Free Will And Possession

There is a concept discussed often within the metaphysical community, that is not discussed within the paranormal community – Free Will.  Free Will is the most fundamental right as an individual we possess while human – and if discarnated.

What is Free Will?  It is the right to choose and thus, it is also the right to live the repercussions of those choices.  Sometimes the right to live the repercussions is taken away from us – many times by parents or other adults who are under the misguided belief that youth or immaturity should not be “punished”.  The truth is, one is never too young or too immature to handle the repercussion of actions taken.  It is the reprieve from those repercussions that actually harms the individual greatly.

any times I am contacted by individuals who have made choices and are now living the consequences of those choices – to their great regret.  Inevitably the conversation boils down to the fact that they chose to participate in “something” (think ritual, ceremony, Ouija board session, recreational drugs, astral travel, etc.) and though they insisted they did not believe that anything would happen as a result, they ended up agreeing to do “something” (host, be the vessel, channel, receiver, etc.) and now voila.  Their life sucks, they are in physical pain, mental anguish, and no matter what they do they are in agony.

Sometimes I am contacted when they have lost everything and are now dependent upon someone else to care for them and that person has no clue what to do in the moment or moving forward.  I feel for them, I really do – the caretaker, that is – because the chooser is now throwing all responsibility for their actions onto the caretaker instead of pulling up their big boy/girl panties.

Harsh, aren’t I?  But time and time again, regardless of age, regardless of religious or spiritual beliefs, I have had people contact me hoping I have a miracle cure for what they have done.  Sort of like a teenager who goes out and gets really drunk, then wakes up in the morning asking for the nausea and headache to go away.

Unfortunately, in this particular case, time will not heal the situation.  To understand why, let’s go back to Free Will.

You, the reader, have been imbued with Free Will since the time your body was born from your mother and you came in to inhabit it.  For the vast majority of your early years, however, you were both unable to communicate or take actions to share what your Free Will was.  You were dressed, undressed, fed, hauled around, placed here or placed there, and told to eat, drink, and go to sleep constantly.  Does not sound much like free will – does it?

Yet you still had Free Will and sometimes you cried and sometimes you laughed and sometimes you screamed and thrashed your little body about until you either fell asleep or someone tended to you.  For those in this world who were tended by abusers, I am so sorry for you.  For that segment of the population retreated to the one safe place to express their Free Will – their mind.

All humans retain this regardless of their physical condition – Free Will as expressed through thoughts and feelings.  You may feel you cannot communicate those thoughts and feelings outwardly, but you can still think and you can still feel – those will never be taken away from you.  Many times prisoners will say their Free Will is gone, but it is not. Perspective is always available to you and it is what you choose to do, it is how you choose to see your life, that illustrates how your Free Will is enacted.

Some people feel victimized by lack of funds or lack of emotional support from others. Some people feel they have no choice but to follow their family’s instructions or demands.  Some people feel that if they don’t do “x” then they will be discarded like a sack of garbage on the street corner.

And my response generally is, “and your point is what?”

I am not a trained psychologist, though I have counseled many.  I don’t have time for pity parties or time to wait for you to climb out of your poo poo pile and realize that you have had the choice to change your life all along and THEN expect me to give you a medal for realizing it.


So why aren’t you?  If I ask someone, I will get a dozen reasons, not just one.  They all boil down to two (2) reasons.  1.  Fear of results – you don’t know what will happen and “it could be worse” than the situation you are in now.  Better to be with the devil you know than discover a different one?


2. Lack of belief/trust in oneself.  You don’t believe you can do it, you don’t believe you are worthy of it, you don’t believe X,Y,Z and so you continue to live in a situation that a self-respecting individual would have left long ago because of every reason you can think of to doubt yourself and your self-worth.  Until you scrape up a semblance of self-worth and demand something better from yourself you will continue to live a life where you victimize yourself to feed that self-contempt.

Harsh, yes, but true.  NO ONE VICTIMIZES YOU BUT YOU.  YOU DO IT FIRST and then you allow others to do it to you as well.  Maybe it starts with a family member telling you that you are garbage, or stupid, or you have nothing worth while – no looks, no talent, whatever lies they tell you because they themselves are so insecure they have to stomp on little children’s self esteem to make themselves feel better.  Pitiful and yet rampant through human society.

And so life goes on until you encounter a situation to prompt change.  Which is likely ignored.  It is not until something happens for the m-teenth time when you finally say enough.  Maybe your friends have all given up and told you to contact them when you decide to change your life.  Maybe you end up in a homeless shelter because sleeping on the street was too cold, but both options looked better than staying where you were. Hurray for change!  It’s all positive and now the really hard work happens.

But that’s not what I am talking about here.  Yes – I truly mean hurray and most people, with a couple years hard work, can truly change their lives and begin to live something that resembles what they thought their life was meant to be like.

But for the percentage of individuals who sacrifice the inherent freedom they possess energetically for whatever reason, your work is no where near started.  Free Will means I cannot force you to release that which is attached to you.  You are over the age of 18, which means energetically you are an Adult.  Thus – you may ask for help, but I cannot do anything for you.  And so below are some stories of individuals who believe I failed them.  I did not force the demons they had accepted into their life out of them.  I did not ceaselessly and painlessly return their lives to where they had been before the incident happened.  I was not and am not meant to make anyone’s life easy.  (Ask my children.)  I am here to Slay the Darkness, but when you have taken the Darkness in to yourself and give it power, then I can only facilitate what you allow.  And for some people, they don’t allow anything.

