Self Help

I fully encourage EVERYONE to take care of themselves.  That is everyone’s responsibility and before, during, and after I assist with my students and clients I always remind them to do this – regardless of how great they are feeling at the moment.  We always have wounds to heal.

To that end, this section is going to provide some simple AND effective ways to do just that – to learn to take care of yourself so that in the future you don’t encounter worse issues.

  1.  Sage.  Buy some good quality sage (I prefer the white leaf sage but everyone has different tastes) and sage your environment thoroughly.  Open the closet and cabinet doors, sage under and behind furniture.  If there is a crack, crevice, or corner of your space SAGE IT.Sage creates a 24 hour barrier of protection against detrimental energy beings (DEBs) that are NOT attached to you.  Which is the way you want them to stay – unattached!
  2. Learn to shield yourself.  Shielding is the best of the beginning forms of protection and I have provided the shielding exercise I personally use and which I have taught my children, clients, friends, and family to use.  Shielding will not keep out anything beneficial but it sure will keep out that which is detrimental to you and not in your Highest and Best Good to experience!  Below is a link to an audio recording to help you go through the Grounding and Shielding exercise.  Use it.
  3. Personal healing – when you are ready this will seem to be a “duh” moment, but your personal healing process is what will next protect you.  The more you dig into your issues and work on healing yourself the less DEBs will be attracted to you. There is nothing to be ashamed about feeling, thinking, or acting the way you do about things, but the more you analyze why you feel, think, or act the better you will be to determine if it is appropriate for who you are and who you want to be.
  4. Meditation – meditation is so, so, so important for growth and releasing of DEBs. During meditation healing can take place and energy shifts can thus happen and DEBs can spontaneously release themselves from you – thus improving your quality of psyche and perspective.  The more you meditate the more open you will be towards understanding your free will choices and results.
  5. Some people believe in prayer. We have included some invocations for those who align with prayer.

And explore the other pages of this website.  Information provides knowledge and you don’t know what will resonate within you until you find it!!