Hand Exercise to Release Encapsulated Emotional Energies

Do you feel that you know how to manage your stress and emotions?  Finger hold exercises are one of the simplest tool for self-care and their effectiveness emphasizes the truth that we carry the tools for healing and self-care within ourselves.

This exercise can be performed wherever you are, at any time you feel stress or strong emotions, discretely and effectively.


This exercise can be done with the fingers of either hand, or both if needed.

Begin by breathing slowly and deeply and helping yourself get into a light meditative state.  As you progress through the exercise you will continue to breathe slowly and deeply, taking your time to work through the exercise with each finger.

You will take each finger/thumb and encase it in the other hand, nestling the finger/thumb against the palm of the other hand and allowing the fingers of the other hand to wrap around each.

You may feel emotions arising or energy pulsing as you work through this exercise, but do not be dismayed if you do not feel anything in the beginning.  Many emotions are buried deep within us and we need to provide the every correct opportunity – sometimes multiple opportunities – to release these emotions.

As you breathe in envision yourself filled with Light.  As you breathe out, request to be let go of the emotions that correspond with each finger and thumb.  Continue to breathe in Light and Love, and with each exhale release the negative emotions.  Continue to do this for a minimum of one minute for each finger and thumb until you no longer feel any emotions or energy flowing.

Thumb = tears, grief, and emotional pain
Breathe in peace and comfort

Index finger = fear
Breathe in courage and strength of being

Middle finger = anger and rage
Breathe in compassion, light, and creative passion

Ring finger = anxiety and nervousness
Breathe in deep sense of peace, calm, safety, and security

Little finger = self-esteem
Breathe in appreciation for yourself and improved self-worth

If necessary and time allows, repeat the exercise with the other hand.