Bachelor’s Grove – A Short Teaching Session

Bachelor’s Grove is an old Chicagoland cemetery located in the southeast suburbs.  There are various stories about why it is called this name, and various stories about how the space was used over the last 100 plus years, but in general it is known to be a place that is rife with sightings of “ghosts”.

One of my master students lives in the vicinity and when I inquired about places to go for fun (my fun is my fun – your fun is your fun, no judging allowed), she mentioned the cemetery and so we drove out there.

It is not a large cemetery nor is it a cemetery in current use.  It would be highly impractical as there is no easy access to it.  One must park across the street in a nature reserve park, cross the four lane highway, and then find and follow the foot trail back to where it can be found, surrounded by chain link fencing.

The enclosed space is actually very small, but differing reports of the site indicate that things have happened beyond the fencing and in the surrounding areas. For our visit, time confined us to just the fenced in area as this was a class session and not a full on cleansing session.  My new Master Student needed to experience certain things and this location seemed ripe for possibilities.

I could feel the energy of the location before we saw the fencing.  First of all, there is a Well on the property and considering everything said about the location that was not a surprise.  Wells in city environments tend to become filled and contaminated quickly. Since there is not a regular caretaker to cleanse the Well it is almost assured that anyone sensitive to energies will feel the results of the dirty Well almost immediately.

Please note – While those who are sensitive may think they are feeling or hearing ghosts when they are in the vicinity of a dirty well, the truth is more complicated than that. While discarnates (ghosts) may be drawn to a Well, often times sensitives are picking up the negative side effects of a neglected Well and then misinterpreting what they are experiencing as someone projecting various negative emotional states at them or they hear things and think someone/something is trying to communicate with them.  When Wells are in the picture, unless someone is well trained it is easy to make the mistake.

Once I felt the Well the first thing I did was surround the property with shielding.  As this was a learning session, I only shielded the area around the chain link fencing.  The shielding is designed to keep anything within from escaping.

We were alone when we walked into the area and so we chose a spot and sat down about 10 yards inside the cemetery and I instructed my student to get comfortable and get into a meditative state while I cleansed the Well.  She was already creeped out by that energy and since that was not the lesson for the day it would only interfere in what she needed to experience, so the Well had to be cleansed first.

Once that was taken care of and she was ready, I alerted her to the opening of the Gate. Sensing the Gate is very important for my Master Students and the lesson would not go far if she was unable to sense the Gate.  I kept the Gate itself Shielded, so all discarnates (ghosts) in the location would be prevented from going through the Gate.  Again, this was a lesson and every step put in place was going to provide my student with what she needed to experience.

Even with the Gate shielded, the energy it emits is palpable to discarnates of all natures. If left open long enough, it’s strength will wake even those who are torpid and allow them the opportunity to shift properly.  It’s like a magnet for discarnated individuals – ghosts, etc. whatever you want to call them – and in a matter of moments we had a number of individuals standing amongst us.

One by one I would pull one forward for her to examine, to sense, to feel, to identify, to validate, to get the information she needed to get from the experience and then, once she was done with approved results, I would open the shielding for him/her to go cross through to the Gate.  I don’t honestly remember how many crossed over – there were quite a few and before we had even gotten far into the exercise other people came into the cemetery and came very close to where we were sitting.  I have no desire to have extraneous conversations with strangers when my student requires 100% of my attention during a learning experience.

Once she had confirmed for me a number of discarnates and ghosts and I realized the number of people who had entered the cemetery, I removed the shielding from the Gate and allowed the rest to pass through unhindered.  She would still have the ability to experience them as they crossed into the Gate, but we were not going to get any more alone time to focus without someone saying something to us.

We stayed maybe another half hour total in the cemetery, walking around and looking at headstones, to allow time for her experiences as well as to allow those in torpidity to wake and cross over.

Once I had confirmed there were no more on their way to the Gate (it has a 5 mile reach) we closed out the session and I removed the shielding I put in place around the small park.  The energy was definitely better for that day and while I could sense something back beyond the fenced area that would require my attention another day, this day we had done good Work and my student had excelled at her challenges and I was quite satisfied at her progress.