The examples below illustrate “failures” for me – cases of possession where the individual refused to allow me to facilitate the release of the demon within them that was taking over their body.  Not all demons are able to possess a body, btw, but the ones that do are at the top of the DEB food chain and are very smart.  They are like lawyers and they look for every loophole, every angle for manipulation they can discover inside the individual, and they use it against that person.  The individual first victimizes self and then allows the demon to do it again.  There is no room for Light when Lies rule the consciousness.

  1. You, the young girl right out of high school who wanted to be liked by your peers – you went to a weekend party where they pulled out a Ouija board and you went along with it because you really wanted them to like you.  Then they asked you if you would agree to become the host for a demon they were going to bring forward and you, because you claim you did not believe in any of it, said yes.

    REALLY?  You don’t believe in something so you just give full permission for someone to do something to you.  You are so insecure and care so little for yourself that you just allow people to do things to you to be liked?  When you contacted me and I tried to help you, I warned you that it would be uncomfortable and that you had to be strong.  Instead you cried and screamed and claimed the Light was burning your skin off your hand. Well, look at your hand.  It is still there, intact. The Light did not burn you – the demon you agreed to host – and which is now merged with you – was punishing you because you were trying to go back on your word. Voila – repercussions indeed.

  2. You, the older, retired woman who became obsessed with the picture of someone you saw in the Obituary column.  The Astral plane is inhabited by many different beings, many of which are Dark, Negative Beings, yet you decided to go into meditation, then go out of body, and then announce to all and sundry in the Astral Plane that you wish to encounter this unknown dead person and voila – he appears in front of you. And even though you have no idea of what the person was like in real life, he suggests you two should have sex and you agree to have sex in the Astral Plane with this “person”.  Hey, of course, who doesn’t want to have sex in the Astral Plane?  (That is sarcasm.  I have a lot of that.)

    So basically, you invite him in to your essence, have “sex” with “him” energetically, and then a few days later you start having weird sensations throughout your body. Then you have a series of moments where first you feel pleasure in your genitalia and then you feel excruciating pain, followed by pleasure again?  That’s the demon you let in training you to understand it will pleasure you or it will punish you, but most of all, it is teaching you that IT now has full authority over your body to do whatever it likes.  So after I give you basic exercises for self care and try to do Work on you, the demon creates the illusion of pain all over your body so you scream at me over the phone?  No, thank you.  At your age you ought to have the ability to express some self control and self discipline and be logical about what you are experiencing.  You know what the situation is but you choose to not change it because you like the pleasure feelings too much.

  3. You – the young, ambitious college student who earned multiple scholarships and was halfway through your first year of school and doing great.  You decide to go to a frat party (though you were disdainful of them) and when asked if you wanted some weed (though you had never done weed before) agreed.  That weed, however, was laced with a psychedelic and you were thrown into the Astral Plane where you had no defenses and were attacked as soon as you got there until the moment your body has processed enough of the drug for you to return to your body.

    Now you have living nightmares and your mind and body are shattered and all you want is for someone to take care of you – namely me – 24/7.  No, not going there.  I have exercises suitable for someone in your position and if at your age you are not capable of taking on the most basic of energy exercises then I am not going to do it for you. It is against my principles to take over your life – for me to take on the responsibility of your Free Will.  It is enough to be responsible for my own life I am not going to take on anyone else’s!

  4. For M., an acquaintance, client, and once a student – your beloved partner died and you grieved so much – not just for him, but for the idyllic relationship that existed only in your mind.  This grief for what had never been created an opportunity for a demon to present itself to you as K. and you, when you ought to have known better, jumped at the chance to finally have K. as you always wanted him to be.

    Unfortunately, I do recognize demons instantaneously and I realized that you had already given so much of your personal power over to it that the eccentric, lovable you that I cared for was already gone.  Instead, I was met with a confrontation that I could not win, because I was not going to violate your Free Will Choice.  You are near the last few years of your time and your children are grown, but still, it is a shame that your grandchildren will never get to know the real you, because you chose to live a fantasy in your mind and release control of your body.

  5. You, the metaphysical energy worker who wanted to much to make a difference, to be special, to be someone important – you, who decided you would go beyond what you had been instructed because you were eager to push past boundaries.  When you were presented with “God” itself who told you it wanted to share your body with you, you did not think twice that maybe God did not have a reason to share your body.  Instead, you accepted a demon to merge inside of you because you were so insecure and so needy that the idea of being special in this way made any price worth it.

    Your friends love you; they contacted me and once I saw what the situation was I could only advise them to not allow you to touch them any more – no hugs, no nothing, for the demon attached to you was attacking them every time they came near you.

    Your level of possession is so deep that you don’t even exhibit basic self care needs, such as eating.  You have sacrificed everything you had – career, home, everything – because the demon you allowed in is separating you from all who care.  Friends, family – no one is to be allowed within your life because they may intervene, they may try to wake you up and help you realize you are loved.

    Unfortunately, you have given so much of yourself away to this demon and you are barely alive at this point that unless something miraculous happens you won’t be around much longer.  You were special – but you did not ever realize it.