details about the DEBs regarding length of time present, etc.  These details are pertinent to helping shed light on behavioral patterns and/or incidents.  It can be comforting to people to know that X had been around for 15 years because they will be able to recall when they started to notice certain things, which can then be attributed back to the DEB.

Dotting the I’s and crossing the T’s is psychologically important for clients and should never be treated with dismissive behavior!  Everyone wants to know the “why and when” of a situation and the professional exorcist provides the answers!  Let’s be professional, people! 🙂

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