Filling with Light

When one understands that each human form possesses an inner channel, a number of energy centers throughout, and a number energy layers and that these are all designed to support the spiritual presence’s physical occupation filling with Light takes on a whole new dimension of understanding compared to the average yoga practitioner’s idea of filling with Light.

To begin, get into a physically comfortable position. Allow yourself to relax.

Now, pay strict attention to your breathing. This is going to be the guide for the rest of the exercise.

Feel where you are breathing from – is it your chest or your stomach. Don’t try to change it – just pay attention to it.

As you breathe, breathe in through your nose and out your mouth.

Count your breaths – your in-breath should be a couple beats longer than your out-breath.

Now, do this for a few minutes, keeping your entire attention on your breathing.

At this point, feel for the chakra located above your head. It is not quite a foot up and is positioned like a basketball floating over your head. That is where we will start as it is the most easily felt connection point between the channel and your physical self.

Allow yourself to feel the energy filling that chakra. If you cannot feel it – visualize it, pretend, whatever you need to do to move forward in the exercise. Thought follows action and action creates movement.

Pay attention to how the Light feels as it is filling the chakra. At this point it should feel light, gentle, like sunshine on your hand during a warm spring day.

Overfill the chakra with Light. it will take several minutes, so don’t feel like you need to rush this process.

As you are filling the chakra keep in mind there is an endless supply of this vibration and that it is always flowing through you.

Now, allow the overflow of energy move down the channel into your crown chakra. As you consciously bring down the vibration of Light it will “rejuvenate” the energy that is flowing through you, thus raising your vibration.

Let the energy fill your crown chakra to the point of overflow; this will take several minutes just as it did with the other chakra. At the point of overflow, allow the energy contained within the crown chakra to move outward into the energy fields that are connected to the chakra for several minutes.

Much as a stream overflows its banks, the energy flows outward from the chakra easily, strong, covering all that it encounters with its vibration. Since the energy is unlimited, the flow will continue long after you hold the concept in your mind.

Now, allow the energy flow down to the 3rd eye chakra and begin to fill it to overflow. This is the process you will complete for each of the chakras down through your body until you reach the one that is directly below your feet.

This entire process can take anywhere from 45 – 60 minutes and should be done 2 – 3 times a week, if not daily, in the beginning.