Invocations to the Angelics and the Light

Invocations are types of prayers that you can say whenever you feel uneasy or feel as if you are under attack by person, persons, or entities unknowing.  You can call directly upon Archangel Michael to protect you or any of the Angelics, your Light Beings, and your Guides.

Center yourself in Love and allow speak and feel from the heart.

Invocation to Protect Yourself From
Those With Ill Intent towards You

Archangel Michael, I call upon you, and any and all Beings 100% of the Light willing and able to help me, to surround my body, home, car, work area, and all of the occupants of my home with a shield of transmutation and protection.

From me, remove and transmute to light all detrimental energies, entities, influences and thought forms that are present at this time, or that come forward at any time, and return them to Source. I ask Archangel Michael and any and all Light Beings who are willing and able to help with this work, to lead any discarnates present to the Gate, cleanse them, heal them, and allow them to process through the Gate.

I give you permission and ask you to please divert all those with ill intent, or those under the influence of detrimental energy beings away from my body, home, car, and workplace and I ask that their guides and angels be assisted to put those individuals onto a positive and productive path, in alignment with their highest and best good.

I ask that you assist the permanent guardians of my bodies, home, car, and workplace to protect me in all places and at all times.  I ask that you help ensure that none may enter who harbor ill will towards me or who plan ill for me.

Archangel Michael and Light Beings all, I ask for this blessing now, and I am grateful for all you do for me and on my behalf.

Thank you, thank you, thank you!

Listen here.

Invocation to Clarity

I stand within the Infinite NOW;
All roads are open to me.

I love within the Infinite NOW;
All paths are clear to me.

I laugh within the Infinite NOW;
All ways are known to me.

Within the Infinite NOW lies all Power.
Within the Infinite NOW lies all Love.
Within the Infinite NOW lies all Clarity.

I act within the flow of Spirit,
Acting, Love, Knowing
All that Is.

Invocation to Divine Flow

I AM the Universe, re-creating myself
I AM the Universe Flowing
To myself, through myself, from myself,
Creating all I see.

I am the Divine Flow of All That Is.
Abundant is my motion.
I AM the Universe, re-creating myself
To flow abundance.

Invocation to Light

I live within the Light.
I love within the Light.
I laugh within the Light.

I AM sustained and nourished By the Light.

I joyously serve the Light.

For I AM the Light.
I AM the Light.
I AM the Light.


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