With the basement finished, we made our way up to the second floor as the owner was on the phone in the kitchen area and we did not want to disturb her.

On the second floor are two bedrooms, one full bath, plus the master suite consisting of bedroom, full en suite, and walk in closet.  A laundry closet, several all-purpose closets, plus a utility closet populated the hallway that ran the length of the upper floor.  The front bedroom on the upper floor had a balcony opening to the front of the house while there were two mock balconies overlooking the rear of the house from the master. Windows abounded on the upper floor, so there was no need to try the light switches!

The most significant points of interest numbered three on the top floor.  There was a portal on the wall of the staircase going up, there was a Twins demon in the child’s room, and then there was an incubus in the master bedroom.  Portals can be neutral or detrimental, and this one appeared to be an ET watching post – monitoring all who went up and down the staircase.

The Twins is a low level demonic that feeds off children, for the most part.  It does not attach directly to the individual, instead of just stays in the vicinity where it can absorb energy the most.  It appears to be two demons, when in reality it is just one.  It has two “sides” that are connected by an energy channel between the two.

In the master bedroom, near the bed itself, was the incubus.  Incubus are mid-level demons and can be quite destructive – especially over time.  While we each have both incubi and succubi hiding that are attached to us, it is always best to remove them as soon as they are discovered.  This one was fairly confident in itself and its abilities and did not make an effort to hide itself at all.

It was determined that this particular incubus had been attached to the homeowner for approximately 20 years and most likely had contributed greatly in the destruction of her marriage. Incubus don’t want anyone interfering with their buffet – meaning if she was feeling happy then she would not be producing the negative emotions that they like to feed on.  It was later revealed that she had not been able to have any long-term satisfactory relationships and felt that there was something wrong with her.

We assured her that no, it was not her, but that it was the incubus who was the main source of trouble.  All relationships take effort and work, but when something is actively working against every type of relationship you have then it is definitely not something to keep around.

While the incubus was quite resistant to being eliminated, it actually went fairly quickly and so proceeded back down the hallway to the upper stairs where the portal was located and closed that out and eliminated all energetic traces.  It is important to do all the steps necessary in closing portals so that the DEB that opened it cannot find the location to open another one where your client is located!

Once all the work upstairs was finished, we proceeded back down to the main floor. The first stop on the main floor was a coat closet next to the doorway.  There was a minor DEB there that had taken root and was feeding off the people who went in and out of the house.  That was resolved very easily and then we turned to the rest of the floor.

The house opened into a formal living room slash dining room that then led into a fabulous kitchen with a small dinette nook and a family room.  The family room had sliding glass doors on either side of a fire place that opened onto a deck, which then had a staircase going down to a patio which branched onto the two car, two story garage.

The majority of the house had a large number of minor DEBs, but nothing significant. One thing of note, however, was one side’s neighbor had a great deal of malevolence that was encroaching upon my client’s property.  I am not 100% positive that the malevolence was specific to my client, but I enacted a mirror shielding to prevent the detrimental energies and energy beings crossing into this space.

Once that was installed, we cleared the side yards, the patio, and went to work on the garage.  There were a number of items stored in the garage that were holding negative energies, so we had to clear them before we addressed the second portal that was there. It was located so it could see when the garage was used and who went in and out of the garage to the house.

My student JS was allowed the opportunity to close this portal while I supervised and she did a great job!  All in all, the work was quite fun.

Once all the clearing itself was done, we went back through from bottom to top and saged everything and then raised the vibration of the house.

At that point, the only thing left to do was speak with the client about our findings, teach her to shield herself and her property, provide some suggestions to keep detritus to a minimum as well as cleansing care moving forward.

It is always gratifying to be able to work with individuals to help them improve their environment and provide opportunities for self-care and self-protection.  It’s not about the money – it’s about making things better for everyone. Changing the vibration so people can sleep in their bedrooms at night instead of the couch.  Clearing things away so children don’t become argumentative or sullen because they are scared of what they see or hear and don’t know how to express that fear – or have to repress it because they are told it is all ‘nonsense’.

Not everyone values this work, but when you find a client who does it definitely makes you want to go the extra step for them.

For all my house clearing clients, I maintain shielding on the property for two weeks plus I clear anything that comes up during that time, free – absolutely no charge.  What is important is creating a safe place and it is the knowledgeable professional who knows that as soon as something clears something else will try to move in.

This is why we shield and put specific types of shields in place to camouflage the environment and hide it from the DEBs.  We raise the vibration at the end of everything so that DEBs would not even WANT to move in.  These are important steps towards righting an imbalance in today’s world, today’s societies, and today’s living environments.

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